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is usually $36.99

Or only $17.99 to Southern California.

on Orders totaling $169.99 before taxes and shipping charges. 

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Page 31
Comments & Replies
  If you enjoy reading the Comments and Replies on this page, you may also enjoy listening to The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, discuss similar questions on Pet Fish Talk.

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Customer Comments

Reply. Hello again Jim. To determine if your aquarium is overcrowded there are two thing to think about: (1) water quality, and (2) living spaces.

(1) Before you add more fish to your aquarium, you should test the water quality to be sure it's very good. Click here to read about how to test your water quality, before you add more fish.

(2) Before you add more fish to your aquarium, you should also be sure that the new fish will have a good place to stay.

Click here to read about Snowflake Eels, where you can read, "Be sure each eel has its own piece of plastic pipe or a cave to live in."

So you need to add a nice cave for your new Snowflake Eel. There are usually lots of caves that are labeled for use in aquariums for sale in stores that sell fish or available through online stores like the ones that advertise on this website.


Customer Comments

We live in northeastern ohio and we are trying to decide wether to put goldfish or koi in our new pond. We know that koi can winter over. Can goldfish? It seems that our pump and filter aren't fancy enough for the Koi. We have a 300 gph pump and a simple filter that sits on the bottom ... no drain.
Do koi need all that extra stuff or is that just koi snottiness? :) We are generic people who just want a simple pond with a pretty fountain and some pretty fish that are fairly easy to take care of. What do you suggest? I appreciate your time.
Reply. Hello, I recommend you get one Koi or Pond Comet Goldfish, put it in your pond and see how it does. Then use your hands, eyes, and nose to test the water. Click here for more information about how to do that.

After three weeks if your fish is doing well and your water is testing at high quality, then add another Koi or Pond Comet.

If your water quality starts to decrease in quality, you may need to get a better filter and change some of the water more often, or even remove a fish or two.

Click here for more information about ponds.

Click here for more about Koi, and here for more about Pond Comets.

Click here to read about my small outdoor pond in a barrel with one beautiful Pond Comet.


Customer Comments

In our office located in Ventura, California, we have a seventy-five gallon aquarium that has been established for quite a while and most of the fish have departed after staying alive for well over a year.  I have never lost a fish right off except when they became fish food for somebody else. In any event, we have the following fish remaining:
(1)  One standard type Angel (Silver w/Black Stripes) approximately five and one/half inches in diameter;
(2)  One Silver Dollar (Silver) approximately four inches in diameter;
(3)  A Black Plocostomus (?) approximately six inches long: and
(4)  Two Black skirted tetras approximately one and one/half inch long - they are the remaining tetras of six I bought quite a while back.
As you can see my fish are silver and black,  We'd like to ad some color in our aquarium, but we around here all the fish with color are approximately one/half inch long or three/quarter of an inch.  We think that our fish in the tank may think these little critters are live food and we don't really want that to occur.
Do you have any fish that will that will add color to our tank and not eat or be eaten by the fish already hanging out there?
If so, please e-mail us back and we can talk business.

Customer Comments

I wrote you an e-mail last Saturday regarding what fish that I could put in my seventy-five gallon tank which presently has a Angelfish (four 1/2 inches), a Silver dollar (about four inches) two Black-skirted tetras (about one and 1/2 inch) and a six inch plecostomus (?).  I would like to add some color to the tank and was wondering if you could recommend fish that would not become fish food.
I didn't hear from you, so I am writing you again because your automated system said that sometimes you do not get e-mails.

Customer Comments

This is the third e-mail that I have sent to you in the past week and only received your automated response.  I will try once again before I decide that you simply don't want my business and seek another seller.
I have a 75 gallon aquarium which contains only six fish:  a regular Angel (black and silver) about 4 1/2 inches; a Silver dollar about the same size; 2 surviving black skirted tetras about 1 1/4-inches and a 6 inch black plecostomus.  I want some color other than black and silver in the tank.  I also want fish that are big enough not to become fish food.
Please help me with your suggestions.  I live up the coast in Ventura, California and would like to keep my business in the State of California.
Reply. Hello, I apologize for not answering more promptly. I've have been running behind on these replies lately, but I'm working to catch up.

Click here to read about compatible tank mates for Black Skirt Tetras, where you'll read that you should keep a group with at least six Black Skirts. So my first recommendation is to get more Black Skirt Tetras.

