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Page 39
Comments & Replies
  If you enjoy reading the Comments and Replies on this page, you may also enjoy listening to The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, discuss similar questions on Pet Fish Talk.

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Customer Comments, Thank you for great customer service. I followed the package tracking and noticed that the delivery arrived today at 11:00 am. For quicker delivery I picked up the package myself and all the fish are enjoying their new home.
All of them are in good shape, and thank you for the extra mixed cichlids. I will contact you in the future in hopes of grabbing a few of the peacock bass cichlids.
Thanks again,
Dan D.
Reply. Hello Dan. A few of our customers, like you, have picked up their fish at the Post Office and cut a few hours off the delivery time, which is better for the fish.

Thank you for being conscientious. It's good to read that the fish have adapted well to your aquarium. Thanks for letting us know.


Note added later: no longer ships via the United States Postal Service, or to PO Boxes, or to a local Post Office for pick up. We ship only to street addresses in the U.S.

Click here for more information about shipping.


Customer Comments

Wonderful and informative site! I have learned a great deal from reading the various sections. I am now convinced by your betta/fish bowl information, and intend to buy a set up soon. I have an Eclipse 6 tank and related supplies, which I want to keep at the office.
I know that 5 or 6 gallons is very little in which to keep fish, so my options are limited. I am interested in fish that are active, hardy, colorful, and have interesting behaviors---maybe even ones that will learn to swim to the surface at feeding time (I don't expect a fish than can play Frisbee!).
So once I have my little aquarium tank set up, could you make a few recommendations of fish with these characteristics that could be kept by themselves or with one other fish? From my reading, small aquaria are pretty challenging, so your advice would be most appreciated. It would be nice to have a finny friend at the office!
Reply. Hello Mark. I appreciate you complimentary comment. Thank you. You're right, when you say that small aquariums are challenging.

But the BIO-Wheel in your Eclipse Hood greatly increases the water quality in your aquarium.

You could start with a group of six White Clouds.

Click here for more about information about them, including compatible tank mates.

I would recommend a few Ghost Shrimp and perhaps a group of Corydoras Catfish. It depends on what you prefer.

You'll notice that if you got six White Clouds, a few Ghost Shrimp, and six Cory Catfish, that you'd have a total of more than 6" of fish in your 6 gallon aquarium.

But this would probably be OK because of the BIO-Wheel, which greatly improves the water quality.

Of course you'd need to follow a good maintenance schedule, but I have a feeling that you would.

Click here to read a suggested Maintenance Schedule that lists daily, weekly, and monthly tasks for aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.


Customer Comments

can a water frog (currently very small) live in the same tank with 3 goldfish (all different varieties?)  We were told by the class teacher (we are adopting this frog from our elementary school) to feed the frog rebbit pellets. We feed the goldfish goldfish food.  Can we put both types of food in the tank and will the fish and frog all get what they need?
Reply. Hello Laurie. I think your frog is probably an African Dwarf Frog. Click here to read about African Dwarf Frogs. Notice that under diet it says the following,

"Recommended Diet. African Dwarf Frogs need live food such as live Black Worms and live brine shrimp.

Perhaps they will eat frozen brine shrimp and frozen blood worms. A few frogs will eat freeze dried blood worms and maybe even some flake fish food or dry shrimp pellets."

"Plan on feeding live Black Worms to your African Dwarf Frogs at least twice a week. I feed my frogs Black Worms every other day.

Click here for more about Black Worms.

Click here for more about feeding."

Now you know what we recommend for feeding African Dwarf Frogs.


Customer Comments

i have a 29 gallon tank with a red zebra cichlid, one other cichlid (not sure what kind), and several synodontis catfish. what other cichlids (or other species?) would you say are compatible with the red zebra? he is the most aggressive in the tank. should i look to get other Mbunas, or will that increase the aggression / fighting?
Reply. Hello Vlad. My first comment is that a 29 gallon aquarium is too small for Mbunas.

Click here to read more about Mbunas, and here to read a story about a group Mbunas living in a big aquarium in Giselle's Restaurant.

This story discusses how to get a compatible group of Mbunas living together in a large aquarium.

Another suggestion is to keep one Cichlid in your aquarium with the Synodontis Catfish.

I have done this a couple of times, and the Cichlids did not seem to mind being alone without other Cichlid tank mates.

