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Page 41
Comments & Replies
  If you enjoy reading the Comments and Replies on this page, you may also enjoy listening to The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, discuss similar questions on Pet Fish Talk.

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Customer Comments

I was on your website and on one of the pictures they had bettas in individual containers of their own. By any chance, do you sell those container and if not, do you know where we could purchase some? Thank you for your time and I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.
Reply. Hello Josh. Click here to see a picture showing lots of Bettas in cups. We don't sell these clear plastic cups, but similar plastic picnic cups are available in most grocery stores. So you should have no trouble getting them.

Of course, these cups are not labeled for use in aquariums, but they are labeled for use by people to drink out of, so the cups are clean and non-toxic.

But you should always be caution about using anything on or near your fish. Generally we recommend getting items that are labeled for use in aquariums.

These cups are rather small for Bettas, and you should be experienced with fish or well trained before you put Bettas in cups like these.

Your Bettas will do best in a large Fish Bowl, like the 6-quart plastic bowl in our Fish Bowl Kit. Click here for more information about our Fish Bowl Kit.


Customer Comments

Hi, I have gotten a new aquarium and was thinking of putting crabs in it, but I had a question. ... Do crabs need the more natural gravel.
Allison S.
Reply. Hello Allison. Crabs will do well in an aquarium without any gravel at all. Generally almost all aquarium animals, including fish, frogs, crabs, and shrimp, will do well without any gravel.

Gravel is purely a decoration in aquariums with an external filter, and a thick layer of gravel usually gets dirty and causes problems in aquariums, but a thin layer of gravel is necessary in a Fish Bowl and in a plastic Pond.

Click here for more information about gravel.


Customer Comments

I have a 20-gallon tank and wondering what a good combination of fish I could put in it? I would like big fish like cichlids or gouramies.
Please respond to me.
Reply. Hello Josh. Your 20-gallon Aquarium is too small for most Cichlids. You might be able to keep some very small snail-dwelling Cichlids from Lake Tanganyika, but these are difficult to find.

There are also small Cichlids like Ramirezi and Apistogramma species from South America and Pelvicachromis species from West Africa, but these fish require water that has less minerals and a lower pH than the water that comes out of most people's faucet, and so these small cichlids are rather more difficult to care for.

You could keep one Cichlids like an Mbuna or a Peacock from Lake Malawi.

Click here for more about Mbunas, and click here for more about Peacock Cichlids.

You could keep one Angelfish, if your 20-gallon aquarium is a tall-type of aquarium.

Click here for more about Angelfish.

You could keep a group of six Dwarf Gouramis. There are several color varieties including the natural color Dwarf Gourami, the Red Dwarf Gourami, and the Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami. This species does very well in a 20-gallon aquarium.

Click here to read more about Dwarf Gouramis, where you can also read about compatible tank mates that you might want to add later.

Click here for information about how to use your finger tips, eyes, and nose to test the quality of your aquarium water before you add more fish.


Customer Comments

We would like to know what a pregnant pleco looks like.  We have a pleco that has a very large belly and it has happened within a 48 hour period.  We are not sure to worry about it.
Please let us know.
Richard B.
Reply. Hello Richard. I have never bred Plecostomus Catfish, and I try not to say too much about things that I haven't done.

I'm not sure now to determine the gender of Plecos. I do know that they lay eggs. Before a female lays eggs, she would swell and fill with eggs for several weeks before she spawned.

If your Pleco's abdomen swelled up in two days, this would be something of concern and is probably not due to eggs. I recommend you give your aquarium the Recommended Treatment.

It won't hurt your Pleco, but it may help, and it will give your other fish some protection, if your Pleco has a pathogen that is contagious.

Click here to read the six steps of the Recommended Treatment.


Customer Comments

...  I am planning on getting a 20-gallon long tank, perhaps larger.  I was thinking of having a community tank.  Can you suggest any species and numbers of fish I would want to place in such a tank?
T. H.
Reply. Hello. One choice would be Neon Tetras and other compatible fish.

Click here to read more about Neons and see a list of some small compatible tank mates. These fish are not a good choice, unless you have some experience with aquariums.

An inexperienced aquarist should start with six Zebra Danios.

