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Page 33
Comments & Replies
  If you enjoy reading the Comments and Replies on this page, you may also enjoy listening to The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, discuss similar questions on Pet Fish Talk.

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Customer Comments

Thanks for your quick response to my last questions. I love your website and log on daily to read the "new comments." My question today concerns my tetras, I have 4 and 1 appears to have eggs, her tummy is very plump; unlike any of the others. I can't tell the males from the females so I am in a bind here as to what I am suppose to do ... can you enlighten me?
I have read about breeding the livebearers but I'm clueless about the rest. I would appreciate your advice as soon as possible, I'm leaving for vacation in a week and need to prepare if she indeed has eggs but if she's just a big eater then I guess I won't worry so much while I am away. I have one breeder net in the tank already ... I got a real surprise last week when I bought a new molly and she delivered her babies in the transfer container before I could get her in the tank. (20 survivors and getting bigger by the day.)
Again, I thank you for your assistance and I look forward to your response.
Reply. Hello Christy. Female Neon Tetras will fill with eggs, after they are about one inch long, provided they are well fed and in an aquarium with high quality water.

If you look at a group of mature Neon Tetras, that are in prime condition, you will see that the females are slightly longer and quite a bit deeper in body than the males.

But it is not easy to induce Neon Tetras to spawn. They need water with lower pH and less minerals than most tap water in the U.S.


Customer Comments

Do SAEs do well in a brackish tank (1 tbs per 5 gals)? Also are they OK companions with Mollies? And are they tolerant of .5 ppm nitrite levels?
Also do you sell the the Amano shrimp (caridina japonica)? I did not see it so I will ask: do you sell valisneria contortionist (plant)? Do you have any minimum on plant purchases?
Can your gold fiddled crab do well in brackish water?
Reply. Hello Rex. I do not recommend putting Aquarium Salt in the water with SAE (Siamese Algae Eaters), unless the SAE show Signs of Stress and Disease and need to be given the Recommended Treatment.

Click here for more about Signs of Stress and Disease, where there is a link to the page with information about the Recommended Treatment.

Mollies can live in water without any Aquarium Salt, and if you keep Mollies in fresh water, they will be compatible with SAE.

But it's better to keep some Aquarium Salt in the water with Mollies.

Click here for more information about SAE, and click here for more about Mollies.

Very few fish can tolerate 0.5 ppm (which means one-half part per million) of nitrate in their water.

Nitrate changes the shape of the hemoglobin molecule in the fish's red blood sells, so that the red blood cells cannot carry an adequate amount of oxygen, and the fish will often crash on the bottom of the aquarium.

Click here to read more about nitrite and about how a filter with a BIO-Wheel will quickly remove nitrite from your aquarium water.

Crashing on the bottom of the aquarium is one of the Signs of Stress and Disease.

Click here to read about the Signs of Stress and Disease.

We do not always stock the Amano Shrimp in our facilities, but I think we can special order them for you.

I'll forward your email to another member of our crew, who will email you back soon with more information about the Amano Shrimp.

I believe the species of Vallisneria that we sell is the contortionist species. If it's not contortionist, we can get the contortionist for your.

Click here to see our list of Fresh Water Plants.

We have no minimum plant order, or any other sort of minimum order. Just buy what you want to buy and no more.

Click here for more about ordering from us, including a sample order with all the prices and charges.

Yes the Gold Fiddler Crabs do very well in salted fresh water, which is fresh water with about one Tablespoon of Aquarium Water added to each five gallons of fresh water.

Click here for more information about keeping Fresh Water Crabs, and click here for more information about Aquarium Salt.


Customer Comments

We have been told that adding a teaspoon of rock salt per gallon of water over a period of time can be beneficial to orandas.  Is this true or what would you suggest.
Also we were told not to stir our gravel when cleaning the tank because of useful antibodies the fish need.  This contradicts what others have told us.  Please let us know what is best for our orandas.  We now have 2 large and 2 small in a 39 gallon tank.
Thank you,
James and Laura
Reply. Hello James and Laura, I recommend that you not add salt to your Orandas' water, unless they show Signs of Stress and Disease.

If they do shows such Signs, add Aquarium Salt, but do not add rock salt, because it may contain anti-caking additives and other chemicals that are not good for your fish.

