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Page 36
Comments & Replies
  If you enjoy reading the Comments and Replies on this page, you may also enjoy listening to The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, discuss similar questions on Pet Fish Talk.

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Customer Comments

If the power goes off and I do not have a battery operated back up filtration for my tank, I do not have any chemicals to help with the oxygen, does breathing through a straw to produce bubbles give ample oxygen for the fish until the lights go back on?
Thanks for your answer.
Reply. Hello. You bring up a good point. There will be power outages here in California this summer.

We have tested aquariums in our facilities that have much higher oxygen needs than most aquariums that hobbyists have.

We turned the power off for 3 to 4 hours, and there were no problems or losses.

We were surprised, but we think the one hour power outages that have been announced will not be problem in our facilities. Of course we will closely watch the fish closely.

Our aquariums are very clean, have no gravel, and the water circulates through large BIO-Wheel filters. We scrub most of the aquariums each week.

If your aquarium has lots of gravel, it could cause problems during a power outage. I recommend you reduce the depth of your gavel to 1/4" or less.

If you have an undergravel filter (UGF), it will not work with 1/4" of gravel. Get a Penguin filter with a BIO-Wheel, and let it run for three weeks.

Wash your gavel until it is spotless, then remove your UGF and most of the gravel. Keep your aquarium and filter clean, and you probably won't need that straw this summer.


Customer Comments

I have a 29 gallon tank with 25 fish in it 3 cardinal tetras 5 puffers 2 chocolate gouramis 2 rams 2 swordtails 2 dwarf neon rainbow fish 1shrimp 2 aphistogramma agazzis 2 hatchetfish and 1 sucker kind of fish. What kind of fish do you think I should get that would go with them.
I am getting another tank with brackish water and I really want to get an archer fish. I was wondering what kind of fish go with archer fishes besides monos and scats. I really love your site and your the only site that i've found that has archer fish for sale on it. I Was wondering also if you have fly larva.
Reply. Hello. It sounds to me like your aquarium has plenty of fish, and in my opinion some of them are not compatible tank mates.

For example Cardinal Tetras need to be in a group with at least six Cardinals, and they are not compatible with most of the other fish in your aquarium.

Click here to read a list of compatible tank mates for Archer Fish, where you'll read that it's best to keep Archer Fish in a group with at least three Archers.

The list of compatible tank mates includes White Tip shark Cats, which are are very good tank mates for Archers.

We don't sell fly larvae, click here to read the recommended diet for Archer Fish.


Customer Comments


How many fish can I put in a 2 gal. fish bowl with a ghost shrimp and a male betta?
I know I can put more ghost shrimp but maybe later.  My bowl also has 2 plastic plants.



Reply. Hello Hunter. I have several 1.5 gallon Fish Bowls with one male Betta, a few Ghost Shrimp, five medium size White Clouds, and one Gold Mystery Snail.

Click here to read more about the White Clouds, and click here to read more about Aquatic Snails.

I have also kept African Dwarf Frogs in my Fish Bowls. They need live Black Worms, which I feed them.

Click here for more about the Frogs, and click here for more about feeding  Black Worms.

Click here to read a list of the reasons that my Fish Bowl Kit works well, and the fish are very healthy.


Customer Comments

Hi, I am stressing over my aquarium.  I have a 20gal/warm tank with a dual fluorescent strip light (one daylight one plant grow).  I have 2 cory, 11 cardinal tetras 4 platies and one of those algae sucker things that start with an "os".
I also have a bunch of anacharis and 2 amazon swords.  For some reason, my plants keep dying.  Even the anacharis.  They grow for a while and then turn brown and die so I cannot ever have enough to use a background cover.
The swords seem fine but the new leaves are smaller and brown.  I keep the temp at 75 degress or so but I don't fertilize so much since someone told me that I could raise plants without doing it except that they will grow slowly or not at all.  Please send me some advice.
Thank you
Reply. Hello Daniel. I've had the same problems with Sword Plants that you described, and sometimes I have problems with Anacharis.

Sword Plants usually don't do too well in my aquariums. I think that maybe my water is too hard and alkaline.

I've always meant to try growing them in softer more acid water. In my house I have a reverse osmosis (RO) unit, that produces very soft water with almost all the minerals removed.

I could fill an aquarium with this RO water and try growing some Sword Plants. Maybe I'd need to add some plant fertilizer to the water.

Often Anacharis grows in my aquarium, but it is usually thinner and lighter green than I'd like it to be. I wonder if it would do better in a different type of water.

But Java Ferns always do well in my fish bowls and my aquarium, where Java Ferns grow slowly and maintain a nice dark green color.

The beautiful Aponogetons grow rapidly in my Fish Bowls and aquariums, and they often produce small flowers. So I recommend that you try the Java Ferns and the Aponogetons.