Click here to read more about Zebra Danios, where you can also real a list of compatible fish that you can add later.

Wait at least three weeks before you add more fish.

Click here for information about how to use your finger tips, eyes, and nose to test the quality of your aquarium water before you add more fish.


Customer Comments

Hi,  I would like to know how to order freshwater flounders. Please let me know.
Thank you.
Reply. Hello Scott.

Click here to see our item 6761, Fresh Water Flounders. Which you can order using our Shopping Bag button, which is labeled "Add to Bag", then go to PayPal's and enter the number of Flounders that you want to buy.

When we get your order, we'll notify you by email of the shipping date, arrival date, and approximate time of arrival. if you have questions email me back, or call us at our facilities at 1-858-270-1182 between 9AM and 3PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, and speak with a member of our crew.

They will quickly help you complete your order.


Customer Comments

How do you tell if Goldfish are males or female?? Answer ASAP ................
jamie g.
Reply. Hello. I can't tell the gender of Goldfish.

Click here to read what I've written about trying to tell the gender of Goldfish by looking at them.

The ad below links to this advertiser.

Customer Comments

Hi, I am planning to move to Australia and I got a few Gold Fish that I sadly have to leave behind here. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, with a summer temperature of about 110F. Is it possible to release my Gold Fish in a lake with this summer climate ? I feel bad to hand over my fish to someone else who might not be responsible enough for caring fish. Please advice me on this, because I have only a week to decide of what to do with my fish.
Reply. Hello Derek. Many States have laws against releasing Goldfish into ponds and streams.

I know California does, and it is illegal to use Goldfish as bait, when fishing, because the Goldfish may escape.

Besides you should have more confidence in other fish keepers. Post a note at a local fish store, or even at the grocery store where you shop.

Then interview the people and try to determine if they are sincere about keeping fish.

Good luck in Australia.


Customer Comments

I just inherited, or perhaps "rescued" a betta fish from a family member. I would like to buy your fish bowl kit, minus the betta. How would I order this?
Buford GA 30518
Reply. Hello Mitzi. Click here order item #9313, the Fish Bowl with 3" net, cultured  gravel, and a Java Fern. Click here for more details.

Customer Comments

Hi, I was just looking at your website and am thinking about ordering a betta fish/ or fish bowl kit. I was given a small 2 gallon hexagonal plastic fish tank that has an undergravel filter, a cover with light hood. And was wondering if this type of filter system was OK for a Betta.
Also, my house has a water softener (uses salt pellets) and I wanted to know if I can still use this water with the Betta (after using the chlorine conditioning drops) or if I should use bottled water (if bottled water do I purchase spring water or ionized drinking water and do I still neet to use the conditioning drops).
Also, is it safe to ship the fish to my work during the week - would the fish be OK until I take it home to set up that evening (I work Mon- Friday 8-5). Or would it be better to ship to a PO and pick it up at the PO as you said could be done on your website - is there an additional charge to do this?
Your quick reply will help me decide on my order as I also wanted to get a fish bowl kit (with the fish) for a birthday present for someone whose birthday is in a couple weeks.
Thanks again for a great website.
Janell K.
Winter Springs, FL 32708
Reply. Hello Janell. We do not recommend Undergravel Filters. Bettas don't really need a filter. They prefer a big fish bowl with a thin layer of cultured gravel.

Click here to read more about keeping Bettas in Fish Bowls.

Water softener replace the each ion of calcium and magnesium in tap water with two ions of sodium.

This makes soap work better, but actually makes the water worse for fish, people, and most animals. So I recommend not using soft water for fish.

We do recommend using bottled drinking water for fish bowls. We do not recommend de-ionized water or distilled water, because they are almost completely lacking in minerals.

Generally it is faster and safer to ship the fish to your local post office, and there is no additional charge.

You should go to your local post office and discuss receiving the fish there. This is a normal service of the post office, and they call it post office to post office service.

If one postal employee does not seem to understand, ask to speak with a supervisor.


Note added later: no longer ships via the United States Postal Service, or to PO Boxes, or to a local Post Office for pick up. We ship only to street addresses in the U.S.

Click here for more information about shipping.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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