Adding Aquarium Salt helps cure sick fish by rapidly increasing the salinity of the water.

The rapid increase in salinity kills many pathogens, but doesn't harm the fish.

In our facilities we add Aquarium Salt to the water of many of the fresh water fish, when we receive them, then we gradually add fresh water each day to lessen the salinity.

If a group of fish show Signs of Stress and Disease, then we add Aquarium Salt again. Click here to read more about Aquarium Salt.

I recommend that you have a modern filter with a BIO-Wheel in your aquarium.

Click here for more about aquarium filters, and click here for more about BIO-Wheels.

In an aquarium with a BIO-Wheel filter your Orandas won't need gravel.

If you do have gravel in your aquarium, make sure the layer of gravel is no more than 1/4" thick.

Click here for more about cultured gravel.

Click here to read about cool water aquariums without a heater for keeping Goldfish and other cool water fish.


Customer Comments

hi there!
I've been trawling the net for several days looking at various options for the 6.5 (empty) gallon tank that I have been given as a beginner fish keeper.
I am considering using it as a large bowl rather than an aquarium and planting it liberally.
The obvious inhabitant for a bowl is a beta but I've been considering, given the wide surface area of the tank (which is only 9" tall) , placing two black moors in with the plants as I would be happier with a pair than a solitary fish.
Are you covering your mouth in horror, or do you think that this could be a successful strategy.
Also, other than the increased moisture in the room, would you think that covering the tank with mesh rather than a cover will help keep oxygen levels high?
I look forward to your answer and thank you for your excellent site.
Reply. Hello Shankar. I recommend you get one Black Moor and see how it goes for about three weeks.

Fish bowls and plastic ponds, that do not have filters, need a thin layer of aquarium gravel.

Click here to read more about cultured aquarium gravel.

Click here to read more about my fish pond in a barrel.

I've decided that I'm happy with one Goldfish.

But I regularly test the water, and the quality is very high, so I could add another Goldfish, if I wanted one.

Click here to read more about testing water with your eyes, nose, and finger tips.

So get one 2.5" long Black Moor. Keep it for three weeks. Test your water.

If the quality is very good, get another Black Moor.


Customer Comments

Thank you so much for your reply I think your answers to my questions will help.  I will let you no if we have some baby fry soon.  If all goes well I will be ordering some females from you real soon.
Thanks again ...
Reply. Hello Sue. Thank you for your reply. Please send me an email from time to time to let me know how you are doing with your fish.

Customer Comments

Thanks for providing such a great site!  I have a question and was hoping you can help.  I have a 6 gallon Eclipse tank with a heater and 6 neons, 1 golden snail and 3 corys.  The tank has been healthy (least I think so) but lately I've noticed under the rock and on the lower parts of gravel that there are clear sacks with white spots in the sac.  They look a lot like eggs but I'm not sure if they are and what I need to do about them.  There are also a bunch of little snails in the tank.
Any ideas?

Reply. Hello Jennifer. Yes the sacks that you found in your aquarium are probably snail eggs, and some of the eggs have hatched into snails.

Are the small Snails golden colored like your adult Snail?

Click here for more about Aquarium snails.

The ad below links to this advertiser.

Customer Comments

Hi and thank you so much for the reply you posted on the website.  My guess is the eggs belong to the freebie snails that came with a plant I had bought - reason I say this is that the Golden Snail is too large to lay eggs under the rock.  Would that be a correct assumption?  Some of the little ones start out being "goldish" looking but seems like they don't remain gold (body and shell).  Should I be removing some of the snails or let them do their stuff and keep the tank clean?
Thanks a bunch!
Reply. Hello Jennifer. I got to thinking about your question after I answered it, and I though that your Golden Snail was probably a gold Mystery Snail.

They lay pinkish eggs up out of the water on the glass of the aquarium.

So the eggs under the rock must be from something else.

I think your second email contains the answer - the small snail stowaways!

Most aquarists seem to decide that they don't like lots of little snails. I recommend that you start removing them.


