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is usually $36.99

Or only $17.99 to Southern California.

on Orders totaling $169.99 before taxes and shipping charges. 

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Page 44
Comments & Replies
  If you enjoy reading the Comments and Replies on this page, you may also enjoy listening to The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, discuss similar questions on Pet Fish Talk.

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Customer Comments

why is it so much for shipping?

Customer Comments

hi i would like to buy some critters but i dont no how much shipping and handeling is i how would i order them also i live in michigan how would i order please ... my name is ryan thank you
Reply. Hello. We add one charge for shipping and handling to each order.

So you pay for the fish and critters at the prices shown on our price lists, plus one charge that covers the cost of the insulated shipping box and the cost of shipping, which we prepay to the delivery company.

We once had an order for one Ghost Shrimp. We have also had orders for over 100 fish. We charged the same amount for shipping each order to keep it simple.

We deal with several different delivery companies, and a member of our crew analyzes each order and picks the appropriate way to ship each order.

We try to decide what is best for the fish, and not the cheapest way to ship the fish.


Customer Comments

Just a quick note to tell you that the fish arrived safe and sound -- plus they were all much more beautiful then I expected! Their quality is very superior to what I can purchase locally, that's for sure!
Sincerely, your happy customer,
John H.
Reply. Hello John. This is good news. Thank you for sending us an email. The members of our shipping crew are very conscientious about catching great fish from our aquariums and then packing them just right. I enjoy hearing about when it all works out right for a customer like it did for you. Thanks again.

Customer Comments

I'm try to locate seahorses to purchase for an additional tank in my home. Freshwater preferably.
Thank you,
Reply. Hello Dale. I believe that all Seahorses are saltwater fish, and they cannot live in fresh water or even brackish water, which is a mixture of fresh water and saltwater.

We sell only fresh water fish, and so we have never sold seahorses.


Customer Comments

how do you send fish to people if they buy them on the internet??
Reply. Hello.

Click here to read about how we ship fish, and click here for even more details about how we ship fish. We have been shipping fish for over thirty years.

We have studied the details and made many tests. we have a very good system, and we have carefully taught our methods to the members of our shipping crew.

We get a steady stream of replies from our customers saying that they were surprised and pleases with the quality and the condition of the fish that they received from us.

The members of our crew that catch and pack the boxes of fish deserve a lot of praise.


Customer Comments

First question:   I have a 125-gallon aquarium which will soon contain about a 6-8 inch Arrowana. I was wondering how Mbunas and an Arrowana would get along. There will be plenty of plants and rocky caves for them to hide in.
Second question: freshwater rays. Do you carry them?  Do you have any comments on them?
Third question: freshwater puffers  Can you recommend any for a community tank? Again there will be an Arrowana present.
Thanks for your input,
Reply. Hello John. I have never kept an Arowana with Mbunas but I am sure the Mbunas would mercilessly attack the Arowana, unless the Arowana were large enough to swallow the Mbuna, and then it probably would, so that wouldn't work either.

From time to time I hear about a combination like this that luckily works, but I hear about many more problems when an unlikely combination like this does not work.

We do not carry any Rays, because they are illegal to import, to own, or to sell in the State of California, and we are located in San Diego, California.

Wait a minute how can a community aquarium have an Arowana in it? This sounds like a contradiction.

Again some Puffer might luckily be compatible in a "community aquarium with an Arowana", but it sound like it is unlikely to work. I've never tried that combination, so I can't be sure it won't work.


Customer Comments

I am a beginner and was reading the information about cool water aquariums. You mention goldfish as a first fish. Why is this and are there other fish you might recommend?
Thank you,
Reply. Hello Tyler. I'm pretty sure that Goldfish have been cultivated by human being longer that any other type of fish.

I surmise that humans started with Goldfish, because they were easier to keep and breed than any other type of available fish.

Now after a very long time of being kept by humans, Goldfish have adapted to life in our ponds and to being kept and bred by us.

Goldfish are really very easy to keep in a Cool Water Aquarium. In fact they are much easier to keep than Tropical Fish in Warm Water Aquariums.

I also recommend White Clouds for Cool Water Aquariums. They are pretty, hardy, mild tempered, and easy to care for. Click here for information about White Clouds.


Customer Comments

Do you sell glass catfish (also called ghost catfish)?  I cannot find
them on your website.
John Hunter
Reply. Hello John. I know the fish, but we do not sell them, because they don't ship well for us.

I like Glass Catfish. I had a lot of them a long time ago, and we used to sell a lot of them too, but for the past few years they haven't shipped well, so we stopped carrying them.

Click here for more information about why we don't sell fish that don't ship well for us.


Customer Comments

I have really enjoyed your site and all the information on gold fish. We have a small red and white oranda and a calico in a two gallon tank with an undergravel filter. Over the past few days the calico has been swimming near the surface upside down or either on his side.  He swims around as if he is dizzy but otherwise seems fine.  He is always ready to eat and flips over when he sees us coming to feed them. Is this a common thing with these fish? It is strange and has never happened to the other fish.
I appreciate any info that you can give me.
Reply. Hello Carol. A two gallon aquarium is really too small for two Fancy Goldfish.

I'd surmise both of your small Goldfish are bigger than one inch long, and so they need a bigger aquarium than your 2-gallon aquarium.

I would recommend at least a 10-gallon aquarium with a filter with a BIO-Wheel.

Your Calico Oranda probably has an infection or some other defect in its swim bladder. This is very common in many Fancy Goldfish.

Click here to read more about this problem, and why the Goldfish in our facilities rarely have this problem.


Customer Comments

Let me start off by saying that I love your site.  I was looking over your oscar site and you say time and time again that you shouldnt keep just 2 oscars together because the bigger one will bother the smaller.  Most places I have been to have had just two oscars in a single tank and they seem very placid together.
My mother's friend also has two oscars in a 55 gallon tank and I go over there and watch them.  They get along very well, cruising along slowly hoping to be fed.  I'm not sure if it is just the ones I have seen or just the time I have seen them, but they seem to get along very well.  I was also wondering, if there was any type of cichlid besides Angelfish I could keep in a 20-gallon tank.  It is empty at the moment.
Or would a black knife-fish do alright in there?  Just wondering what I should get before I buy it. I have been to the biggest pet store around my area to get some ideas, but im still not sure.  Most cichlids I have seen grow quite large.
Thanks a lot.
P.S. I know Knifefish aren't cichilds, but I think they look cool :)
Reply. Hello. I appreciate your complimentary comment. thank you.

Click here to read my reply about a recommended group of fish for a 20-gallon aquarium, including some comments about keeping Cichlids in a 20-gallon aquarium.

Click here to read more about African Black Knifefish including a list of compatible tank mates.

But you will also find out that Black Knifefish need an aquarium with at least 30-gallons of water, so your aquarium will be small for a Black Knifefish.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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