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Page 37
Comments & Replies
  If you enjoy reading the Comments and Replies on this page, you may also enjoy listening to The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, discuss similar questions on Pet Fish Talk.

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Customer Comments

Hello I was wondering about my betta. I am not in my room where my betta is, so he is becoming very lonely. He has lived with me for atc least a year, but for most of the year I lived in a dorm and was around him all the time however now I am back home and I am always working.
I want to make sure that he is a happy fish so I was thinking about getting some friends for him but not a female betta because I know that it is diffcult to watch them and I don't have time for that. I thought about getting an angle fish for him but I am not for sure that it would be best. If you could please help me decide what kind of friends he should have?
Reply. Hello Keesha. Click here for information about compatible tank mates for Bettas, where you can read that an Angelfish will be a good tank mate for your Betta in an Aquarium, but Angels will not do well in a Fish Bowl.

Click here for more information about Angelfish, where you'll learn that you should keep one Angelfish or several but not just a few Angels together in the same aquarium, and that Angelfish need an Aquarium Heater to keep their water warmed to between 78 and 82 degrees F. 


Customer Comments

I have just recently built an in-ground pond 8' by 5' and 14 inches deep at one end and 20 inches at the other. I was wondering if I need a filter for fish and what kind to get. I would also, because I live in Florida, what kind of fish would survive in my pond. The pond gets about 2 hours of sun a day. I would also like to know what and if any kind of plants I can use in this pond. Thank you for your time!!
Beverly Hills, Florida
Reply. Hello Rob. Congratulations on your new pond. I have a pond that's 15' by 9', and it's never had a filter or any other equipment.

So I've never had a very heavy bio-load in my pond. I have kept a few hundred very small fish, and they didn't produce enough waste to need a filter.

I also have a small pond in a barrel by my front door. It has one Pond Comet, and it doesn't have a filter.

I like ponds without filters, but then I can't keep as many fish as I could with a filter.

I recommend that you get three inexpensive Pond Comet Goldfish. Put them in your pond and feed them floating goldfish food.

Click here for more about Pond Comets, and click here for more about feeding fish.

Test your pond water every day using your finger tips, eyes, and nose. Click here for more information about how to test water.

After three weeks if your water quality is very good, then add a few more fish. Keep testing your water.

As long as the water quality is very good, you can add more fish. But it's best to not crowd your fish, so your fish can grow.

If at some time the water quality is not so good, then you'll need to stop adding fish, and work to improve the water quality.

There may even come a time, when you'll have to remove a few fish, or get a filter, or dig a bigger pond.

I guess it's my temperament to have fewer fish and less equipment in my fish bowls, aquariums, and ponds.


Customer Comments

Hi my daughter adpoted 2  fiddler crabs from school. One of them didn't make it. But we would like more.  No pet stores around us sell them. Do you have a mailing address where i could send money orders and when you recieve the money order you can send us the crabs. How much does it cost to ship fiddler crabs to michigan.
Reply. Hello Lori. We have Golden Fiddler Crabs.

Click here to see them with the price, and click here for more information about Fresh Water Crabs.

This website is an online retail fish store. We are dealers and suppliers of Tropical Fish and goldfish, and we make buying fish both easy and fun.

Click here for more about ordering from us, where you can see an order with all the charges, including the one charge for shipping and handling of $36.99 on any size order.


Customer Comments

Suggestion: you have such a great site, i cannot think of anything that would make it better.
Comments: i am 10 years old. i have a question, wy dose it say to cal you about the crown betas? is there anything i should know about them? i think i mite have one, it sorta has the same fin thing going on.
your biggest fan,
Reply. Hello Jacey, I appreciate your complimentary comment. Thank you.

We just get a few Crown Tail Betta. They are expensive.

We think people should call us and discuss the Crown Tails that we have in our facilities.
For example, it causes us lots of problems, if we list a Red Crown Tail, when we have only one or two in stock, and get orders for 6 or 8 of them.

So we sell them one at a time.


