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Page 42
Comments & Replies
  If you enjoy reading the Comments and Replies on this page, you may also enjoy listening to The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, discuss similar questions on Pet Fish Talk.

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Customer Comments

i have a red oscar and it lives in a 15-gallon tank i just got it and i was thinking about getting a albino 4 oscar and 2 more red oscar do and moving them to my 55 gallon tank do think it will work out
Reply. Hello. Then you will have seven Oscars. I'd guess that they would all be under 4" long, which would make a total of less than 28" of fish.

So these seven Oscars will have plenty of room in your 55-gallon aquarium for now, provided there are not a lot of other fish in your 55-gallon aquarium.

Click here now to go to another page in this website with information about Oscars, where you will read,

"Like many aggressive fish, Oscars do well in large groups in large aquariums, but they'll quarrel if there are just a few of them. So it's best to keep one Oscar or many, but not just a few."

You plan to keep seven Oscars in your large 55-gallon aquarium, so this should work out well. At the above link you can also read,

"Pink Tiger Oscars are not as aggressive as Red Oscars and Tiger Red Oscars. Make sure the Pink Tiger Oscars are getting their share of the food and not being made miserable by the other Oscars."

So it would be better to get Albinos (Pink Oscars) that are bigger than the other Oscars, and be sure the Pink Oscars get enough food and are not made miserable by the other Oscars in your aquarium.

Finally you can read, "Oscars can live for a few weeks in 10 or 15-gallon aquarium, but very soon they will need a large aquarium with at least 50-gallons of water, and eventually an Oscar will need an even larger aquarium."

How much larger? I say eventually your seven Oscars will need a 500-gallon aquarium.

I just pulled the 500 gallons out of thin air, by that I mean the 500 is just a guess, and you won't need this huge aquarium for a couple of years.

But it is something to think about before you get more Oscars.

You should make a commitment now to giving the seven Oscars what they must have now and in the future to live their lives. If you can't providing a 500-gallon aquarium in a few years, then don't get six more Oscars now.

The one Oscar that you have now will eventually need at least an 80-gallon aquarium.

Click here to see Anne Fluery's big Oscar in an 80-gallon aquarium.


Customer Comments

you guys are right i think i'll just stick with my one oscar and maybe a plecososmus or two.  I am going to get my 55 gallon tank probaly when i get off my vacation from Wasington can you suggest any good holiday feeders for my oscar.  Can you send me a list of fish that are compatible with oscars. And here's another question is a plecosomus mating.
Please send me the reply.
Reply. Hello again Jordan. Personally I think you made the right decision not to get more Oscars, because Oscars grow way too big for most people to be able to provide them with a big enough aquarium.

I don't think vacation food blocks are the solution to feeding your fish while you are gone on vacation.

I recommend that you carefully train another person to feed and care for your fish, while you are gone. Just tossing some food blocks in the aquarium is not being responsible for your fish.

Click here to read a list of compatible tank mates for Oscars that are listed on the page in this website about Oscars.

Incidentally, if you need information about compatible tank mates for any fish that is listed on this site, just find that fish's page in this website and scroll down to the paragraph titled "Compatibility", and you'll find a list of some fish that are compatible.

I have never spawned Plecostomus Catfish, and I don't know much about spawning them. I'm reluctant to write much about things that I haven't done. I apologize, if this disappoints you.


Customer Comments

We were wondering about the price of the Crown tail male Bettas. And also Combodian Females. We were also wondering about Saltwater fish.
Reply. Hello Vanessa,

Click here right now to see the prices of all of our female Betta fish including Female Cambodian Bettas.

Click here to see the prices for Male Betta Fish including Natural Twin Tails.

Click here to see the prices for Male Crowntail Betta Fish, which are usually available in several colors.

You can telephone us at 1-858-270-1182 between 9AM and 3PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, and ask to speak with someone here, who will be able to talk with you about the Betta Fish that we have in stock.

Click here to see pictures of a few male Crown Tail Bettas. does not sell saltwater fish, and we do not ship outside of the U.S. at the present time, and we have no plans to do so in the future.

We apologize for any disappointment this causes.


