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Page 53
Comments & Replies
  If you enjoy reading the Comments and Replies on this page, you may also enjoy listening to The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, discuss similar questions on Pet Fish Talk.

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Customer Comments

How many algae eaters should you have in a 30-gallon fish tank?
Tim N.
Reply. Hello Tim. The short answer to your question is, "None."

Many fish hobbyists have been told that they should keep Algae Eaters to eat the algae that will grow in their fish tank. I keep it simple in my fish tanks by having practically no algae.

How do I keep the algae from growing? By knowing that algae is a plant that needs plant food, or it won't grow. Plant food is also also called plant nutrients.

There are practically no plant nutrients in fresh tap water. I do two partial water changes by removing about 20% of the water from each of my aquariums twice a week and replacing that water with fresh tap water.

Changing water like this keeps the amount of plant nutrients in my aquarium water very low, so the algae can't grow.

I also leave the light off most of the time. Most fish don't like bright lights, and my fish get enough light from the lights in the room or from the sunlight coming in the windows.

Click here for more information about getting rid of algae in your aquarium.

If you like algae eating fish and want to keep them, then the number you can keep depends on the particular species.

For example, you could easily keep one Bushy Nose Pleco., like the one shown below, in your 30-gallon aquarium. Or you could keep a group of five Siamese Algae Eaters.

Click here for more information about Siamese algae Eaters.

A regular Plecostomus will eventually grow too big for your 30-gallon fish tank.

Click here for more information about Plecostomus Catfish.


Customer Comments

What are some fish etc. that help's keep fish tanks clean?
Tim N.
Reply. Hello again Tim. The short answer to your question is, "There aren't any fish that will really keep your fish tank clean."

But many new fish hobbyists are told that keeping an aquarium can be done almost without any effort, if they get the right combination of accessories and some special fish that will help clean the fish tank.

But this is just wishful thinking and not true.

You must do regular maintenance on your aquarium.

Click here to read about an aquarium maintenance schedule.


Customer Comments

hello! my name is alex and I have a tiger oscar and he/she? is about 3 inches long. my question is, is there any problems whit keeping blue gills with my red oscar? And is the water temp ok at 78/80? And is it ok to feed my red oscar night cralers and waxworms?
Reply. Hello Alex. You can keep smaller size Bluegills of around 2" with few problems.

The Bluegills get very aggressive and territorial, as they get bigger. If you get a bluegill of 3" or bigger, it will surely beat up your Oscar.

We do not have more information about Bluegills in this website.

A water temperature between 75 and 80 degrees F. is fine. A few worms will be good for your Oscar, but not too many.

Your Oscar should mainly eat pellet food for Cichlids which is available in most stores that sell pet fish.

Click here for more information about Oscars, and here for more information about feeding fish.

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Customer Comments

I am new to the Betta fish world and thank goodness I found your website. In the short time I've had Betta I have gotten so much conflicting information, your site gives me a solid base of info.
From your site I've found what my 50th birthday present to me is going to be - the turquoise male crown tail. But first I'll make sure the Betta I have lives and thrives in my care. May I ask a couple questions I could not find the answers to on your site?
I would like to order the fish bow kit including the snails, plants, etc, but don't need the fish. Can I order the entire kit without the fish? When I feel confident that I can care properly for these interesting fish, how do you feel the fish will travel?
I'm located on the East coast. My house does get quite cool in the winter and I'm not sure beside the fridge will do the trick, though I will put a thermometer there for a while. How do you feel about a small heater in the fish bowl you offer?
Some info I received from various sources is
1. Bettas need a light source (not the sun). I've put a night-light by the bowl and give him a number of hours with it. Do you have any comment about that? And
2. I use tap water which I leave aside to dechlorinize. I was told to put a couple grains of sea salt in the water while it sits. (I don't use the water conditioner) Any comment?
I apologize for bending your ear with all of this - I've been bitten by the Betta bug and want to do right by them.
Thank you for any information, and regards,
Elaine A.
Reply. Click here for more information about the Fish Bowl Kit.

We don't foresee any problems shipping to the East Coast, because we have shipped thousands of Betta Fish to the East Coast without problems.

Click here for more information about how we ship fish.

We have not been able to locate a small reliable Fish Bowl Heater, which would be safe in a plastic bowl. Keeping a Betta warm in a cold house is an unsolved problem.

A night light might add some heat to your fish bowl, but Bettas do not need much light.

We strongly recommend you purchase a good water conditioner, if you plan to use tap water, which probably contains chloramines that will not be removed in a reasonable amount of time by letting the water sit out.

Click here for more information about Water Conditioner and preparing water for fish bowls.

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Customer Comments

Hello, First let me say what a wonderful sight you have. I am an amateur aquarist and find your site to be very informative and very helpful.
My question is about the Siniperca chuatsi I saw posted on your site ... I was unable to find any information on the species on your site and when I did an internet search was unable to find anything useful.
I am interested in the common name, habitat, compatibility, and aquarium requirements for this interesting fish. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Reply. Hello Damon. We have some information on the Siniperca chuatsi. These fish are predators that eat only live foods such as shrimp and guppies.
Siniperca chuatsi. Picture taken in our facilities at by TBK.   Siniperca chuatsi, 2" to 2.5" long, a piscivorous fish. Picture taken in an aquarium in our facilities at by TBK.
This fish is found in China in the lakes and rivers, so they can tolerate cooler water temperatures down to at least 65 degrees F., and the water should probably not be warmer than 75 degrees F.

The only other name they also go by is Chinese Spotted Perch. They are not aggressive like Cichlids, but they will eat anything that will fit in their mouths. They grow to be 20" long and then even bigger!

Thank you for your complimentary comments. We're glad to read that this website is helping you.


Customer Comments

Hello, I just recently got a plecostomus catfish and I was wondering since the brown algae is getting so bad in my aquarium is it okay to put a liquid algae treatment in the aquarium water?
Also my plecostomus catfish seems to stay out of site all the time and does not eat any flake food when I feed the other fish, is this okay or is there something wrong with the catfish?
Thank you for your help and Merry Christmas,
Reply. Hello Sheila. I suggest that you remove 20% of the water from your aquarium each day and replace that water with tap water from the faucet. This will starve the brown algae.

We do not recommend putting any liquid chemicals in your aquarium to kill the algae.

Click here for the complete details about getting rid of the algae that's growing in your aquarium.

Now about Plecostomus Catfish, which are somewhat nocturnal, and when you first put a Plecostomus in your aquarium, it will often hang on the glass or the filter in the darkest area in the back of your aquarium.

Usually after a couple of weeks a Pleco. becomes more comfortable and will come out from hiding and begin to work all day eating the algae off rocks and other ornaments.

Click here to see three short videos of a Plecostomus working hard.

Some people find that they need to feed special food called Algae Wafers, which are sold in many stores that sell pet fish, to their Plecostomus and other catfish.

But you must be careful and be sure that the Algae Wafers are eaten and do not pollute your aquarium.

We hope you have a happy holiday season, Sheila.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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