Click here to go to our Plant List where they are listed.


Customer Comments

Hi ............ I just bought a female Dalmation Molly.  She looks like shes ready to burst, but I'm not sure.  She's been sitting on the bottom mostly. I don't know if she's stressed, diseased, or ready to have babies.  Can you please tell me what signs to look for?
Reply. Hello Beth. I have struggled to describe what a female Molly looks like a day or two before she releases her babies, but I haven't been able to describe it in such a way that my description will help you.

You'll know what she looks like just before she releases here babies, once you've seen her just before she releases her babies, but I know that is no help to you now.

I think what I've just said is a unique part of this hobby. You have to do it and observe it, in order to know it and understand it.

This is not a hobby that you can read about and then understand. You must work at it, and be a keen-eyed observer.

I recommend you get a Net Breeder for your female Molly, and put her in it soon.

Click here for more information about the Net Breeder.


Customer Comments

Hi .......... Well, my molly was just fine.  She gave birth to 12 GIANT
babies!!  If I were her, I'd be laying at the bottom too!
Reply. Hello again Beth. Congratulations to your Molly female and to you. I'll bet you're happy and having fun with all your new Mollies.

Customer Comments

I'm back yet again to ask for your help.  I have several questions, the first involving my newest addition of fish to my tank ... Friday evening I added 2 platies, one male, one female ... the female has adapted well to her new home but the male is not eating and he is staying off to himself.  Today is Sunday and I noticed this morning the tail of the male platy had been
munched on by one of his tank mates.  This evening when I fed the crew .. Inoticed the whole section is gone and he has taken refuge in a small area between the tank wall and a net breeder.  My main concern is whether or not his tail will grow back and if not will he survive?
      I have the following fish in my tank: 4 large tetras, 2 black mollies, 1 white cloud, 3 small neons, 2 small cory cats and the 2 most recent platies.  I personally feel the "muncher" was one if not both of my mollies.  I hate to think their agressive actions will result in the death of the male platy due to his lack of defense against them.  Please share your wisdom.
      My next question involves the fate of another small fish; a very small neon ... he was alive Saturday night but on Sunday morning he can't be found ... I have checked the filter and searched the gravel to no avail.  I am most certain he is dead but if I can't locate him, will his remains pollute the water?
      Your assistance is greatly appreciated and I want to thank you again for such a great website.  I have learned so much from you and visit the site every evening to read "what's new."
      Looking forward to hearing from you!!
Reply. Hello again Christy. I think the "muncher" is one or more of your Large Tetras.

They'll nip other fish when kept in a group with less than six fish of their species.

So you need to add two more of them to diminish their aggressiveness.

Unless Large Tetras are fed live Black Worms, most species of Large Tetras will tend to nip on each other and on other types of fish.

Serpae Tetras are notorious for nipping unless they are fed Black Worms.

I recommend you give your male Platy the Recommended Treatment.

Click here for the six steps of the Recommended Treatment.

I also recommend that you increase your group of Large Tetras to have at least six fish of the same species, and then feed them live Black Worms every other day.

Click here for more about Black Worms.


Customer Comments

I was wondering what to put on a fantail when it has parasitic spots on it ? We have the fish out in our pond but we had to move the fish into a little container in the pond because the other fish were bitting at the spot were the fish had the spot at . CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME ON WHAT TO DO WITH THE FISH ? PLEASE ANSWERE BACK SOON !!!!
Reply. Hello. I recommend you give your Fantail the Recommended Treatment.

Click here for details about the six steps of the Recommended Treatment.


Customer Comments

Ok.  If I order fish from my friend's computer, is it going to be under his computer address or just under my address I wrote on the order form?  Cause I don't want to make him pay for me ...
Just tell me.
Reply. Hello. Any order you make will be entered into our ordering system under the name you enter, when you make the order.

Whose computer you use - whether it's your computer, or your friend's computer, or someone else's computer - is irrelevant.


Customer Comments

I received the order, Great fish I will be placing a new order in the next few days.  Again thanks again great job on your  side.
Thanks Joe P
Reply. Hello Joe, and thanks for taking a minute to give us some feedback.

Our shipping crew picks each fish very carefully and then packs it just right, so our customers get the best fish that we can ship.

When it all works right, and you send us a thank you, it feels real good to read about it. Thanks again.


Customer Comments

Can I buy female Fancy Tail Guppies sepperatly, or without any males?
Shawn T.
Reply. Hello Shawn. You can buy as many female Fancy Tail Guppies as you want, and you don't have to buy a single male from us.

So, for example, you could send us an order for ten female Fancy Tail Guppies, or you could send us an order for any other number that you want.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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