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is usually $36.99

Or only $17.99 to Southern California.

on Orders totaling $169.99 before taxes and shipping charges. 

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Page 49
Feedback Comments & Replies
  If you enjoy reading the Comments and Replies on this page, you may also enjoy listening to The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, discuss similar questions on Pet Fish Talk.

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Customer Comments

Hello. I had sent an e-mail earlier asking what types of fish do well in a cold water aquarium with fancy goldfish. I received an e-mail back saying that blue bitterlings, rainbow dace, and paradise fish do well with them.
I went to your website to look them up and I only found the paradise fish, but there was no price. I want to know what the price is on the paradise fish and if you carry the other two types of fish?
Also I was wondering about the paradise fish because it said on the website that they prefer to be in groups of at least 4. Is it ok to place 2 blues and 2 reds together or should they be all the same color?
LaSasha E.
Iowa City, Iowa 52246
Reply. Hello LaShasa. We don't have any Paradise Fish in stock now. We do have them from time to time.

Their size and price varies, so we don't leave the price up all the time. If you want some Paradise, send another email in a few weeks, when we may have them again.

As you mentioned you should keep Paradise in a group with at least four Paradise Fish, and you can mix them in any combination of colors. Two blue and two reds would be OK.

Click here more information about Paradise Fish.

We rarely sell Bitterlings or Rainbow Dace. They are nice cool water fish, but they do not always get along well with Goldfish, and Paradise Fish will sometimes nip on Goldfish. Generally I do not recommend keeping any of these fish with Goldfish.

In fact the only fish I keep with my Goldfish are White Clouds. Some other people have reported that White Clouds will
nip on Goldfish from time to time, but my White Clouds do not.

Click here for more information about White Clouds.


Customer Comments

Hi  have a question about my catfish. First let me describe him. He's maybe 3-4" long silver/gray like with black spots beautiful fish.
They have or lets say had long white whiskers in the front and a regular fish tail, anyway, the fish  looks like he is deteriorating, his whiskers are shrinking and curling in towards his body and back fin is, well, the best way for me to descibe it is deteriorating.
Please help me if you have any information or can understand what I am explaining. I'm not very good at it! I love my fish they are like my children.
Thanks so much for your time,
Reply. Hello Shannon. You should immediately give your catfish all six steps of the Recommended Treatment. Click here for the details about the Recommended Treat.

Customer Comments

hi ... i have something really cool to tell you!! this past week i added a baby turtle to my tank!! he does not eat fish he eats plants!! he is really cool!!

Reply. Hello again ~*Ryan*~. Thank you for your email. I'm glad you are enjoying your new turtle.

But be cautious, because your turtle will eat fish, if it can, and as it grows bigger, it will get better at catching fish.

Your turtle will also produce a lot of waste, when it gets bigger, and it will become very difficult to keep your aquarium clean.

Customer Comments

Hi: Thanks for being here to answer questions. We have a 10-gallon tank. Just something interject a little scenery to the room. We only have goldfish in the tank now and they are doing very nicely.
The problem is they stink. We change the filter at least once a week. But the smell is like rotten water. We keep the water clean and the tank does not look cloudy. We think it is the fish. Do goldfish smell? Can we do something that will make them smell better?
Reply. Hello Marilyn. Your aquarium should not stink. Fish and aquariums do have a distinctive mild odor that is similar to the smell of good garden soil.

Click here here for information about testing aquarium water with your nose.

To improve the smell and quality of your aquarium water you should do all three of the following steps:

(1) Be sure your gravel is at most 1/4" thick.

Click here for more information about aquarium gravel.

(2) Get a filter with a BIO-Wheel for your aquarium.

Click here for more information about BIO-Wheels.

(3) Click here for information about an aquarium maintenance schedule that will keep your aquarium water crystal clear and smelling good.


Customer Comments

hi ... do you know if dwarf frogs do better in cold water or warm water? my tank is a warm water tank 55-gallons.
Reply. Hello again Ryan. I have enjoyed answering your emails, but beginning today I want you to work toward becoming more self-sufficient.

That means you should learn how to use the Search Page on AquariumFish.net to quickly find answers to your questions.

Particularly a question like the one you sent today, which will be easy to find the answer to.

Click here to go to our Search Page and enter the item you asked about in your email, "dwarf frog", in the white box on the Search Page then click on the button labeled "Start Search".

In a minute or so the screen will show a table with a list of pages in AquariumFish.net. Click on the title of the first page listed at the top of that table. I just did it and got the page at ...

Unfortunately that's an old page in this website that doesn't have information about frogs, but it does have a link


that lists African Dwarf Frogs and contains another link to


which is the page on AquariumFish.net that is loaded with information about frogs. Scroll down on that page to the paragraph titled "Appropriate Home", where you will read,

"Appropriate Home. These small African Dwarf Frogs can live in fish bowls and aquariums with and without an aquarium heater at a temperature between about 65 and 82 degrees F."

I think you can use this information about the water temperature to decide which aquarium to keep your frog in.