Customer Comments

Hi I have a few questions and was wondering if you could anwser them for me.
1.  Does a rainbow shark need saltwater?
2.  Will the rainbow shark eat other fish?
3.  What fish on your site are freshwater?
4.  Do you suggest getting live plants?
4.  Are there any freshwater crabs?
Thank you for your help,
Allison S
Reply. Hello Allison,

(1) The Rainbow Sharks that we offer for sale are freshwater fish.

Click here for more information about Rainbow Sharks.

(2) Rainbow Sharks are rather aggressive, and will certainly attack very small fish like Neon Tetras, but Rainbow Sharks are compatible with many other fish.

Click here to read more about compatible tank mates for Rainbow Sharks.

(3) None of the fish listed on this website are salt water fish. Almost all of the fish that we list and sell on this website are fresh water fish, but a few of them are brackish water fish, and that means they prefer a mixture of freshwater and saltwater.

Click here to see our list of brackish water fish.

(4) Live plants are beautiful, but most of them are not easy to keep. Two plants, the Java Fern and Aponogetons, do very well in my aquariums, and I recommend them.

Click here to see our plant list.

(5) We sell two types of Crabs that do well in either freshwater or in brackish water.

Click here to read more about them.


Customer Comments


                    I would first, just like to say that I'm just crazy about your website it is very informative and has answered alot of my questions. I recently bought some guppies, I was just getting something different to make my aquarium more versatile. So, the price was really good ( 6 for a dollar) and I thought that it was a good deal.
                     Anyway I got about ten. I have some really colorful ones I think are males and dull ones I think are females. The dull ones like to nip at my other fish's tails so I am keeping them feed like you suggested, but is there anything else I can do. And since it seems that I have males and females do you think that they will breed, do you know about how many young  they have.
Thank you for your time and your great website.
Marriel H.
Reply. Hello Marriel, I have had the same experience with female Guppies, and I think they are much less likely to nip on other fish, when you feed them a few live Black Worms.

I feed most but not all of my fish a few Black Worms every other day.

Click here to read more about live Black Worms.

I think it is very likely that your Guppies will breed and produce babies in your aquarium, but most of the babies will be eaten by the larger fish, unless you keep the baby Guppies for a week or two in a Net Breeder.

Click here for more about raising baby livebearers in a Net Breeder for a couple of weeks, until they can swim fast and avoid being eaten by the larger fish.


Customer Comments

Suggestion: "carry a larger assot. of mollies. like guppytail pot belly mollie green sailfin mollies marble sailfin mollies chocolate sailfin mollies"
Rosetta R.
Reply. Hello Rosetta. We do have lots of Pot Bellied Mollies in many different colors.

Click here to see a picture taken of the Pot Bellied Mollies in an aquarium in our facility, and you will see in that picture that we have lots of different color types.

We also have lots of various color types of Sailfin Mollies, including Gold, Silver, Black, Green, Marbled, Dalmatian, Chocolate, and many other types that don't seem to have names.

Click here to read more about Sailfin Mollies.

I recommend that you telephone us at 1-858-270-1182 between 9AM and 3PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, and ask to speak with Josh, who can tell you the types of Mollies that we have in our facility.

We always have some very unusual Mollies that you will probably enjoy talking about.

Click here to see a picture of Josh sitting by a phone just waiting for someone to call him and talk about a fish order.

The ad below links to this advertiser.

Customer Comments

I have been doing a lot of research on setting up my first aquarium and your website has been extremely helpful. I have a 33 gallon tank and I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me. I intend to buy a Penguin filter with the BIO-Wheel but I'm not sure what size I need. Is there any advantage in choosing the Penguin 300 over the 160 in a 33 gallon tank?
My next question has to do with fish. I read on another website (da that mollies need a ph level of 8.0 and water temperature of 80-86. This site says that mollies cannot be kept with platies and tetras because of this. Is this true? Also, do you have any information on irradescent sharks/catfish?
Thank you for all your help,
Tom M.
Reply. Hello Tom. I think the current model numbers are the Penguin 170B and the Penguin 330B.

The 170B is intended for aquariums with 20 to 40-gallons of water. So it would fit your aquarium.

The Penguin 330B is intended for aquariums with 30 to 60-gallons, so it will fit your aquarium too.

I'd get the Penguin 330, because it has two BIO-Wheels, and it'll be good to have the over-capacity.