Customer Comments

Hello, I love your site and am always looking at what's new! I recently set up a 10-gallon tank for female bettas. Currently I have 5 females, 1 pleco, and 2 mystery snails, one black, one gold, the temp is around 80-82 deg, and they are being fed betta min, bloodworms, and shrimp. Last week one of my females jumped out of the tank and I didn't find her until she was as crispy as a chip. Ever since Pearl jumped out, Ally, another pink/white female, who is considerably smaller than the rest, has been acting strangely. She doesn't swim with the rest and hides or just sits ona plant. A few days ago I found her breathing hard at the base of my cave/decoration. I usually couldn't find her when I fed them. Yesterday she was swimming around and it looked like she had weights attached to her tail. She just couldn't seem to swim straight or evenly. A few bursts toward the surface and then she'd just drift back down. After about five minutes after seeing this she died. I'm not sure what happened to her, perhaps it was grief. Do fish die from grief, is that possible? Also I saw a snail at the pet store where I bought my hood and he was a light peanut butter color with 1 dark brown stripe, is this just another sort of mystery snail? (he was pretty cool!)
Thanks for everything!
Reply. Hello Steph. Maybe one of your female Bettas was harassing the other female Bettas, until one jumped out and the other small female was hurt. This is just another possible scenario.

Females Bettas usually get along fine in a 10-gallon aquarium like yours. But they don't always get along well together.

So you must watch them carefully everyday. If one female Betta is too aggressive, remove her, and put her in a big fish bowl.


Customer Comments

    I was wondering about Malawi African Cichlids "Mbuna" do you recommend any Cichlid salt such as SEA CHEM Cichlid Lake Salt or is any really needed? My tap water is at about a PH of 8.0 . Any information would be appriciated, I'm looking forward to ordering about 15 Mbuna's and maybe a Synodontis or two. I was thinking of the Pseudotropheus zebra, what colors do they come in and what mixture of male to female do you recommend?
Ed A. .... Michigan
Reply. Hello Ed. Mbunas prefer water with a high pH. If your pH was low like 6.5, you might want to add some minerals to increase the pH.

But your water has a high pH of 8.0. Just the type of water that Mbunas thrive in.

So you don't need to add anything to your water.

My brother and I raised a huge number of Mbunas back in the 70's, and a lot of our success was due to the hard alkaline tap water, like yours, coming from the faucets in our house.

We changed about 5% to 10% of the water each day, and I can't remember adding anything to the water.

Click here to read more about keeping Mbunas, and click here to read about the Mbunas in Giselle's Restaurant.


Customer Comments

Hi its justin i was wondering if you feed youre bettas ant acids for people will it kill them and if youre betta has a big head is it normal for them to change colors my fish love to fight i fight them all the time well not me my cousin but im fix ing to sart culling the ones that wont breed oh im interested in buying bettas but i aint gonna pay twenty dollars shipping is there any other way to ship em like 2 day
justin m
Reply. Hello Justin, no I never fed my Bettas antacids, and I certainly wouldn't recommend it.

I know of no relation between a Betta's head size and that Betta changing color.

I know that in some parts of the world the people do put male Bettas in a small container and watch them fight, but that sort of activity doesn't not seem to be part of our culture here in the U.S.

I recommend you give all your Bettas excellent care.

As you point out in your email, we charge $36.99 to ship any fish order to one address in the U.S.


Customer Comments

I have a beta and ghost shrimp in a 5 1/2 gal tank. I will be painting my home and I am concerned this could adversely affect the fish. Years ago I had an Angelfish die while our house was being painted. Here are my options
1) I can move the fish into the kitchen area where they will not be painting first and then move him to a room that has been completed the next day.
2) I can take the fish in a smaller bowl with the shrimp and take them to my office until it is finished. Let me know what you suggest ....
Also if I do remove the fish, do I need to cover the tank or remove the bulk of the water and save it in a closed container?
Thanks in advance for your help
Janice C.
Reply. Hello Janice, I recommend that you move your Betta and Ghost Shrimp to your office and leave them there for a few days, after the painting is done and most of the paint fumes are gone.

I also recommend you put your fish in a bowl with at least one gallon of water.

You can get a bowl like that for a few dollars in most of the stores that sell pet fish.


Customer Comments

Hi, you mentioned in your website you have also other puffers availible to buy, if so how much and what kind?
Reply. Hello. We usually have several Pufferfish species in our facility.

Click here for more information about Puffers including pictures of some other Puffers.

Click here to buy Puffers from us.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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