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Page 24
Feedback Comments & Replies
  If you enjoy reading the Comments and Replies on this page, you may also enjoy listening to The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, discuss similar questions on Pet Fish Talk.

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Customer Comments

I'd like to thank you for a great site. It's a shame that being in the UK I can't order any fish from you, but I am grateful for all the information you've provided, you've helped me to learn why we only have one angel left out of the 3 we bought, and I'll be popping down to our local aquarium asap to get 3 more Clown Loaches to accompany the 3 we have already.
I have 2 queries that I couldn't find information for and so I thought I would email you and see if you had any suggestions. I own a male betta, and while maybe a bit silly I couldn't bear to keep him in a tiny tank, so he is happily swimming in our 100 liter tank hiding in the plants occasionally and playing with our angel, our plecostomus (who must be about 14" long now) and the 3 loaches. (the rainbow shark tends to keep to himself)."
I recently (within the last 3 months) purchased 2 female bettas on the advice that they would be fine together and with one male. They have been doing fine for all this time, occasionally they chase each other, but I have noticed no nipping at all, but this morning when I came down to feed them I noticed that one of the females was far darker than normal (they are both fairly plain usually, with lateral black on light brown stripes and brightly coloured tails and fins) and the male was fanning out his gills in what I thought looked like quite a painful stretch. they have been chasing each other around, perhaps a little more vigorously than normal but again I see no damage on either. Are these warning signs and should I split them when they seemed happy before, or is this a simple courtship display and nothing to worry about?
The second query was in regards to the Red Clawed Crabs you sell, I saw these recently at a large aquarium near us but decided not to get any at the time because I would find it difficult to provide access to the air, and I thought the claws looked a little dangerous, however I see from your site that they would probably be fine without air, and that my tetra tank (which is suffering a snail infestation and could probably benefit from crabs) would be safe enough as they are quick moving fish, however I just realised that we also have 3 kuhli loaches in there which may not be as safe, however I could find no links to information on that type of fish on your site. Do you believe that my kuhlis would be safe with crabs in the tank, or do you think It's best to go back to knocking the snails out and collecting as many at a time as I can?
Many thanks for your time, and congratulations on a fascinating and informative site,
Dean H.
Reply. Hello Dean, your Bettas are probably feeling more energetic, perhaps the water has gotten a little bit warmer lately, or you added freshwater and this has stimulated your Bettas.

They should be OK, but you must observe them carefully at least twice a day to be sure all of them are OK and don't show any nips or wound marks. keeping Bettas together is a little bit risky.

I think it is likely that Red Crabs would bother your Kuhli Loaches, so I recommend that you not add the Crabs to your aquarium.

We appreciate you complimentary comments. Thank you.


Customer Comments

How can I tell a male from a female Red Belly Pacu? Also how do I order fish from you? How are they shipped?

Customer Comments

... Needless to say I found an answer to my questions right on your website. Except for the difference in the sexes of the Pacus. Again my over sight Thank You and hope to hear from you soon.
Reply. Hello Teach. I answered this question about determining the gender of Pacus a couple of weeks ago. Please click here to read that answer.

Customer Comments

I once was in a fish store in Germany and I found platies I have never seen. They were called: Bleeding Heart Platy. They are just like the Discus (the same marks). The males are white with red stripes on them. The females are yellow with almost no stripes on them. I only bought 4 of them and i've managed to breed with them. But I would like to get some more ... so my question is ... Have you ever heard of this form of Platy and is there a way to order them, because I can't get them again. Question no. 2: Do you deliver overseas ... to Germany ...
Selfkant - Suesterseel (D)
Reply. Hello Maurice, yes I know the so called Bleeding Heart Platy very well, and we sold a lot of them for many years.

I haven't seen them lately, so I have none to ship, but I'm glad to hear that they have not disappeared, and that you are breeding them. Good luck.


Customer Comments

We have a female swordtail that just gave birth to babies and we were wondering if she gives birth to all of them at the same time the other males are chasing her around the tank and she goes back to her hole and hides for hours and she is still huge like she still has babies to deliver. What should we do?
Reply. Hello, click here and read the advice I have written about breeding mollies.

In that advice I say that I leave the female in the breeder net for about two days, after she releases here babies.

Usually females will not bother the babies for 48 hours, and this period gives the female a chance to recover before going back in with the males.

Swordtails are close relatives of Mollies, and this advice applies to Swordtails too.

Click here to go to a page about Swordtails and scroll down to the paragraph titled "Compatibility", where you will read that I recommend keeping a few males and several females.

So that when you let your female Swordtail out from the breeder net, the males will be distracted by the other females in your aquarium, and the males will not concentrate all their energy on the female that just released babies.

Female Swordtails release babies about once a month and usually look rather thin after releasing their babies.


Customer Comments

I have a garden pond and in it 4 inch four goldfish. How can you tell male and famale?
Reply. Hello Jnanday. It is very difficult to determine the gender of Goldfish.

I've tried to answer this question before. Please click here to read my comments.