I think these two models are pretty nearly the same price too, and if you decide to get a bigger aquarium in the future, the 330B may be big enough to filter that aquarium.

Click here now to go to a page in Marineland's website where there are more details about the Penguin 170B and 330B Filters.

We keep Mollies in our aquariums at about 78 degrees F. in water with a pH from about 7.6 to 7.8, and they do wonderfully well.

From our experience Mollies do not need to be kept at a pH of 8.0.

They should probably be kept at a pH of 7.2 or higher.

Most of the tap water in the U.S. has a pH of 7.2 or higher.

The pH of aquarium water will usually drift downwards over a period of days. The best way to keep the pH above 7.2 is to change 20% of the aquarium water twice a week and not even worry about testing the pH, unless you are just curious.

I have found that most aquarium fish do poorly at a temperature above 84 degrees.

Water at this temperature has a lot less oxygen than water at 78 degrees.

If your fish show Signs of Stress or Disease, then one of the parts of the Recommended Treatment is to increase the temperature by about 4 degrees F.

So keep your fish at 78 to 80 and if they get sick increase the temperature by 4 degrees to 82 to 84. But if your fish are already at 86 degrees, you can't really raise the temperature to 90 degrees.

Now someone could say that by keeping fish in water at 86 degrees will prevent ick, and I'd agree, but the fish may get another infection from a different pathogen.

Raising the temperature is like us running a fever, the fever kills many of the pathogenic bacteria that cannot adapt to a change in temperature.

All of this leads me to recommend that you keep your Mollies at about 78 to 80 degrees, and Platies and Large tetras do very well with Mollies under these conditions.

I don't have much information about Iridescent Sharks.

Click here to see a picture of the Paroon Shark.

You can click on the picture to see a bigger picture. Iridescent Sharks get too big for all but the biggest aquariums, so I don't recommend them for most aquariums.


Customer Comments

I received my order this morning at 9:00 am.  The fish were in great shape. They began eating and fitting in with the other fish in their tanks immediately.  I have had fish show more signs of stress bringing them home from a local pet shop. You guys did great. There were four or five of the shrimp that didn't make it, but the extras you threw in made up for that.
Stephen Wood
PS I build websites for a living, and have to comment, that you have a very useable and effective site. Good job there too.
Reply. Hello Stephen, I appreciate your complimentary comments. Thank you very much.

All of here at feel great when we learn that our fish have been safely delivered and are doing well in a new home.

Thanks again for your email.


Customer Comments

Suggestion: "Instead of having long pages with long lists, try a way of utilizing mouse-over drop-down menus."

Comments: "My name is Jason and I have 2 tanks - 10 gal and 30 gal. The 10 gal has 6 Danios. The 30 gal has 3 Silver $s, 3 Serpae Tetras, 2 Columbian Sharks, 1 Pleco and a few Neons. I have a little salt in the water, and I keep the tank between 78-82F. I have a powerful external filter, and the water condition is good. All the fish are healthy and active."

The question I have is about 2 of the Silver $s, which are bigger than the 3rd. Sometimes the 2 larger ones, swim right next to one another, almost vibrating against each other. Are the fighting, playing, mating?

I have a question about the sharks ... I got them at the same size, but one is growing much faster than the other one, and the larger one seems to bully the smaller one. Are they teritorial, are they uncomfortable in only a pair?

I think this site is great, and I have read many questions and answers here, and learned alot from them. I see nothing other than improvement here.

Reply. Hello Jason. Thank you for your suggestion. Drop down menus would be a big improvement to this website.

Many times I have also seen two fish swim next to each other and vibrate. Usually the fish are nearly the same size.

I wonder if they are trying to intimidate each other to establish their social rank.

When I've been able to determine the gender of the fish, they have usually been two males.

But with Silver Dollars it's often difficult to determine their gender.

So I don't really have an answer for you, other than to say I've seen it too.

We call your Columbian Sharks by the name White Tip Sharks.

Click here for more information about White Tip Sharks, where you can read, "Best kept together in a group with several White Tip Sharks."

I recommend that you get at least two more White Tip Sharks, provided there is room in your aquarium for two more of them.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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