Customer Comments

Hello, my name is Kevin and I'm writing to you for advice on keeping Black Moors.  I love these fish but cannot seem to keep them alive!  After 3 months, they end up scratching themselves against the gravel, or ornaments, or I'll find them lying on the bottom of the tank (gravel) listless.  Then they stop eating.  Then soon after, they die.  Always the same symptoms.  I was advised to empty my tank, clean everything and start over.  But even doing this, I always end up with the same symptoms and they eventually die. What am I doing wrong?  How does one successfully keep these beautiful fish?
Thank you for your time.
Reply. Hello Kevin. I would not recommend that you empty your aquarium, but I would recommend that you review your fish keeping methods.

First, I recommend you minimize the amount of gravel in your aquarium. Many fish keepers are amazed at how much better their fish do, when their is no gravel in their aquarium.

Or you could reduce the gravel to a thin layer that is no more than 1/4" thick.

This of course means that your aquarium will not have an undergravel filter, but this type of filter only causes problems too. Get a modern external power filter with a BIO-Wheel.

Click here for more about filters, and click here for more about BIO-Wheels.

Get on a well organized aquarium maintenance program, that removes water frequently from your aquarium and replaces it with tap water from the faucet.

Click here for more information about aquarium maintenance.

Feed your Black Moor Goldfish the proper goldfish food. Do not feed them Tropical Fish food, because many Goldfish have trouble digesting Tropical Fish food.

Click here for more about feeding Fancy Goldfish like your Black Moors, and click here for more general information about feeding fish.

Carefully watch your fish everyday for Signs of Stress and Disease, if you see any such signs, immediately give your fish the Recommended Treatment.

Click here for more about Signs of Stress and Disease, and click here to read about the six steps in the Recommended Treatment.

Click here to read more about the Seven Essentials of Keeping Fish, and click here for more information about Cool Water Aquariums.


Customer Comments

Hello, I have recently been blessed with several angel fry and would like information on how to raise them. I have seperated them with a fish net box. However, the other fish continue to peck at the netting in an attempt to eat them.
Will this stress out the fry and make it difficult for them to live? I realize that adult fish eat the babies. How long does it take for the fry to school? When do I begin feeding them? I was told to wait till they school (3-4 days after hatching). It's been 3 days and they are clustered, but they are not swimming overly much. Is this normal? Thanks in advance for any knowledge and advice you could send my way. :)
Reply. Hello Christine. My brother and I raised lots of Angelfish many years ago.

Your Angelfish babies, will swim up off the bottom of the Net Breeder soon, but the Net Breeder will be too small for more than a few baby Angels.

So you will need to put the baby Angels in another aquarium. Be sure you very closely match the water to the water the baby Angels are living in now.

For example, if you have the Angels in a big aquarium with 50-gallons of water, remove 10-gallons of water from the big aquarium and put it in a 10-gallon aquarium for the Angel babies.

That way the water will be exactly the same. Refill the big aquarium with tap water.

You will need to feed your baby Angels newly hatched brine shrimp. The details about hatching brine shrimp eggs, harvesting the baby brine shrimp, and many other details you need to know are beyond the scope of

Click here to visit another website with interesting pictures of Angels spawning and close up pictures of Angelfish fry.

Click here to visit another website with lots of information about Angelfish including details about breeding Angels and a picture of Angels laying eggs.


Customer Comments

i bought a small female lyre tail molly to put with a larger male black molly. my power fiter kept sucking pieces of its tail off. it also has white fungus on it.i treated her with rid ick,(a fungus and ick medicine).i am still treating her, but most of her tail is gone. should i move her into a heated one gallon tank so she can heal? what can i do?

Customer Comments

i bought a female white lyre tail molly to put in with a larger black male molly. most of her tail got ripped off buy the power filter. she also has white fungus. i treated her with fungus medicine. should i move her to a small one gallon heated tank to heal? if not, what can i do.
Reply. Hello again C.J. I would not have recommended fungus medicine. How do we know that your Molly has a fungus infection? Maybe the infection is bacterial. 

That's why I recommended you give your molly all six steps of the general purpose Recommended Treatment.

Click here for more about the Recommended Treatment.

I wouldn't recommend the one gallon aquarium. But I would recommend putting your white lyre tail female Molly in a Net Breeder, until she recovers.