Click here to read about compatible tank mates for Angelfish, where you'll read that it's best to keep just one Angelfish or keep several Angels but do not keep just a few Angelfish together in the same aquarium, because the strongest Angel will the make the other two or three Angels miserable.

You will also learn that Large Tetras and Swordtails are listed as good tank mates for Angelfish.

I recommend that you get a group of six Serpae Tetras.

Click here to see a picture of them. It's true that they will grow to a maximum of only about 1.6" but they are very colorful, hardy, and wonderful aquarium fish.

Later you can increase the size of your group of Serpaes to 10 or even 20 to make a very colorful school in your aquarium.

Click here to read about compatible tank mates for Silver Dollars, where you'll read that they are schooling fish and do best in a group with at least six Silver Dollars.

It will be expensive and difficult to find five more Silver Dollars as big as yours.

I recommend you get six more smaller Silver Dollars about 1.5" to 2" long, and see how your big Silver Dollar reacts to the smaller Silver Dollars.

Your one big Silver Dollar may just join the school of smaller Silver Dollars.

Summary: get at least four more black Skirt Tetras, six Serpae Tetras, and six 1.5" to 2" Silver Dollars.

If the fish in your aquarium consistently die, then click here to read about the essentials of keeping fish, where you'll read about changing 20% of the water in your aquarium twice a weeks and about other ways to improve the quality of the water in your aquarium for your fish.


Customer Comments


Hi, I have a few questions, but first let me tell you my situation.  In August I plan to make a LARGE order to fill a 125+ gallon aquarium.  I have not purchased the aquarium yet, but I will in the next 8 weeks or so.  I have experience with fish, as I have a 29 gallon, and (2) 10-gallons.
Now to my questions ...  I would like to buy a snowflake eel, but you have it listed on 2 different pages, 2 different item numbers, and 2 different prices.  How much would cost for the smallest snowflake eel? As I want all my fish as small as possible.  Next question, you also have the baby whale listed twice, with 2 different prices ... How much are they so I can make out my order correctly? (I like to plan ahead).
Next Question do you have in all of the following: snowflake eel, silver dollar, baby whale, flounder, clown knife, and dwarf frogs?  Also, do you ever get in black ghost knifes?  Last question do you carry newts?  (Just wondering, because I collect different species of live newts ....).
David M.
P.S. I read that I could send a U.S.P.S money order to you instead of using a credit card ... Is that Via snail mail?
Reply. Hello David, thank you for pointing out several inaccuracies on Our stock code for the Snowflake Eels is 5382 and the price varies depending on the size of the Snowflake.

These Snowflake Eels are all collected from the wild, and so their size varies. We charge a little less for the smaller ones, and a little more for the bigger ones.

You should put a Special Request at the bottom of your order for the size you want.

Click here for more information about making a Special Request with your Order.

Our stock code for the Baby Whales is 5917.

Click here to buy a Baby Whale. Click here for more information about Baby Whales.

We have all the items you listed except the Black Ghost Fish, which we rarely stock. We don't stock Newts.

If you decide to pay us with a Postal Money Order, please mail it to us at our street address, which shown at the link at the bottom of each page in this website.

Thanks again for helping us correct the information in this website and make it more accurate.


Customer Comments

Hello I have a question about the plant. Does the plant come in a bunch with the price on it now. Or is it single on only.
thank you
chia c.
Reply. Hello Chia. Some of the plants are a single plant, like the Amazon Sword. You can buy as many Amazon Sword Plants as you want at price shown.

Click here now to see a picture of the Amazon Sword Plant and the current price for each plant.

We also sell bunch plants and usually there are 3 to 5 sprigs of the plant in each bunch. For example, Anacharis is a bunch plant.

Click here to see the Anacharis with the current price.

There is no price tag on the plant. Each type of plant is shipped in a separate plastic bag with a label on the bag.

The ad below links to this advertiser.

