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Page 38
Comments & Replies
  If you enjoy reading the Comments and Replies on this page, you may also enjoy listening to The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, discuss similar questions on Pet Fish Talk.

Click here to see the list of all the Pet Fish Talk Shows.


Customer Comments

Hi! about a year ago I had a ten gallon aquarium full of fish, there was a sudden pH drop and all of my fish died. Well a year later I have the time and money to set it up again. I am using the same gravel (it's been washed out well) and I was wondering if I'm going to have to wait for my aquarium's bacteria to re-culture itself or if the gravel in there is already full of the beneficial bacteria??
Any reply would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!
-The Wizzard
Reply. Hello Wizzard. This is a very interesting question. The bacteria are still on the gravel, and they are in stasis.

Put them back in your new aquarium, and in about forty-eight hours they will come out of stasis.

Be careful not to expose them to chlorine or chloramines. I recommend that you fill the aquarium with tap water from the faucet, add water conditioner, then adjust the aquarium heater and turn on an external filter with a BIO-Wheel.

Let this set up run for three days, then add a thin layer of the old aquarium gravel that is at most 1/4" thick.

Click here for more about cultured gravel, and click here for more about water conditioner.


Customer Comments

when will you be able to ship to Canada, I got my tank a little while ago and love fish, i would be a life long customer, i just found your site, and am blown away by it, you have a lot to choose from, thanks for giving me something to go by, your pictures are clear and helpful,
please write back,
Chris S.
Nova Scotia, Canada
Reply. Hello Chris. I appreciate your complimentary comments. Thank you. Unfortunately all the major delivery companies have declined to accept our packages of fish going to anywhere outside the U.S.

So we have no way now to ship to you in Canada, and we do not foresee shipping outside the U.S. in the future.


Customer Comments

hello I have 7 gold fish - 2 fantails and 5 comets. I had another baby fantail but it would float to the top when it stoped swiming. your website said do not get fish like that, why?
1 of my comets has a black spot on it's head. what kind of quick cure is safe for goldfish? what brand? If I have a filter in my tank can I have two fish per gallon?
I love this website it is awesome. I would like to know how long a betta will live in the peace lily vase if fed and if the water is changed weekly? I am just starting an aquarium or two.

thanks for your help.
john m.
Reply. Hello John. I recommend keeping Fantails and Comets in separate aquariums, because the comets swim faster, eat most of the food, and usually nip on the fantails.

Click here to read my comments about buying Fantails and other Fancy Goldfish.

Click here to read about the Recommended Treatment, where you will read that I recommend Quick Cure, which is a product made by Aquarium Products and sold in many stores that sell pet fish.

You probably need a filter with a BIO-Wheel now.

Click here to read more about filters, and click here to read more about BIO-Wheels.

Click here to read more about keeping a Betta in a vase, and click here to read more about Bettas, where you can read that Bettas have a lifespan of about three years and sometimes live longer with really good care.


Customer Comments

I know that you have a lot of fish compatibility information on your site but I need some reassurance on something.  I have heard that Pink Aeneus Corydoras, or a species of the like, will eat smaller fish once they get big enough.  I can't say that I know how true or not true that is, so I'm asking you before I discover fish missing.
Also, with that in mind, I would like to ask you about a tank setup that I might put together.  In a 20-gallon tank, could I put 8 Harlequin Rasboras, 6 Pink Aeneus Corydoras, and 6 Aeneus Cory Catfish together?  And possibly a Rainbow Shark?
I don't know if the catfish pose a threat to the rasboras or even if a rainbow shark would do anything to any of them.  I'm also thinking that all of that is to much for a 20-gallon tank-But with the different sizes of the fish, it might work; but I don't know.
Lastly, in your site, a page talks about having different types of these armored catfish in a large tank and them schooling up with their own species and such.  I think that that's pretty neat and want to try a smaller version of the like.  Would the Aeneus Cory Catfish and Pink Aeneus Corydoras do the same?
If it seems like I don't know exactly what I'm doing, it's because I don't.  I do with fish and all, I'm just trying out new setups and what have you.  I'm asking a lot out of you from this e-mail, but any and all help, advice, and information you give me would be greatly appreciated.
Once again, thanks a bunch!
Reply. Hello Mookie, large adult Corydoras Catfish can be as big as 3" long, and at that size they are big enough to eat some very small baby fish.

But I would not put very small baby fish with any other fish that are 3" long.

Raise the baby fish separately, perhaps in a Neb Breeder or another aquarium, until they have doubled in size, then they will be able to swim fast enough to avoid a larger fish, like a 3" Corydoras Catfish.

Your combination of fish sounds compatible except for the Rainbow Shark.

Click here to read about compatible tank mates for Harlequin Rasboras, where there is a list that include Neon Tetras, Glowlight Tetras, Black Phantom Tetras, White Clouds, Glass Fish, Fancy Guppies, and Ghost Shrimp.

Please send us an email, whenever you think our answers can help you take better care of your fish and learn more about them.