Customer Comments

Hi, I'm so glad to have found your site. I just got 3 female Bettas in the mail and had a base idea of how to breed but didn't know (yeah not that much reserch was done before the ladys showed up. But thats the fun part) I didn't know that the fry were going to be so small. I've raised fry Swordtails that my friends have adopted. I have two male Singletail Betta, now have three Singletail Bettas that are 7months old today. :-) 3 Corys, A Redtail Black Shark, and 2black neons, 3 White Clouds. Thats about it. If I had the room in my apt. I'd have a 55gallon tank. :-P It's an addiction!!!
Ok enough fishy talk time to get to the question. My old timer Betta who is in the 5 gal. with some of other fish that are not aggresive to him that I have seen. (tank is at work) his tail is spliting in several areas also the top fin is doing it too. Is this just do to old age? I have some fresh water plants that are like grass and my Corys have a thing about digging them up looking for food. I'm feeding them once in the morning with some bottom tablets (I'm at home so the container is not in front of me) and later in the afternoon some Teter red ? worms.
Is there something that I can do to stop them from upheving my grass? My other fish love to hang out in it and my oldtimer Betta is always swimming around in it.
Thanks for your advice! I'll be visiting your site quite alot and will tell my friends about it too!
Dawn J.
Reply. Hello Dawn, I have previously answered the question about how to keep plants in an aquarium.

Please click here to read my answer.

About your Old Timer Betta, I recommend you move him to his own fish bowl with at least one gallon of water and no tank mates.

I think he might recover. If he shows any of the Signs of Stress or Disease, give him the Recommended Treatment.

Click here for more about the Signs of Stress an Disease, and here for more about the Recommended Treatment.


Customer Comments

 I lately started a new aquarium with a few danios in it. I put some molly's in the tank with them a few days later and all the danio's seemed to do was want to attack the molly's i had to move the molly's to a seperate tank. I also tried to put some of my other fish in with them as well like black skirts, tetra's, and tiger barbs but nothing seems to help all the danio's want to do is attack the other fish. Any suggestions on what I can do to stop them from attacking my other fish?
Kurtis K.
Reply. Hello Kurtis, a few times I've had had Zebra Danios get aggressive with the other species of fish in their aquarium.

Here are some ways to lessen their aggressiveness. As the size of their group increase, Zebra Danios spend more of their energy on each other and pay less attention to other species of fish in their aquarium.

Click here to go to a page about Zebra Danios and scroll down to the paragraph titled "compatibility", where you'll read that I recommend keeping a group with at least six Zebra Danios.

I recommend you add a few more Zebra Danios to your aquarium.

Aggressive fish also usually become less aggressive, when they are fed plenty of nutritious food.

Be sure to give your Zebras at least two good feedings a day with floating flake food and freeze dried blood worms, which are actually dried mosquito larvae.

You might add a few live Black Worms to their diet, if you can find a local supplier of the worms.

Click here for more about feeding fish, and here for more about Black Worms.


Customer Comments

 Long story, made short-someone told me their mother had this-a glass vase w/fish & what they thought was a peace ivy w/marbles, fish thrive very well, have had no problem, but I have the problem finding out more about this, how to set it up, where to purchase (if possible) also this individual claims "the" fish is doing very well with little care, but does't know what breed of "fish" it is.
Can you help me, this setup sounds so great! And apparently there is no filter, what this fish eats they don't know, but there seems to be no problem in keeping vase clean or the fish alive! I'm confused & don't understand the whole thing, can you help me?
Thanks much
Arlene S.
Reply. Hello Arlene, the fish is probably a Betta. There is a big Fad now of keeping Bettas in Vases.

Click here to go to another page in this website with lots more information about keeping a Betta in a Vase.


Customer Comments

im interested in purchasing some fish from you but need help with a few  concerns i have.  i have a 72 gallon with 2 bala sharks, 4 mollies (2 black, 2 white),  2 dwarf gouramis, 2 honey gouramis, and 2 fire red gouramis, 2 opaline gouramis, and 2 blue gouramis.
I'm interested in stocking with some bettas and other colorful fish.  Your page said males can live peacefully in a larger aquarium.  How many male bettas can I safely put in my 72 gallon?  I'm also interested in the apple snail and will eventually need a good algae eating pleco (zebra or mango?). Are either of those pleco's good for algae.  I have a common pleco in my other tank and would like a pleco with color.
I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide me.
Debi F.
Reply. Hello Debi, two Bala Sharks will not be comfortable. Bala Sharks are a schooling fish and you need a bigger school.

Click here for more information about how to keep Bala Sharks.

While you are on that page scroll down to the paragraph titled "Compatibility", where you can read about good tank mates for your Bala Sharks.

Notice that the names of the good tank mates are underlined, which means that the names are links to pages with information about the good tank mates for your fish.

Click on the names to see pictures of the good tank mates for your fish.

Clown Loaches are listed as good tank mates, and they would add a lot of color and fun to your aquarium.

You also need more Honey Gouramis. Just two is usually not enough to make these fish feel comfortable. I'd recommend a total of at least six Honey Gouramis in your aquarium.

Your Dwarf Gouramis and Fire Red Gouramis are probably the same species, and four is the minimum number that I recommend keeping.

Click here for more information about this species. Scroll down that page to see the new picture of the male Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami.

This is a beautiful color variety, and a couple of them would add color to your aquarium as you desire.

All Plecos will eat algae, and the Plecos. you mentioned are indeed beautiful and will enhance your aquarium.

But you should not depend on Plecos. or other scavenger to keep you aquarium clean.

Click here for more about Plecostomus Catfish.

If you have an abundance of algae, it indicates that you need to change water more often in your aquarium.

Click here for more information about that.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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