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is usually $36.99

Or only $17.99 to Southern California.

on Orders totaling $169.99 before taxes and shipping charges. 

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Page 34
Comments & Replies
  If you enjoy reading the Comments and Replies on this page, you may also enjoy listening to The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, discuss similar questions on Pet Fish Talk.

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Customer Comments

hi i have 4 females that i keep together in a small tank. and i noticed that the red st flaring at the other females in the tank. is this common for females to flare at each other? because i have noticed that the other 3 females do not chase & flare. so is it possible for this to be a male?
Reply. Hello. I've seen female Bettas that flare their gills at other female Bettas, and I have seen a few male Bettas that  had short fins and looked like female Bettas.

I don't think the flaring is a problem, but you should carefully watch your fish each day to be sure none of your fish is being hurt by any other fish.

If one of your Bettas is too aggressive, remove it, and put it in a large fish bowl.


Customer Comments

Hello Sir/Madam,
My name is Reno ... I had visited the site and I was browsing the Angelfish page. I liked the the Marbled Veil Angels and I want to order for a pair of them. I am a student from Texas. So can you please tell me how much the total order will cost along with shipping and/or taxes. The most important thing is that I am a starter and this will be my first pair fish I may buy.
Is there any discount that I can get then please let me know about it.
Do reply soon,
Reply. Hello Reno. We don't sell pairs of Angelfish. To get a pair of Angelfish, I recommend that you buy a group of several young Angels, raise them up together in a large aquarium, and allow them to naturally pair off.

Click here to read the reply that I wrote to Jeremy about how to breed Angels.

If you are a beginning aquarist and you are about to get your first fish, I recommend that you not buy Angels and try to breed them.

Instead you should keep a variety of fish for a while and learn how to care for them. I recommend that you start with a group of Zebra Danios or Mollies.

Click here to read more about Zebra Danios, and click here to read more about Mollies.

Click here to read the Seven Essential of keeping Fish.

There are no other discounts available. At this website you pay for the fish at the prices shown on our list, plus one charge for shipping and handling.

Click here for the complete details.


Customer Comments

I wanted to let you know that the fish I received are in absolute great health. I haven't had any problems with them and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am. I would recommend you to everyone I know who's into fish.  I do have a question about the pleco. Do I need to buy different food for him or can he survive on the left overs from the cichlids and the algea?
Thank you again.
Judy G.
Reply. Hello Judy. Thank you for your reply. We enjoy reading that our fish have arrived in good condition and are doing well in your aquarium.

I never have problems feeding the Plecostomus in my aquariums. I try very hard to feed my fish plenty of food but not to feed more than they can eat in a few minutes.

At least twice a day I feed my fish a small pinch of flake food, then I wait and watch them eat it all.

If they eat all of the flakes and still seem hungry, then I give them another small pinch of flake food.

Click here for more information about feeding fish.

I continue repeatedly giving them a small pinch and watching to see if they eat all of the food.

Usually I give each aquarium about five to seven small pinches, and as I do this, the Plecostomus catfish swim out and begin to eat.

They swim upside down at the surface and eat some flake off the surface or swim around on the bottom of the aquarium and search for food there.

Another way to feed your Plecostomus is to feed some Algae Wafers that sink to the bottom of the aquarium.

This is different from the floating food that I recommend feeding. The Plecos love these algae wafers that were originally made by Hikari.

Here is a quote from the Hikari website about the algae Wafers,

"Feeding Suggestions:  Feed only the amount your fish will completely consume within two (2) hours. 

Some Tropical Fish resist a new type of food when changing their diet, continued use will ensure acceptance. 

Algae wafers can be broken into smaller pieces, if desired, for feeding other algae eating tropical or marine fish."

Click here now to go to the page in Hikari's website, where you can read more about Hikari Algae Wafers.


Customer Comments

Suggestion: Maybe you could consider selling fish in bulk.
Comments: I would like to buy sarasi goldfish. I didn't notice any on your site. Do you have any?
Reply. Hello and thank you for your suggestion.

Sarasa Comets are Pond Comets that are raised in Japan.

The ones that I've seen are dark read and bright white, and they are very nice.

But they are much more expensive than the beautiful Red and White Pond Comets that we sell.

Click here to read more about our Pond Comets, and click here to see them on our Price List.

I have one of our Pond Comets in my small pond in a barrel. This is the most beautiful Comet that I have ever seen.

Click here to read more about my pond.


Customer Comments

I currently have three fish in my 10-gallon tank.  I have two turqoise ranbows and one red platy.  I had three platies but two died very suddenly, without showing any sign of stress.  Now all the fish I have left have develop whites spots.  The two rainbows have white spots on their mouths, fins & bodies but the platy only has it on it's fins.  I have followed your advice to the letter but I'm confused about the quick cure.  On the bottle it says that the charcoal or carbon filter should be removed from the filtration system.  Does that mean I should remove it during the two days of treatment or just during the application?  If there is any other suggestions you could give me to help my fish I would be greatful because this is my first fish tank.
Thank you.
Jacksonville, FL
Reply. Hello Melanie. Remove the filter pad from your filter. Add the drops of Quick Cure to the water in your aquarium.

Wait one hour, then put the filter pad back in your filter. Repeat this process once each day until your fish are cured.

Click here for the complete details about all six steps of the Recommended Treatment, which includes adding Quick Cure to the water once a day.