In each case the Cichlid grew fast to be very large and more colorful than most other Cichlids.


Customer Comments

I was in your website I wanted to know how the fish were shipped out and in what kind of packaging?
(1)  I would also like to know if I could get shipping where I live in Mathis, Texas 78368, just outside of Corpus Christi, Texas?
(2)  I would like to know why it cost 19.xx for shipping, is that because it has to be shipped special do to there are fish?
(3)  Also I know that it is one time per order, would that cover all the orders i make or just one?
(4)  How long would it take to get an order shipped to me also?
(5)  FISH QUESTIONS I have fish that will go to the right corner of my aquarium and they will just swim by the bottom but there fins are moving normal, and they have no sores, and they don't seem to be rubbing against anything, I change my filter every 2 weeks and I have just added salt just recently, but I am not to sure on how the salt helps. After the fish stays in that corner for a couple hours it will eventually die within a day or two. And it also does not seem that the other fish have been hurting it either. The fish also eats but not alot. Is there anything I should do?
(6)  I also had several fish in my tank but they keep on fighting with each other. The fish were doing okay for about a week and just starting fighting. The fish were labeled either docile or general at petsmart and the person said that the fish go together. I would like to know how to keep my fish from fighting with each?
(7)  Also what other fish, snails, shrimp, or frogs can i put in a beta vase and how many I can put in a signal beta vase? (it just a normal beta vase ...)
(8, 9)  I would also like to know how can I can get the beta vase cleaner, due to the mess it leaves in the bottom (not the food)?
(10)  I would also like to know if I can pay with check card visa, and how I can pay like that
(11, 12)  I do understand that I have asked alot of questions I hope that you can answer all the questions or just some.
Thank for all your help.
Johnny R.
Reply. Hello Johnny.

(1) None of the delivery companies that we use has overnight service from San Diego to your area.

A shipment would leave here in the evening, and arrive to you by 3PM on the second day.

This means the fish will be in the bags for a total of 42 hours, which is about the reasonable limit.

(2) Shipping live fish increases the cost. The fish must be carefully packed in a special insulated carton.

(3) There is one shipping charge for each order to one address in the U.S.

That order might have just a few fish, or it might have lots of fish, but our shipping charge is the same for all orders.

(4) See (1) above.

(5) You said you clean your filter. I recommend that you have a filter with a BIO-Wheel.

In this sort of filter you do not really clean the BIO-Wheel. You do occasionally replace the filter pad. What sort of filter do you have? How thick is the layer of gravel in your aquarium?

Are your fish warm water fish? Do you have an aquarium heater?

If you are having problems with your fish, I suggest you carefully read the Seven Essentials of Keeping Fish.

Click here now to read the Seven Essentials.

(6) I could help you better, if I knew the names of the fish you have in your aquarium, and if I had a list of which ones are being aggressive.

(7) I recommend that you keep only the Betta in the vase without any other fish, because most of the vases that I've seen are rather small for a Betta.

Click here to read more about keeping a Betta in a vase.

(8, 9) If your vase is usually dirty, I recommend that you move your Betta to a large Fish Bowl.

Click here to read more about our Fish Bowl Kit, which has a large six quart fish bowl.

(10) Click here to read about the methods of payment that we accept.

(11, 12) I hope my answers have helped you.


Customer Comments

i just found your great website and im here all the time. i was reading the 12 dont's article about what not to do. and it says not to add things that arent labeled aquarium safe. i just wanted to say that i was one of those dumb people who just grabbed some rocks form their yard and threw them in.
within a few days all but 3 of my 19 fish were dead. when i took the rocks out i noticed they had started to rust from the iron in them. i dont know what other minerals were in the rocks but i'm sure thats what killed all my wonderful fish :( .
feel free to post my last email on your website, i think it will help people to know.
Reply. Hello. Thanks for sharing your unpleasant experience. I share your hope that your email helps someone else avoid the problem you had with the contaminated rocks.

Many times I have had long discussions trying to help someone with their problem aquarium.

After discussing many possibilities, they would mention having something in their aquarium that was not labeled for use in aquariums.

It might have been a rock, or decorative gravel, shells, a silk plant, a ceramic ornament, etc. Using such items, that are not labeled for use in aquariums, often causes problems.

Recently I have seen many very attractive ornaments that are labeled for use in aquariums. Thanks again for your email.

