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is usually $36.99

Or only $17.99 to Southern California.

on Orders totaling $169.99 before taxes and shipping charges. 

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Our Conditional
Live Delivery Warranty
This page describes our conditional Live Delivery Warranty for Tropical Fish, Goldfish, and other items.

The ideas and methods presented on this page are simple, but the explanations are rather long, because we've tried to include all the details.



Limited Warranty
If any of the fish
that you order from us are delivered Dead on Arrival (DOA), we will replace them provided you do all of the steps listed below and subject to the limitations of our liability.

Click here now for more information about the limitations of our liability.




We believe the steps listed below are reasonable and in your best interest to ensure that the fish we ship to you will successfully acclimate to your aquarium.

After receiving your order, we'll send you an email acknowledging your order and giving you the date and approximate time of arrival of your order.

You should be available promptly at that time to receive and acclimate your fish. Here are the steps.


1. Clean Your Fish's New Home
the day before your fish are scheduled to arrive from us.

Click here to open a new window with information about how to Clean Your Fish's Home. After you finish reading that page, close that window to return here.

2. Change 20% of the Water
In your fish's home remove and replace 20% o0f the water with Fresh Safe Water. Click here for more about Fresh Safe Water.
If you have a fish bowl, remove and replace 20% of its water with bottled drinking water once a day for at least 3-days, before your new fish arrive. This is called making partial water changes.  
If you have an aquarium or pond, remove and replace 20% of the water with tap water from the faucet once a day for 3-days, before your new fish arrive. This is called making partial water changes.  
The water in the aquariums in our facilities is very fresh. We replace 5% to 10% of the water in each aquarium each day.

Here is a test that you can perform that may help you. Get two clear drinking glasses.

Fill one glass with bottled drinking water or with water from your faucet. This water should be clear and colorless.

Fill the other glass with some of the water your fish are living in. Compare the color of water in the two drinking glasses.

If the fish's water is discolored tan, or yellow, or green, or gray or any visible color, then you should change continue to change 20% of the water each day, until your fish's water looks like fresh water.

Click here for more about the color of your water.

Coloration in your fish's water is a sure sign the water is old, stale, harmful to your fish, and you need to change some water every day until your fish's water is as clear and as colorless as your drinking water.

Click here for information about making partial water changes in your fish's home.

Note: it is potentially harmful to change more than 20% of the water in one day.


3. Clean the Gravel
We recommend no more than 1/4-inch of gravel. If you have a fish bowl gently stir the gravel before you remove the old water and replace it with new bottled water.

If you have an aquarium, use a gravel washer to clean your gravel.

Click here for more about Gravel Washers.

If you have a pond, be sure the bottom of your pond is clean and free of debris.

Click here for more about to clean your pond.

If you have thick gravel more than 1/4" deep, you may not be able to clean all of it in one day. You should not remove more than 20% of the water from your aquarium in one day.

If you've removed 20% of the water and your gravel's still not clean, stop and resume gravel washing the following day.

Sometimes, when the gravel is very dirty, it takes several days of gravel washing to clean the gravel. That's why we strongly recommend a maximum of 1/4" of gravel.

Most fish do not need any gravel, and most fish professionals keep their fish in aquariums without gravel. Which greatly reduces the stress to most fish species.


4. Aquarium Filtration
If your fish live in an aquarium, it must have an external power filter with a BIO-Wheel or our Conditional Warranty is invalid.

Not an undergravel filter, not just an air stone or bubble wand, but an exterior power filter hanging on the back of your aquarium.

We say this because BIO-Wheel Filters are by far the best filters for almost all sizes and types of aquarium fish.

Click here for more about Aquarium Filters.

Check your filter, make sure it's pumping properly, and scrub it with a sponge if it's dirty. Replace the filter's pad if it's dirty.

Fish do best in an aquarium with a BIO-Wheel. If your filter has a BIO-Wheel, make sure it's rotating.


5. Aquarium Heater
If you order warm water fish from us, your aquarium must have an aquarium heater and a thermometer.

Adjust your aquarium heater to the proper temperature range.

Click here for more information about Aquarium Heaters and Thermometers.

Receiving Your Fish
We love the fish we ship, and we can't help worrying about them. So part of your agreement with us is ...

You must be at there to accept the package and sign for it at the time that it's delivered to the address you've given to us.

If you're not there, and something goes wrong, we will hold you responsible ... which makes sense.

If the package is delayed or damaged, which very rarely happens, you must still accept the package.

If something goes wrong, the fish usually survive, but they'll be in great danger, if you refuse to accept the package.

If the package is damaged, make a note on the receipt and ask for a copy or a note to document the damage.

We will be very generous in compensating you, and of course we regret any such inconvenience to you, but it is worse for the fish !! So ...