Customer Comments

i am looking for documentation to tell you if a aquarium can be reused after fire/smoke damage
Reply. Hello. This is a new question to me.

I've never heard of any such documentation and don't know where to find it.

Perhaps you need documentation for an insurance claim. If so, ask your insurance agent for help in documenting a loss.

You may also wonder, if the aquarium can be reused. I recommend you try scrubbing the aquarium with water and a scrubbing pad.

Click here for more about scrubbing aquariums.

If you can't get the aquarium clean by scrubbing with clean water, I recommend you use a little bit of dishwashing detergent like Ultra Joy, which is sold in many grocery stores.

This will probably clean the aquarium, but you will need to rinse the aquarium very thoroughly after you finish scrubbing, or the detergent may get in your fish water and harm your fish.

If your aquarium had a hood with lighting, you should have a qualified electrician examine the wiring before you use it.

Similarly, if you had other electrical equipment like an aquarium filter or an aquarium heater that was damaged in the fire, have an electrician examine them before you start using them.

If your aquarium had a metal aquarium stand, the fire may have weakened the metal in the stand, and so you should probably discard the stand and get a new one.

After you get the aquarium cleaned and ready to use, I recommend you fill it with water outside your home to be sure it won't crack inside your home and cause big problems.

I hope my recommendations help you.


Customer Comments

Can you put Archerfishes in freshwater, and will they eat other smaller fish? How are you supposed to put flies in a tank with out them flying out
Reply. Hello. Archer Fish can live in fresh water, which is water without any Aquarium Salt added, but Archers seem to do best when you add one Tablespoon of Aquarium Salt to each five gallons of their water.

Click here for more about Aquarium Salt.

Archers will eat small fish like Guppies. If you stun a fly with a flyswatter, and put the stunned fly on the surface of the water, the Archer Fish will eat the fly.

But we feed our Archers store-bought fish food.

Click here to read more about what to feed Archer Fish.


Customer Comments

You have an awesome awesome informative website. Thank you. I am new to this wonderful hobby of fish, so I need all the help I can get and I know I came to the right place!
I am now interested in purchasing a 20-gallon fresh water tank. 1. What is the best filter to use? 2. I would like to have Angelfish in this tank and will work around them for the rest of my other fish, catfish, snails, algae eaters, etc. So, what other fish can I put in with them that will equal to a 20-gallon limit on fish?
Could you tell me the appropriate amount of fish that will work well in this tank, i.e. 2 Angelfish, 6 Neons (naturally I would not put little Neons in, as they would be no more afterwhile), 4 Corys .. etc? I do not want fish that will spawn if there are too many of them. I know you can help me with the right amount ...
What are good "live" plants to have in my 20-gallon tank? Can I have a lot of plants along the back glass and bunched together? What is a good amount?
Wow, I know I asked a zillion questions, and I am thanking you ahead of time for you taking the time to answer them. I am just one excited new fish hobbiest and I want the best for my tank.
Thanks Again!
Reply. Hello. I appreciate your complimentary comment. Thank you.

Click here to read about Angelfish, where you'll read that I recommend an Aquarium with at least 30-gallons of water for Angelfish.

I have a 30-gallon tall aquarium, which is perfect for Angelfish.

Click here to see my Aquarium, which has an Eclipse Aquarium Hood. This hood has a built-in filter with a BIO-Wheel and this is exactly what I recommend.

Click here to see a picture of the BIO-Wheel and to read more about why I recommend a BIO-Wheel.

Neon Tetras, even full grown ones, are not compatible with Angelfish, which will quickly grow big enough to stalk and eat Neon Tetras.

Click here to read more about Neon Tetras including compatible tank mates for Neons.

I recommend that you start by reading about the Seven Essentials of Keeping Fish.

Click here to go to that page now. Then click here to read about Warm Water Aquariums. I recommend you start with a few Zebra Danios in your aquarium.

Click here for more information about Zebra Danios.


Customer Comments

What a great "virtual fish store" on the Web! I'm still very interested in your "fish bowl" concept, since I am looking for a bowl or small aquarium for my office. I have read that Paradise fish are much more interesting in "bowl" settings than Bettas. I know that you sell Paradise fish (though you don't have them often, based on no price given?), so you must be familiar with the fish. Could a Paradise fish replace a Betta in a your fish bowl set up?
Reply. Hello. I appreciate your complimentary comment. Thank you.

I would not recommend a Paradise Fish for a fish bowl, because Paradise fish grow too large for a bowl.

Click here to read about an appropriate home for a Paradise Fish, where you will read that we recommend an aquarium with at least 30-gallons of water.


Customer Comments

Hi There,
Could you please help.
I have a 10.5 gallon cool water tank ( freshwater) which contains 2 fancy goldfish and two black moors . What other fish are compatible for this environment. I would like to add another fish to this tank what fish would be most suitable.
Thank you ever so much
Reply. Hello. I would surmise that your four goldfish are all at least 2" long.

If so, there probably isn't much room in your 10.5-gallon aquarium for more fish, and your Goldfish should grow and quickly outgrow your aquarium.

I recommend that you test your aquarium water.

Click here for information about how to test the quality of the water in your aquarium with your eyes, nose, and fingers.

Test your water every day for several days, if the quality is very good, then you could add an Aquatic Snail or a few White Clouds.

Click here for more about Aquatic Snails, and click here for more about White Clouds.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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