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Page 54
Comments & Replies
  If you enjoy reading the Comments and Replies on this page, you may also enjoy listening to The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, discuss similar questions on Pet Fish Talk.

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Customer Comments

Hello, I really hope that you can help me.  I have a 20-gallon tank with the following Gouramis: 1 gold gourami approx. 5?, 1 gold gourami approx 2?, 3 Opaline Gouramis (2 ? 3 inches each).  The large gourami is really picking on the other gourami.  It is to the point where all the other fish stay at the bottom of the tank.  I don't know if you can punish a fish (probably not, it is probably a dumb question).  Is there any way I can stop him from picking on the other fish?
Reply. Hello Brad. No, you should not punish your Gold Gourami, because it will not understand why it is being punished, and so the punishment will not solve your problem.

Your Gold Gourami and three Opaline Gouramis are color varieties of the same fish that used to be named Three Spot Gourami.

They were called Three Spot Gouramis, because most of them have a spot near the base of their tails, a spot near the middle of their bodies, and a third spot: their eye.

So your fish are all the same species called Three Spot Gouramis with the scientific name Trichogaster trichopterus.

Click here and read about Three Spot Gouramis.

Where you will learn that they should be kept in an aquarium with at least 50-gallons of water, and they should be kept in a group with at least four Three Spots or the strongest one will make the others miserable.

You have four Three Spots, but the Gold one is much bigger and stronger than the other. If all four of your Three Spots were the same size and living in an aquarium with at least 50-gallons of water, they would probably get along well.

Your larger Gold Gourami is trying to tell the smaller Opaline Gouramis to say away. But they can't get very far away from the Gold Gourami, because your aquarium isn't big enough for them.

Your problem illustrates the fact that before you buy a fish, you should first read about that fish and find out about the appropriate home for that fish.

Click here to read about the Seven Essentials of keeping Tropical Fish, where #1 is "Match the Fish with an Appropriate Home."

If you want to keep Three Spot Gouramis, you will need a bigger aquarium. If you want to keep your aquarium, then you should keep a group of fish that is appropriate for your 20-gallon aquarium.

I am not recommending you get rid of your fish, and I'm not recommending you get a bigger aquarium.

I am just saying that your Three Spot Gouramis are not appropriate fish for your aquarium, and so you need to change the aquarium or change the fish.


Customer Comments

hi, great site, learned a lot about invertibrates and now am comfortable to start ordering them from you.  but i have a problem.  i have been unable to print either your contact info for my files or the price lists to check out later.  is there any kind of a block that you have on that.
i wanted to return to your site after my comuter locked up but did not remember your name exactly and it took me a good half hour to get it right, it didn't come up under "aquariums" keyword in google. you might want to check it out. i'd like to be able to print your info.
Anna M.
Reply. Hello Anna. Thank you for your complimentary comment. We agree with you that our website is not very printer friendly.

We have not purposely done anything to make our website unfriendly to printers, or to disable printing, but somehow it is unfriendly.

We have focused on making this website run well on the computer screen. I'd recommend that you add our site to your favorites, and also add the individual pages that you like best in our site to your favorites. You can also click on "Make available offline."

We are fishy-people, not computer people, and we think that we've been lucky to be able to make this website ourselves without knowing very much about computers.

You are also correct about - we don't have a high listing for "aquariums", but we don't sell very much equipment like aquariums, rather we emphasize information about fish, and we are now listed at #6 for "aquarium fish" on

Click here now to see that listing on Google.


Customer Comments

hi there,
I was just reading a question from Anna m (pg 54) she said she couldn't get things on the site to print and I thought that maybe I could help so long as you guys don't have a problem with people printing information from your site without prior consent?
anyway the easiest way ive found to print from sites that are less then friendly when it comes to printing is this,
1- place the mouse pointer over the beginning of what you want to print it will turn into a cursor (like when you are typing)
2- press and hold the left mouse button and scroll down the text should be highlighted. stop at the end of the info you want and release the mouse button.
3- move your pointer over any of the highlighted text and right click your mouse a little box with different options should appear chose copy and left click
4- open any text editor (MS WORD, word perfect, or the windows note pad)
5 left click anywhere on the page and choose paste from the box that appears every thing that was highlighted should be on the page now.
6- print the document as you normally would or save
this saves having to waste ink on banners and other unwanted stuff.
hope this helps anyone who needs it god knows ive needed and gotten alot of help from this site and its readers
mike C., Ontario, Canada
Reply. Hello Mike. Thank you very much for your detailed explanation about how to print material from a web page.

Customer Comments

Dear Aquarium Fish,
Help! We have a 12-gallon Eclipse tank with fresh water fish. It sits away from the window on an interior wall. We live near the San Francisco Bay so we don't have air conditioning because our weather is usually very pleasant.
We have had unusually hot, hot weather here (100 for a few days) and our tank is overheating. Right now the water is 88 and we have lost two fish today. How do we safely cool down our tank and keep it at a comfortable level in this hot weather?
Thanks for your help.
Pattie and Logan F.
Reply. Hello Pattie and Logan. There are three ways to cope with this problem.

(1)  Buy an expensive chiller, which will circulate water from your aquarium through a cooling device and back to your aquarium to lower the temperature of the water.

Chillers are often used in saltwater aquariums with cool water inhabitants like an octopus.

(2)  Open up the cover on your Eclipse and position an air fan to blow across the surface of the water. This will cause more water to evaporate from your aquarium and cool the water.

Of course you will need to replace the water but do not water to just add more water to replace the evaporated water. Instead remove more water down a total of 2" including the evaporated water, then refill with tap water.

(3)  The third method is to put water in a plastic bottle, but leave an inch or two of air in the top of the bottle, then freeze the bottle and float it in your aquarium.

You may need to get several bottles and rotate them. You'll want to check the temperature often with an aquarium thermometer.

If you get the water below 84 degrees F., your fish should be OK and 82 would probably be better. It would be my goal to get the water down to 82.

Be certain the container you use is not contaminated with a label or other material on the outside.

Everything you put in your aquarium should be labeled for use in aquarium, but I doubt you can find a bottle labeled for aquariums. You can probably find a bottle labeled for human drinking.

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