Open the box in dim light so the fish are not startled. If any of the bags of fish are damaged or you see any fish that are dead or look like they are nearly dead, TAKE TWO PICTURES before you open the bag and send the pictures to us by email.

If you fail to send us pictures of the unopened bag within two hours, this warranty will be void.

Be sure you read our notification about your shipment, be sure you are there to take delivery, and be sure to accept the package. Then immediately notify us, if there's a problem and send us pictures within two hours to document your problem.

It's our philosophy to trust but to verify.

6. Delivery
You must be available to receive the shipment from us, when it's delivered. 

Acclimate the fish using the following procedure even if the fish appear to be dead.

7. How to Unbag the Fish  
Cut the top off of bag with a pair of scissors.
Pour almost all of the water from the bag into a clean bucket, but leave the fish in the bag.
Then pour the fish and the remaining small amount of water into your fish's new home.
Do not float the bag.
Do not slowly add your water to the bag.
Do not aerate the water in the bag.
It should not shock the new fish if the temperature or chemistry of the water in the bag is different from the water in their new home, provided you have cleaned your aquarium, washed the gravel, and added fresh water on the previous day as described in the previous paragraphs.  
Click here for more information about acclimating aquarium fish.  
Additional Tips  
Feed your established fish just before you add the new fish. Well fed fish are less aggressive than hungry fish. Feeding your fish will lessen the amount of stress on the new fish.  
Move the ornaments around in your aquarium so the landscape looks different to your established fish, and they will not be so eager to defend their old territories.

This will lessen the stress on the new fish and give them a more equal opportunity in your aquarium.

Open the box containing the new fish in dimmed light. The fish have been shipped in complete darkness. Bright lights will greatly increase the level of stress.  
Turn the lights off in your aquarium for 12 to 24 hours, after you've added new fish to allow the new fish to rest and recover from the trip.  
Treat all the new fish with Quick Cure (Q.C.) and Aquarium Salt (A.S.). But only at 1/2-dose strength. That is 1 drop of Q.C. per each 2 gallons, and 1-Tablespoon of A.S. per 10-gallons.

So a 20-gallon aquarium would get 10 drops of Q.C. and 2 Tablespoons of A.S. Repeat the 1/2-dose of Q.C. each day for four days, but use the A.S. just once.

Click here for more information about Quick Cure and Aquarium Salt.

We have tested these methods many times under many varying conditions, and they work.

We have acclimated many millions of pet fish, and we have discussed these procedures with other leading fish professionals. These methods have the widest agreement.
Finally we have made many calculations to check and be sure there are good scientific reasons to be confident in these methods.

Click here to read more about why these methods work very well.


8. If any of the Fish Arrive DOA.
Or if any of the fish look weak or damaged, immediately send us an e-mail to document the problem.
TAKE TWO PICTURES, before you open the bag and send the pictures to us in the email.

If you fail to email us pictures of the unopened bag within two hours, this warranty will be void.

If the fish look weak or you have problems within 24-hours, also call or email us and discuss the problem. We may offer to replace the items with you paying the shipping costs.

Problems happen very infrequently, so there is rarely anything to worry about, but if you do have a problem with our fish, we want to know about it and deal with it.

Click here for our email address, voice and fax telephone numbers, and mailing address.


9. If any of the fish do not look like the fish you ordered.
Once in a blue moon we make a mistake and ship the wrong fish.

Before you open a bag of fish.

If you suspect it is the not the item that you ordered, take two pictures showing the fish, the label, and the metal clip on the bag in each picture.

Make sure we can clearly see the fish, the bag label, and the clip.

Then email us the pictures within two hours of delivery. 

If you fail to email us pictures of the unopened bag within two hours, this warranty will be void.


10. This Warranty Applies Only to ...
the original shipment only and not to replacement items.

Shipping and handling charges are not included in this Conditional Warranty.

Credit cards and/or PayPal will not be credited for DOA fish.


11. The Limitations of Our Liability
In no case will AquariumFish
.net assume responsibility for more than the original amount paid by you to us.

At our choice we may terminate any transaction by either replacing the DOA fish once, or by refunding the original cost of the DOA fish, or by refunding your original payment in full.

Very few of the fish shipped by us have arrived DOA. Most of the time we don't have to be concerned about the limitations listed above.

But we must have an upfront agreement to protect both you and ourselves in the few cases where something goes wrong.

We Want to Satisfy Every Customer.
If you buy from us and feel that you didn't get what you wanted, please contact us and explain why you are dissatisfied.
We enjoy our business, we appreciate our customers, and we always go the extra mile to satisfy every customer every time.
Click here to continue on and read more information about acclimating new fish and a few comments about quarantining new fish.  
Copyright © 2000-2021
All Rights Reserved
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