The ad below links to this advertiser.

Customer Comments

Hello ... I was wondereing is it ok to levea your bettas where they can see each other constanly and will female guppie eat the babies also can you just give your bettas shrimp to eat once or twice a week
Justin M.
Reply. Hello Justin. I have often held a small mirror up to my male Bettas, and I thought that they enjoyed flaring their fins and their gills.

But recently I left a mirror propped up against a fish bowl that contained one of my favorite Male Bettas.

When I came back an hour later, I was very sorry to see that he was dead, and I wondered, if he'd gotten too excited by looking in the mirror.

When male Bettas look in a mirror at themselves, they think that they are looking at another male Betta.

The bigger they stretch their fins, the bigger the Betta in the mirror stretches his fins. I think this may be OK for a short duration, but not for more than a few minutes.

Usually female Guppies will not eat their babies for about two days after they release babies.

I recommend putting a female Guppy in a Net Breeder when she gets huge, and leaving her in the Net Breeder for about two days, after she releases her babies, so she can recover, before she goes back in the aquarium with the rest of the fish.

Click here for more details about breeding Mollies which are similar to guppies.

If you can get live or frozen brine shrimp, it's a good food for most fish. Don't feed too much of it.

Just feed a small amount, after you've fed the other foods.


Customer Comments

Suggestion: Make a list of fish names and what fish they best mach!
Comments: post this You say that "green puffers can't live in freshwater", I went to a (fish store) in illinois and they had them in the same water as all their other fish and said they didn't need more salt then reg fish like goldfish, platties, oscars, pacus, well, you get the point.
Explain this, I want puffers in my tank with my pacu, but I want them to be like Green Puffers. Dwarf puffers would get aten ....... Green puffers would be PERFECT. What should I do ...
Johnny Fernandez
City: "You tell me"
State: "Your the expert"
Reply. Hello Johnny. Thank you for your suggestion and your comments.

Click here to read the page in this website about Puffers.

I just re-read that page, and I noticed that it did not say "Green Puffers can't live in fresh water."

If I said that somewhere else, I did not mean to say it, and I don't think it's true.

But Green Spotted Puffers will live better in brackish water than in fresh water; that's what I said, and that is what I believe.

Your Pacu will do better in fresh water than in brackish water. So it's not a good tank mate for a brackish water Puffer.

I would not recommend keeping a Pacus and a Green Spotted Puffer in the same aquarium.


Customer Comments

I'd like to put a school of white clouds in my outdoor pond but am concerned that some of my bigger koi will eat them. The koi don't bother any of the other fish in the pond, not even the smaller goldfish, should I be concerned?
I'm in Southern California so there is no risk of the pond being to cold for the white clouds so I'm not concerned about that.
Thanks in advance for your help and keep up the good work.
Reply. Hello Dave. I keep White Clouds with my Pond Comet Goldfish in a small Pond.

Sometimes I see my Pond Comet chase my White Clouds for an instant, but they can easily elude the Pond Comet.

So I doubt your Koi could catch the White Clouds. Of course there are always exceptional circumstances, and so I can't guarantee the White Clouds will be safe, but mine have had no problems.

Like you, I also live in Southern California, and last winter the water in my little pond got down to about 55 degrees F., and I could see this was too cold for my White Clouds.

Click here to read more about that.

I appreciate your compliment. Thank you.


Customer Comments

I have just found your website and I am thrilled -- so much information, pictures, etc.  I am a new Betta owner of about a month and a half.  I have him in a quart glass bowl with some gravel and a small plastic plant.  I feed him freeze-dried blood worms twice a day.  He seems to be happy and healthy.
However, I have been looking at your Betta bowl kit and it looks like a good home for a fine handsome red Betta.  My question is:  Would you send the kit without the Betta as I already have one?  Of course, I would pay the full price for the kit.
Again, I am excited about your website and certainly look forward to hearing from you.
Reply. Hello. Thank you for generously offering to pay for the Betta, but we can ship you item #9613 which is the Betta Kit without the Betta Fish.

Click here for the details.

I noticed you wrote that you feed your Betta freeze dried blood worms, which are mosquito larvae.

This is not a balanced diet. I recommend you add a pellet food that is labeled for Betta Fish to your Betta's diet.

Click here for information about feeding fish.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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