Customer Comments

Hello Again! Just to update you, it's been a week since I received my fish bowl kit and some changes have occurred. My shrimp population has shrunk to two (from seven). I noticed that the betta enjoys poking the shrimp and sending them scampering around the fish bowl. He's probably contributing to the demise of these shrimp.
I learned that the shrimp will not come up and eat, so it's important to give them a bit of food after the betta eats (this tip was told to me by one of your coworkers via the telephone). Had I known this, I might have prevented some of the shrimp deaths. This info should be included on the instruction sheet that came with the fish bowl. I'm having a hard time finding a 'rock' for the shrimp to be able to hide in to get some time away from the betta ... No one seems to have the right size item. They are all too big! It would have been nice if one of these was included with the fish bowl kit. At least the shrimp would have some protection!
I was curious as to how much light the fish should be exposed to each day. The bowl receives natural light by day and I can provide flouresecent light at night if needed. Is there an average number of hours light is required? The plants seem to be doing fine and the betta looks great. I'm beginning to think that he is going to be the type of fish that does best solo without any other threats in the fish bowl. It's too bad because I really feel sorry for the defenseless shrimp. I'm assuming that this behavior is normal for this particular betta? Any answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated.
Michele W.
Livonia, MI
Reply. Hello Michele, thank your for the details about your Fish Bowl. I regretted reading that the Ghost Shrimp didn't do better for you.

I do get reports that the Ghost Shrimp haven't faired very well in some Fish Bowls, but they always do very well in my Fish Bowls.

My Bettas don't bother my Ghost Shrimp, and my shrimp turn upside down and eat off the surface of the water, which is very comical.

Of course they also search the bottom for tiny particles of food that the Betta missed.

Click here for more about Ghost shrimp.

You could get any kind of ornament and just prop a corner of the bottom of the ornament up, so a Ghost Shrimp can get under the ornament, when it needs to hide and molt.

Your Betta and the Ghost shrimp will get a long with a minimal amount of light. Just enough so they can find food, and you can see them.

But the plants need a good amount of light, and you said your plants are doing well.

So I'd say you must have about the right amount of light, and it's probably best not to change the lighting now.


Customer Comments

i was searching the web for info on convict cichlids (pink) and i came to your site and i got a lot of info on them. i was wondering why my convicts keep digging holes in the rocks is it because of breeding?
And how much is it for shipping and handleing for fish all the way to michigan. because im getting into breeding cichlids and i was hoping that you could email me back with some tips on breeding.
well email me back soon with the answers to my questions. and by the way you got the coolest site.
your friend and fan Kurt
Reply. Hello again Kurt, Pink Convict males dig a pit in the gravel. Often the pit is under a rock or group of rocks.

He then works to attract a female Pink Convict, who helps him defend a territory around this pit.

When they have forced the other fish out of their territory, the females will lay her eggs in the pit or on the side of a rock above the pit.

Click here for more about breeding Pink Convict Cichlids.

Shipping and handling is $36.99 for one order going to one address.

We have shipped orders with one fish, and we have shipped orders with hundreds of fish, but the charge is the same, $36.99, which includes the cost of the insulated box, packing, and the shipping charges, that we we prepay to the company that delivers the box to you.

Click here to see an example fish order with all the charges shown.


Customer Comments

I have just recently purchased a 5 gallon aquarium at a local store.  Along with it, I purchased 3 small goldfish, just normal goldfish.  I then purchased an algae eater.  When I bought this next fish, I was told to buy a fish, but the name wasn't an algae eater, the word started with a "p". Now all of my goldfish are dead.
I really didn't care at first, because they only cost me about $ .50 for the 3.  I figured I could always buy more.  I was wondering if this new fish was compatible with the goldfish.  I have a cold water tank and I was wondering which fish could go well in there, but still get along with my "tank cleaner" fish.  I would appreciate an answer  on my question.
Thank you
Virginia O.
Reply. Hello Virginia. Your fish is probably a Plecostomus.

Click here for more information about Plecostomus Catfish, where you'll read that these catfish can tolerate cool water, but they are not a substitute for regularly cleaning your aquarium.

I doubt that the Plecostomus Catfish caused the deaths of your Goldfish. But you should review your methods of keeping fish.

Click here to read the seven essentials of keeping fish, and click here for more specific information about cool water aquariums including the names of good fish for cool water aquariums.


Customer Comments

With Zebra Danio's, how do i breed them and know which are male and female? I couldn't find anything on your website about it.  Please reply with this information a.s.a.p.  I have a 5.5 gallon tank with 6 zebra Danios and 2 painted class fish.  will the painted glass bother them or anything?
please reply!
thank you
Reply. Hello, Zebra Danios spawn similarly to the way Tiger Barbs spawn.

Click here to read about how to spawn Tiger Barbs.

Your Painted Glass Fish won't bother the Zebra Danios, and the Painted Glass Fish won't be able to eat the Zebra's eggs, because most of the eggs will fall between the marbles.

Click here for more information about Glass Fish.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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