Customer Comments

Hello I have two lake malawi female cichlids (kenyi and orange lined). They both seem to be scratching themselves on the gravel and it looks like they 'yawn' once in awhile. I think the yawning is called dropsy. I'm thinking of getting some more cichlids but I'm scared that they will end up getting the diseases also. Should I quarintine them or treat the whole tank? What type of treatments should I give them?
Thanks a lot for your help!
Reply. Hello Mike. Your fish are Glancing. Click here to read more about Glancing, which is #7 on our list of Signs of Stress and Disease.

You should immediately give you entire aquarium the Recommended Treatment, and continue giving that treatment until your fish stop Glancing.

Yawning is normal for almost all fresh water fish. The are actually back flushing their gills to clear particles our of their gills.

So don't be concerned about your fish yawning. I like to watch my fish for a few minutes until they yawn.

Dropsy is a condition where the belly of the fish usually swells and the scales of the fish stand on end making the fish look like a porcupine.

Dropsy is usually fatal for fish. From your email it did not sound like your fish have dropsy now, and I have no reason to believe they will get dropsy.


Customer Comments

Thank you for your response. How much would the shipping be to NY State??
Reply. Hello again. Our charge for shipping is $36.99, which includes the cost of the insulated carton, packing, and the shipping charges that we pre-pay to the delivery company.

You pay for the fish at the prices shown on our Price Lists and one shipping charge per order to one address.

One customer ordered one Ghost Shrimp, and other customers have ordered over one hundred fish from us.

We charged each of them the same amount, $36.99, for shipping and handling.

Click here to see an order with all the charges shown.


Customer Comments


I really enjoy your site and I have a problem with my tank that I could use some advice about. I have a 40-gallon aquarium Betta, six Glass fish, five cory catfish, and two African Dwarf frogs, and now ten Neon tetras.
My problem is when I awake in the mornings, I find at least one Neon tetra dead. I had twenty once but got frustrated with the daily deaths. The other night I cut the lights off in the aquarium but stayed in the Living room with just enough light to barely see what's was going on in my tank. I saw my Betta, Dragon, stalking my Neon tetras. Do you think that maybe he could have been the reason behind the deaths and if so, where do I go from here?
Please help me.
David B.

Reply. Hello David. I want to compliment you for turning off the light and watching your fish from a distance.

I recommend you put your Betta in a large Fish Bowl with at least one gallon of water.

Put a thin layer of gravel from your aquarium in the Fish Bowl.

Click here for more information about Fish Bowls.


Customer Comments

hi again, i have been reading all your letters and they are helpful and also very interesting
......  i have had my tanks for about a year and never saw any dead ones .....  this week i have found two and there tail looks like it was just gone ........ the first one had a puffy tummy so i thought i just maybe feed them to much ..... now  this ....  any ideas as they are greatly appreciated ......... and fyi ...... i love your site and love reading everyones letters and questions ...
thanks in advance for your responce,
Reply. Hello again Rose, I appreciate your complimentary comment. Thank you. I recommend you give your fish the Recommended Treatment.

Click here for a list of the six steps of the Recommended Treatment.

I doubt feeding fish could cause a puffy tummy, but uneaten food can cause problems in aquariums.

Click to read more about that.

Whenever you have trouble with your fish, it's a good time to review your fish keeping methods.

I recommend you click here and carefully read the entire page about Warm Water Aquariums, where for example you will read about gravel, regularly changing water, and many other important factors.

At the bottom of the page about Warm Water aquariums is a link to a second page about Warm Water Aquariums. I recommend that you read both pages.


Customer Comments

I have a beta in a 5 1/2 gal tank.  He has a BIO-Wheel/filter.  He was fine this morning but now when I came home his one eye is bulging.  The eyeball itself is not bulging.  He is showing signs of stress and hiding behind the javas.  I have gone ahead and added aquarium salt and quick cure. He has no interest in eating either and basically is crashed on the bottom only coming up for air.
I added the BIO-Wheel about 1 1/2 months ago.  I replaced the filter and cleaned the intake portion and the inside which had calcium.  No soap - just water and his scrub pad (bought at an aquarium store). When I put the filter back on the tank and added water to it, a flurry of gunk went into the tank - it looked for lack of a better description like lint.  I got most of it out. Any suggestions ... ??  I would hate to loose this fish but right now he is not looking so hot.
Reply. Hello. Your Betta shows signs of Pop-Eye, which is caused by an infection and swelling behind the eye.

There is no good treatment, but sometimes the fish just recovers.

I would have added Aquarium Salt and Quick Cure, just like you did.

I've seen stuff like the lint-like stuff that flew out of your filter, and it was usually caused by uneaten food.

Be care when you feed you fish and try to minimize the uneaten food that is sucked into your filter.

Scoot your filter to rear right side of your aquarium and feed you fish in the front left corner of your aquarium.

Feed you fish a very small pinch of floating food and wait for them to eat it all. Then give them another very small pinch.

Continue giving them small pinches and watching to be sure they eat it all before you feed them more.

I usually give each aquarium about 5 to 7 pinches twice a day.


Customer Comments

hi, i would like to know the lifespan of a piranha can u please send back the info in 3 days if possible because neede for a project thank
Reply. Hello. We don't know the life-span of Piranhas. They are illegal to own in California, and we are located in San Diego, California.

Click here to read about Piranhas, but there is no information about their life-span. We apologize if this reply disappoints you.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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