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Page 30
Comments & Replies


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Customer Comments

I bought two dwarf frogs, the label on the tank said they were dwarf American frogs.  I have not been able to find any information on them.  They are very small.
Black with white on there bellies.  Do you know what they are and where I can find information about them.
Thank you.
Kimmy L.
Reply. Hello Kimmy, I do not recognize the name Dwarf American Frogs. But the most commonly sold frog for aquariums is the African Dwarf Frog.

Click here to go to another page in this website, where you'll see two pictures that may help you identify your frogs. I hope this helps you.


Customer Comments

I know your site lists what various fish are compatible, and when it comes to neon tetras, you suggest other small fish like them.  But I already have four neon blue rainbows (2 males 2 females) in a well planted ten gallon, and I really wanted to get a school of ten neon tetras.  Can they live together in peace or are the rainbows too large and/or aggressive?
Thanks for your help
Charles C.
Reply. Hello Charles, I recommend that you not put Neon Tetras in your aquarium with the Neon Blue Rainbows, which are a dwarf species of Rainbow Fish and only grow to be about 2" long.

Even so they are too big and too energetic to be in an aquarium with Neon Tetras.

Neons need very small and very mild tempered tank mates.

Click here to see a new picture of the Neon Blue Dwarf Rainbow and read about compatible tank mates for your Neon Blue Dwarf Rainbows.


Customer Comments

After a recent visit to our local aquarium store my husband became enamored with fancy goldfish. I had decided not to keep goldfish due to what now seems to be wrong information I received. I was told you had to have 5 gals. water per goldfish. However, your site says to use the 1"/gallon rule even for goldfish. If that is the case that I would definitely be more inclined to keep fancy goldfish. Depending on your answer, I may set up a cold water tank for him for Father's Day. Could you clear this up for me?
Stacey S.
Pittsburgh PA
Reply. Hello Stacey, my answer depends on the aquarium.

Click here to read my advice about cool water aquariums, where you'll read that I strongly recommend having a filter with a BIO-Wheel and changing 20% of the water twice each week.

In such an aquarium you can keep quite a few Goldfish with very little trouble.

But I've seen some aquariums with improper equipment and inadequate maintenance that shouldn't contain any fish at all!

Click here to read about my method of testing the water to decide if I can add more fish to my aquarium or my pond.


Customer Comments

sir, please inform me what to do 4 white spots seen in small oscar fishes and what food should we give small oscar fishes? inform me about the breeding of oscars
Reply. Hello Prasan, click here now to go to another page in this website and read about the Signs of Stress and Disease, where you will read that tiny White Spots are Sign #3, and that you should immediately give your fish the Recommended Treatment.

Click here for the details about the Recommended Treatment.

Click here to read more about what to feed your Oscars and how to breed Oscars.


Customer Comments

hi , i have  a 1.5 feet tank. which solitary fish can i put which
lives alone and lives quite long and hardy too. thanks is a silver arowana a beautiful and worth keeping fish. i have one in a 50-gallon
Reply. Hello Neelavani, click here to read my answer to your first  question.

I like Arowanas. They don't seem to mind living alone. But they grow huge. Click here to see a video of a Silver Arowana that was 30"+, when I made the video a couple of months ago.

Yesterday I was looking at that same Arowana, and I realized that it has grown at least 3" longer and is well on its way to being 48" long.

An Arowana will quickly outgrow all normal aquariums and need an aquarium with 1000-gallons of water or more.

So you should decide now, where this Arowana will eventually live. A plan might be to raise it up to about 15", then try to find it a home in a public aquarium with a huge aquarium.

But sometimes the public aquarium doesn't need an Arowana, when you have one. So you'll need to make arrangements ahead of time.

I hope these suggestions help you.


Customer Comments

Hi, I have kept a warm water aquarium ever since I was five but I have never tried to breed a species. I looked over your awesome website and I found two that interested me. I have a ten gallon aquarium already set-up for it but I don't know if I should breed guppies or mollies. I'm going to sell some of the offspring to my pet store but I also was to keep a some!:) Well I would really appreciate a reply
-thanks a lot
Fort Worth Tx
Fish enthusiast
Reply. Hello again Derek, I always recommend starting with Mollies to learn how to breed fish, because the Molly babies are bigger and easier to raise.

But your 10-gallon aquarium is rather small for breeding Mollies, and a 10-gallon aquarium is just the right size for breeding Guppies using Mr. Dayes method.

Click here to read more about his method.


Customer Comments

I have got a freshwater warm tropical aquarium. I have had it for around 4 weeks now and have 2 lyretail black mollies, and one normal tailed. I want to add new fish to my tank. Ideally I would like to eventually get
3 guppies
1 male betta (siamese fighting fish)
5 Cardinal tetras (after 5 months to make sure aquarium is mature enough.)
"My tank is 24" by 12" by 15".
I was wondering if these fish were compatible to live in a community tank, and how many fish I will comfortably fit in a tank this size?
Thank you
Reply. Hello Sam, click here to read about compatible tank mates for your Guppies, where you'll see that Mollies are not listed, because Mollies are too big for Guppies.

Lets start with with the fish you have, Mollies, and click here to read a list of compatible tank mates for Mollies.

You can choose some compatible tank mates for your mollies from that list.

Click here to read about Cardinal Tetras, where you can read that they are compatible with Guppies but not with Mollies.

It is very difficult to determine in advance how many fish can live in a particular aquarium with a specific assortment of equipment and your personal maintenance schedule.

But it's not too difficult to decide if the water quality in your aquarium, is good enough to add more fish.

Click here for more about how to use your eyes, hands, and nose to test your water quality before you add more fish to your aquarium.

If you use these tests and your water quality is very good, then add a few more fish if you want more fish.

But if you test your water, and the quality is not so good, then wait before you add more fish and work to improve your water quality.


Customer Comments

my fish normally crash at the bottom of tank, but that is very late in the evenings, and they do it every night and sometimes once in a while in the day,   but the strange thing is they all do it at the same time,  i thought it was normal and that they were all just resting.
Is that unusual?
kamara d.
Reply. Hello Kamara, your fish crashed and on the bottom of your aquarium, and crashing on the bottom is a Sign of Stress and Disease.

Click here to read more about the Signs of Stress and Disease, where you will see that crashed on the bottom of the aquarium is listed as Sign #6. Give your fish the Recommended Treatment.

Click here for the details about the Recommended Treatment.


Customer Comments

My two golden barbs are constantly hiding under the bridge and refuses to come out especially when the light is turn on. why?
Please help.
Tsui K.
Reply. Hello Tsui. Two Golden Barbs will be nervous and will not be comfortable in your aquarium.

Golden Barbs are schooling fish and need to live in a group with at least six Golden Barbs.

Get at least four more Golden Barbs, and they will swim with your Golden Barbs in a school and be more relaxed and comfortable in your aquarium.


Customer Comments

HI Do you offer any type of gift certificate program at this time through your site?
Reply. Hello Lea. We don't have any official Gift Certificates, but we're flexible.

Could you make your own Gift Certificate and say it is redeemable at

Probably best to call us at 1-858-270-1182 between 9AM and 3PM PT, Monday through Friday, ask to speak with the supervisor and work out the details.

Mention that you read about it here on the website.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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