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Page 32

Feedback Comments & Replies
  If you enjoy reading the Comments and Replies on this page, you may also enjoy listening to The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, discuss similar questions on Pet Fish Talk.

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Customer Comments

Reply. Hello. I don't know of any aquatic plant for aquariums that will grow up the side and across the top of an aquarium.

Click here to read the list of plants for aquariums that we sell.

I just remembered that a long time ago my brother and I planted some Vallisneria in the corner of one of our aquariums, and the Vallisneria grew to the top of the water, then bent over and grew across the surface of the water.

It was huge, dark green, and grew so fast that it amazed us.

So you might try some Vallisneria, if it sounds like something you'd like to raise.

Yes two Pictus Catfish can live together in the same aquarium.

In fact Pictus Catfish seem to enjoy each others company. They often swim together, not quite in a school but just near each other.


Customer Comments

Hi, I was wondering if you suggest a different fish in a vase with a plant, that does not need feeding. I am decorating a wedding reception with 24 Fish in a Vase. I was hoping to give away most of them and I thought the fish would live off the algae on the plants just like our pond. I'm up for any suggestions and I am looking for 24 fish to fill the vases and Plants also. Speed reply please.
Linda F.
Reply. Hello. I don't know of any fish that can live in a vase without being fed. Not enough algae grows in a vase, and there are no bugs like fish find in a pond. The best fish for a vase is a Betta Fish.

Click here for more information about keeping a Betta in a vase.


Customer Comments

hi, can you mix  item 2375-Malawi Peacocks with oscars?
Reply. Hello Jake. An Oscar and a Peacock Cichlid could live together in the same aquarium, if they were about the same size.

Both of these species are Cichlids, and they are not as aggressive as most Cichlids.

But you should not keep a few Cichlids in the same aquarium. If you keep just a few, the strongest will make the others miserable.

But when you keep lots of Cichlids together the strongest cannot make all of the other miserable.

So you should not keep just one Oscar and one Malawi Peacock together in the same aquarium.


Customer Comments

To Whom it may concern:
    My name is Timmi S. and I teach high school science. I recently acquired a 1.5 gallon fish bowl and am looking for something to put in it and take to school. I need relatively low maintenance fish. I have gravel and have read your section on how to maintain a fish bowl, (very informative!!)
    I am planning on getting 1 male betta, but would like something to go with it. I really would like something that would help me take care of waste (besides the ghost shrimp) and I was looking at the Plecostomus Catfish as a possible choice. I know that it says filter etc., but could I get away with it. 1 male betta and a P. catfish?????

                thanks, ms. shawler
Reply. Hello. I recommend one Betta, six White Clouds, and a Mystery Snail.

Click here to read more about White Clouds, and click here to read more about Mystery Snails.


Customer Comments

I am thinking about buying a pair of guppies.  When the female has the baby guppies, should i put them in a breeder net?  So far all the fish i have are zebra danios and painted glass and those are about the same size as a guppy.  Would they eat the babies?

Customer Comments

when you change 20% of the water and clean the gravel, do you have to remove the fish from the pond and/or the aquarium?  also, do you remove the 20% of water with the gravel cleaner? Because you said you remove 20% water twice a week and when you clean the gravel to only clean untill 20% of the water is gone. Thanks!
Reply. Hello. Thank you for your two emails. Put the female Guppy in the breeder net a couple of days before she has babies.

Leave her in the net for a day or two after she releases her babies, so she can recover, before she goes back in your aquarium with the other fish.

Guppies are close relatives of Mollies, and breed about the same way that Mollies breed.

Click here to real all about breeding Mollies and about putting the female Molly in a breeder net.

Zebra Danios swim fast and will probably eat your baby Guppies.

So you should keep the baby Guppies in a breeder net, until they have doubled in length, which usually takes about two weeks, by then they'll be able to swim fast enough to avoid being eaten by the Zebra Danios.

When you remove water from your aquarium, I recommend that you leave the fish in the aquarium and just carefully remove 20% of the water using a gravel washer to siphon the water into a bucket that is on the floor under the aquarium.

Click here for more about using a gravel washer.

As you siphon the water from your aquarium, watch how much water you have siphoned out, when you've siphoned 20% out of your aquarium, stop, because changing more than 20% of the water in one day can be risky to your fish, even if you add water conditioner.

Click here for more information about water conditioner.