Using this method you could have found the answer to your question by yourself in a few minutes and not have to wait for an answer from me.

You'll be more self-sufficient. But be sure to send me an email with a question, after you have thoroughly searched AquariumFish.net and not been able to find an answer.

I hope you enjoy this answer. 

The ad below links to this advertiser.

Customer Comments

Hello, first of all I would like to thank you for having such a well put together, and informational site. I recently set up a tank and it has helped me alot to have this web page as a reference.
I have a question about my tiny Bushy Nose Pleco and his scavenger friends, two panda cories (Sherman Gustav Plecostomus III, and Sven & Mooshka respectively). I am worried that there isn't enough algae and suchness in my tank for them to each.
How can I be sure they are getting enough food to fill their oh so tiny tummies?
Thank you for your time,
Once again, this site rocks! I thank you. =)
Reply. Hello Jennifer. Thank you for your complimentary comments.

Usually scavenger fish like Plecos and Corys find lots of bits of food that float to the bottom of the aquarium.

You should be able to see them eating these bits. If you are concerned that they may not be getting enough to eat, you may want to feed them some additional food that is specifically made for scavengers.

Hikari makes sinking foods specifically for bottom feeding catfish.

These foods are very good for Plecostomus and are available in most stores that sell pet fish, but be careful that you don't feed more than your fish can eat, and be sure the fish eat it all quickly, or it will spoil and pollute the aquarium water.

Click here for more about feeding fish.

Click here to read about Plecostomus Catfish, and click here for more information about Corydoras Catfish, where for example you will read that Panda Cory Catfish do better in a group with at least six Panda Corys.

So you need to add four more Panda Corys to form a group of six Panda Corys with the two you now have.

Panda Corydoras Catfish. Picture taken at AquariumFish.net.    This picture shows a Panda Corydoras Catfish that is about 1" long. This picture was taken in our facility by TBK. Click here to see the list of Cory Catfish we offer for sale.
I am concerned about adding four more Pandas, because it will be difficult to find four more names as nice as Sven & Mooshka.

This situation reminds me of a problem that I had long ago, when my dog was run over and killed. At that time I had a wonderful girl friend named Jan, who gave me a guinea pig to alleviate my loneliness.
Before she gave me the guinea pig, she kept it at her house for a few days. During that time Jan and her mother decided that "Oliver P. Shooter" was a very appropriate name for my new guinea pig.

After I got Oliver, he seemed lonely, so I got him a girl friend guinea pig, that Jan and her mother named Sweet P. Shooter. Before too long Oliver P. and Sweet P. had two babies, and  we had great fun naming them Trouble Shooter and Sharp Shooter.

But soon the fun turned to worry, because Sweet P. Shooter was pregnant again, and we could think of only one more Shooter name, Bull Shooter. Then Sweet P. had six babies, and we immediately gave up all hope of naming all the members of the Shooter family. Anyway good luck naming your Panda Corys.


Customer Comments

i have a male betta which i put into a 20-gallon aquarium along with
some mollies and plectomus and it did fine and got along with the other fish, but withing days it was covered with a white fungus, and soon after it died.
Well, i just got an angelfish two days ago and noe it is also developing the same white fungus, but none of the other fish are being affected, what is the problem and what should i do? Also i have about 30 baby mollies that are currently in a net breeder and i dont know what to do with them all, any suggestions?
Reply. Hello Ed. You should immediately give your Angelfish and all the other fish in your aquarium all six steps of the Recommended Treatment.

Click here for the details.

Incidentally, most small Angelfish are fragile and don't do well without other Angels. They prefer to be in a large tall aquarium with at least 30-gallons of water with at least six Angels.

Click here for more about Angels.

Twice now you've gotten fish, the Betta and the Angel, that did not do well in your aquarium. I suggest two things.

(1) In the future when you buy fish from an aquarium in a fish store, be sure that fish and all of the other fish in the aquarium do not show any of the Signs of Stress and Disease.

Click here to read more about the Signs of Stress and Disease.

When you buy a Betta, be sure that all the Bettas in the fish store look good. If they all look good and show none of the Signs of Stress and Disease, then the store is probably taking good care of all their Bettas, including the one you'd like to buy.

Here is trick that I learned long ago. Before you buy a fish, hold your hand above the fish and pretend to feed the fish. Watch all the fish and be sure that they all surge up to eat. If some don't surge up, look at them closely for Signs of Stress and Disease.

Of course some fish, like a Plecostomus or a nocturnal fish, usually will not surge up to eat, but most fish will, and this is a good sign that the fish are healthy. I would not buy a fish that I knew was not eating.

(2) If you buy fish carefully, you'll probably get healthy fish, and you can keep fish healthy by giving them good water at the proper temperature, and lots of appropriate food.

Most fish should be fed floating food. Be sure they eat all the food and remove uneaten food after 10 minutes with a small net.

Click here for more about feeding fish.

Excellent fish care will avoid putting the stress on fish that leads to trouble and disease. Excellent care and conditions will prevent stress, and that is the key to healthy fish.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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