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Page 40
Comments & Replies
  If you enjoy reading the Comments and Replies on this page, you may also enjoy listening to The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, discuss similar questions on Pet Fish Talk.

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Customer Comments

I have a 30gal. tank and can never get the ph level down. A few years ago my children placed some sea shells in the tank and killed all the fish . Since that time I have had nothing but problems with fish dying. Could the sea shells have saturated the gravel. I have tried all sorts of ph down chemicals but nothing works. I live in a small community in southern British Columbia, Canada and we do not very knowledgeable sales staff in our local pet store. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Mark M.
Reply. Hello Mark, if bits of the shell, even very tiny bits, have broken off and are still mixed in with the gravel, they will cause the pH to rise as they slowly dissolve in the water.

I think your gravel is contaminated with bits of shell, so I recommend that you toss the gravel out in your garden and get a new bag of gravel. Be sure the new bag of gravel is labeled for use in aquariums.

Incidentally, fish do not need gravel. Gravel is purely cosmetic for your enjoyment. We have hundreds of aquariums, and none of our aquariums has any gravel.

Let me hasten to add that Fish Bowls and plastic Ponds do need a thin layer of gravel that is not more than 1/4" thick.

Click here for more information about Aquarium Gravel.

If you are going to set your 30-gallon aquarium up again I recommend that you have a filter with a BIO-Wheel.

The Penguin 330 is the filter that I recommend for your 30-gallon aquarium, or even better get an Eclipse Aquarium Hood for your aquarium.

Click here for more about BIO-Wheels.


Customer Comments

Thank you for your help! I will go move the betta to another bowl as soon as I am done here. However .... when I got up this morning the betta and all of his snails have a fuzzy halo. They did not have it yesterday. Is this ich? or another type of fungal infection? Also .... don't laugh .... my cats prefer the water in the betta bowl over all other places inside and out, including the goldfish bowl. Could the cats be transferring a bacterial infection to the betta??? Anyway ... thanks again and I really do enjoy exploring your site ;)
Jeffery B.
Reply. Hello Jeffery. The fuzz on your Bettas is something to be very concerned about. But if it were an infection, it would not be on your snails too. So this is a bit of a mystery.

I have been way behind in answering these emails, and your email was received here more than ten days ago. I apologize, and I hope your Betta did not need emergency care.

As I said above, I doubt the fuzz is a disease, but if you see something suspicious on your fish, you should immediately look for other Signs of Stress and Disease.

For example, you should check to see if your Betta has clamped fins or is crashed on the bottom.

Click here for more information about the Signs of Stress and Disease.

picture of my fish loving cat, Sarah.   My cat, Sarah, also likes to drink water from Fish Bowls. Generally my Fish Bowls are very clean, but they still contain bacteria, which might not be good for Sarah. So I try to gently encourage her to drink from her own bowl.
I'm glad you enjoy this website. Thank you for your complimentary comment.

Customer Comments

Suggestion: "Maybe organize answers to questions by topic."
Comments: "I have read that you highly recommend the Penguin bio wheel power filters. I have read reviews on how they tend to clog up and not work unless you use one that is rated for a larger aquarium. What is your experience with this? I want to upgrade to a 29 gallon and am currently using a Whisper power filter 1 traid system."
Reply. Hello Daniel, thank you for your suggestion. The BIO-Wheel in the Penguin Filter does have a bit of a flaw. But the BIO-Wheel in my Eclipse Aquarium Hood does not share that flaw.

The BIO-Wheels that go in the Penguin Filters have a steel axel with a small blue plastic bearing on each end of the axel.

These bearing get gummed up with crud from the aquarium water and need to be cleaned, or the BIO-Wheel will stop turning. It takes just a few seconds to clean the bearings.

The BIO-Wheel itself does not get clogged up. I recommend not touching or cleaning the BIO-Wheel itself. It is sort of self cleaning.

The BIO-Wheel in my Eclipse Aquarium Hood has a plastic axel and no bearings. This BIO-Wheel seems to need no maintenance or cleaning at all.

I recommend you get an Eclipse Aquarium Hood for your 29 gallon aquarium, if one of the Eclipses will fit your aquarium. I have a 30-gallon tall aquarium, and the Eclipse 2 fits my aquarium just right.

(1) Eclipse 1 fits a 10" x 20" aquarium frame.
(2) Eclipse 2 fits a 12" x 24" aquarium frame.
(3) Eclipse 3 fits a 12.5" x 30" aquarium frame.

If you decide not to get an Eclipse, I recommend that you get a Penguin 330 with two BIO-Wheels.

Click here for more information about that recommendation.


Customer Comments

Do you sell any single or Twin Tail yellow female Bettas if so how much are they?
Reply. Hello Wade. We usually have a few Yellow Twin Tail Female Bettas.

I recommend you call our facility at 1-858-270-1182 between 9AM and 3PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, and speak with a member of our crew, who can tell you what we have in stock.