Customer Comments

Hi again. I want to thank you on behalf of my fish and myself on all the helpfull information you have provided. I have just one more question. I'm looking for a convenient way to feed my piranhas and I read that freeze dried krill can replace feeder fish. Is this true? If so, will this provide them with all the nutrience they need so I will not have to feed them anything else?
Thanks again.
A. C.
Bay Area
Reply. Hello again. Click here to read about the recommended diet for Piranhas. Freeze Dried Krill will make a good addition to their diet.

But I would not feed them just the krill, which will be lacking in variety and may be lacking in some nutrients that the Piranhas need.

It is always best to feed several foods, and if you look on the label of a good flake food or fish food pellets, you will see that the flakes and pellets have lots of different foods like carrots, shrimp, fish meal, and lots of other various foods to make a balanced meal.


Customer Comments

I have tried the potted aquarium plants ... The potted plants work ok and they avoid the "shock" that some plants go through.
The pots limit growth, however, and if you have plants that reproduce via runners or buds, they might not appear or if they do, you need to dig them out to separate them.
If you want plants to stay on the bottom, here's an idea. Fill very small plastic bag (clean) with gravel. Use a rubberband to attach them to a plant and bury. Works great for anacheris.
Reply. Hello. This sounds like an ingenious idea, and it might be a solution to keeping plants in aquariums that have a very thin layer of gravel like we recommend.

Click here to read more about cultured gravel for aquariums.

Of course before we put anything in an aquarium, we want to make sure it's non-toxic.

The plastic bag is probably OK because we usually put food in for human consumption in plastic bags. The rubber band might not be OK.

Some rubber bands are plastic, but other rubber bands are made of natural gum rubber, which might decompose and could possibly cause a problem in the aquarium. So be cautious.

But you idea is creative and worth a try, which I am going to so in my aquarium.


Customer Comments

hi i have 1 female guppy, 2 male guppies, 3 cories, and 2 female balloon mollies. just right now, i discovered 2 black fry hiding in my newly bought java moss. i know that its not guppy fry, cause the female already gave birth and the fry is already bigger than the 3 day old guppy fry, and i know its not a cory cause they dont look like that.
the only 2 possibilities are : it came with the moss, or its the balloon mollies. do balloon mollies give birth to black fry. are they ballooned from the beginning. or do you think it came with the moss. i washed the moss thouroghly before i put it in the tank so it cant be that. also the balloon mollies were bought from a tank with other mollies other than balloon mollies.
is that why the fry dont have the balloon body? if you need more info, email me ... i tried to be as detailed as possible.
thanks to anyone who answers.
Reply. Hello Michael, the babies could have hijacked their way into your aquarium on the plants, where the stowaway fish might have been able to survive in a few drops of water on a plant.

But I think you other idea is the more like explanation. The unidentified fish are baby Mollies. Right now they do not look like your Balloon Mollies, but maybe the babies will change as they grow, or maybe they had a regular Molly father, like you said, and they look like their father.

What is nice is that you can raise them up to see what kind of fish they will be.


Customer Comments

I have kept goldfish before but I now have a heater for my 3 gallon aquarium and I want to know what kind of Tropical Fish can go in the same aquarium. To be specific I would like to know whether or not I can put angelfish and neon goldfish in the same aquarium.
Thanks for the help,
Megan, 13
Salem, Oregon
Reply. Hello Megan. Thank you for your email. I recommend that you get three Zebra Danios for your three gallon aquarium. Zebra Danios are very pretty and very hardy fish, so they will be easy for you to take care of.

Click here to read more about Zebra Danios on another page in this website, which also has a picture of Zebra Danios.

Scroll down that page to read about "Compatibility", where you will read that Zebra Danios live best in a group with at least six Zebra Danios.

You should remove about 2 quarts of water from you aquarium twice a week and replace that water with fresh tap water from the faucet.

Don't replace more than two quarts, because too much fresh water on one day is bad for fish.

Click here to learn about how to test the water in your aquarium with you fingers, eyes, and nose.

If the water in your aquarium has very high quality after three weeks, then add three more Zebra Danios.

Angelfish will soon grow too big for a 3-gallon aquarium.

Click here if you want to read about Angelfish, where you can read that an Angel needs an aquarium with at least 30-gallons of water.

I have never heard of a Neon Goldfish. I have heard of Neon Tetras.

Click here to read more about them. But Neon Tetras are more difficult to keep than Zebra Danios, and you should learn how to keep Zebra Danios before you try to keep Neon Tetras.

I hope these answers help you, Megan. Good luck with your aquarium.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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