Click here for more about the Net Breeder, which is usually used for pregnant females and their babies.


Customer Comments

Within the next week or so I will be starting a 55 or 75 gallon tank.  I kept African Cichlids in college and loved them.  I will be at my current residence for two years.  Should I not do cichlids now since the tend to live longer than two years.
My problem with regular Tropical Fish is they don't seem to have as much "personality" as cichlids.  Is that impression false?  Also, since your shipping change is so large in comparison to the cost of the fish I would be buying, does it make more sense to start the tank with a few local pet store fish, then order the bulk of fish from u guys.  I look forward to you input.
Charleston S.C.
Reply. Hello. Many aquarists say that Cichlids have more personality or intelligence than other types of Tropical Fish.

Cichlids generally have a greater capacity to learn and modify their behavior than other sorts of fish.

In this way Cichlids are similar to human beings, who have perhaps the greatest capacity to learn and modify their behavior.

Maybe we, human beings, say that Cichlids are intelligent, because Cichlids are more like us than most other types of fish are like us.

In other words we recognize our type of intelligence in Cichlids.

I admit that I have succumbed to feeling that Cichlids are the most intelligent fish and the most interesting types of fish, but I am slowly overcoming this bias and enjoying other types of fish more during the past few years.

Most Cichlids can live for at least 10 years, and I want to compliment you for thinking of their well-being for their entire lives, which be more than the two years you plan to stay in your current residence.

I can't really make this choice for you. I suggest you read three pages in this website that may help your make up your mind.

Click here to read about the beautiful Mbuna Cichlids that live among the rocks along the shores of Lake Malawi in East Africa.

Click here to read about a wonderful group of Mbunas that lived in Giselle's Restaurant several years ago.

Click here to read about Peacocks and Haplochromis that live in the open water in Lake Malawi.


Customer Comments

I was searching the internet for some answers about my blue male dwar gourmi, he seems to have a sore of some sort on his mouth it is not white (cottom mouth) he has been hanging very close to the surface and taking in air. My concern is he has some kind of disease but i cannot figure out what it is so i can treat it. We have a 10-gallon tank and have aquarium salt in it. If that info may help. Maybe you can give me some answers i am having a hard time trying to figure this one out.
thanks for your time,
Reply. Hello Sonya, the sore on your Dwarf Gourami is a Sign of Stress and disease.

Click here to read more about the Signs of Stress and Disease, where you will read that a red or white sore is Sign #4.

I recommend that you immediately give your fish the the Recommended Treatment.

Click here for details about the six steps of the Recommended Treatment.

Please note that one of the six steps is to add 1-Tablespoon of Aquarium Salt to each 5-gallons of aquarium water.

You should subtract the amount of aquarium salt that you have already added from the recommended amount of salt.


Customer Comments

Suggestion: nothing much ... this is a great site ...
Comments: Hi, I mentioned before I have a trout I found when it was sick. It is still a baby and i'm going to return it to the wild pretty soon. My family wants to get fish for that tank. I want a betta because I think it's mean to keep them in a jar their whole life. They want other fish and I know bettas are aggresive. My question is ... are there any fish compatable with bettas???
Thanks and great site.
Reply. Hello. I appreciate your complimentary comment. Thank you.

Actually I have watched many Bettas very carefully for many years, and I think they are quite content to live in a large fish bowl.

Male Bettas seem to do best in a fish bowl that holds about 5 quarts of water. That is why we found and sell a large fish bowl in our Fish Bowl Kit.

Click here for more details about the Fish Bowl Kit for Bettas.

Male Bettas are very aggressive to each other. But they are not too aggressive to most other fish, when they live in a big aquarium.

Click here to read more about compatible tank mates for male Bettas.

So you can have a nice mixture of fish in an aquarium that includes a male Betta.


Customer Comments

hi, I am not sure if I am to contact you about my question about fish. My question is my male fish had made a bubble nest and I didn't realize what it was until later on so I was wondering if he will create another one.
Leslie G.
Reply. Hello Leslie. If your male Betta is in good health, and the water quality in your fish bowl is very good, your male Betta should build another bubble nest.

He's hoping that a female Betta will like his bubble nest and lay some eggs in it for him to care for.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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