If we're out, they'll try to arrange to hold one in the future for you.


Customer Comments

I am looking to buy a few Twin Tails male betta.  Please let know the price and how I can purchase it.
Reply. Hello Zachery,  we usually have a few males and a few females of several different colors of Twin Tail Bettas.

Please call us at 1-858-270-1182 between 9AM and 3PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, and speak with a member of our crew, who can tell you what we have in stock and the current prices.


Customer Comments

Hi There,
I have a 10.5 gallon set up with a thermometer.
In my filter I have some substrat and nitre- zorb.  
I would like to do a Malawi tank . Could you please advise me on what cichlids I should get that would be suitable for a ten gallon tank and which are compatible with which. I understand i should have more rocks etc ?
How many can fish can i get - for I am concerned about how large they grow.
Thank you ever so much

Customer Comments

Hi All,
Could you please help me. I have a ten Gallon tank with a thermometer, rocks, plants , etc. I've had it set up and running for five days now. The temperature set at 80f. With a little bit of cycle.
I would like to now go out and buy a Tropical Fish for my aquarium,
in order to get the Nitrogen Cycle going. After which I would like to add more fish in three weeks time.
I find it quite confusing - looking at the different fish - i.e community , non community etc. I quite like the non community fish - but you can't keep them in a small 10-gallon tank for they grow too big.
I don't want a species specific tank and like variation. Could you please advise me on which fish would be good for a 10-gallon tank - saying which would be good to add first and why , and which fish I should add later.
I understand the 1 inch to 1 Gallon principle - but please advise me on exactly what would get on with what in a 10-gallon tank.
Thanks a lot
Reply. Hello. A 10-gallon aquarium is much too small for Mbunas. Click here to read more about Mbunas and the fact that they need an aquarium with 75-gallons of water or more.

I recommend that you start your warm water aquarium with six Zebra Danios.

Click here for more information about Zebra Danios, including some compatible tank mates that you can add later. But I would wait at least three weeks before adding more fish.

Click here for information about how to use your finger tips, eyes, and nose to test the quality of your aquarium water before you add more fish.


Customer Comments

Hi! Well, I am a college student about 2,000 miles from home, and I severely miss all my bettas I had to abandon to my mother's care. I was interested in ordering your Plastic Fish Bowl Kit that comes with a beta, three ghost shrimp, three java ferns, cultured gravel, net, etc.
I read in the package that you can have one betta to this package. I was observing your betta selection and noticed the more expensive breeds. I was interested in perhaps getting a mostly black male crown tail betta, but was wondering if the price would need to be adjusted for the entire package and if this is feasible?
Reply. Hello Raymond. The Crowntail Bettas are expensive. If you ordered a Fish Bowl Kit with a Crown tail Betta, we would subtract $3.00 for the male or female Betta that is normally included, and add the cost of the Crown Tail Betta.

We have only a few Crown Tail Bettas, and we do not post the prices on this website. Why? Because the prices vary, and when we post prices for a rare fish that is pictured, then we get lots of orders, and have lots of disappointed customers.

The solution is to call us at 1-858-270-1182 between 9AM and 3PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, and speak with a member of our crew, who can tell you what Crown Tail Bettas we have in stock and the current price for each Crown Tail.


Customer Comments

Hello, You have an excellent website! I recently purchased and Eclipse six gallon tank and was happy to read that you consider them to be very good. I now have two goldfish in it, a black moor and an oranda. I have had them for only 3 days now, but so far everything seems to be ok. I don't see any signs of stress you mentioned, and the water looks good.
My concern is that when I feed them food, the oranda is poised and ready to eat and ends up eating all the food right away. The moor is quiet in comparison and sticks to the bottom. I haven't seen him eat anything. I have seen food float right by him and he doesn't seem to notice it. Today I bought pellets that sink, and I think he got one, but I'm not sure. Basically I am concerned he is not getting any food. Do you have any recommendations?
Reply. Hello Kirsten. The fact that your Black Moor is not eating is a Sign of Stress and Disease, and you must take action. Give your fish the Recommended Treatment.

Click here now to read about the six steps of the Recommended Treatment.


Customer Comments

I have bought a male guppy and a female guppy. If I put them in a aquarium with other fish, will those fish cause in difficulties with their breeding? Also, I am on a money limit and can't afford a sponge filter, would this cause any difference with the babies?
      Travis N.
Reply. Hello Travis. Most other fish will eat baby Guppies. I recommend you put the female Guppy in a Net Breeder. Click here to read more about that.

Sponge filters are very good for baby fish. The water is pumped through the sponge and there is practically no chance that the baby fish will get sucked into the filter. Many baby fish are attracted to the sponge filter and pick pieces of food off the sponge.

Sponge filters cost only a few dollars, and they are worth it.

Click here to read more about how Mr. Dayes bred lots of guppies in aquariums with sponge filters.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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