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is usually $36.99

Or only $17.99 to Southern California.

on Orders totaling $169.99 before taxes and shipping charges. 

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Page 19
Comments & Replies


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Customer Comments

I'm from Britain, i have a question, do you have any information on where i can buy live electric eel or the price and how best to keep them?
Reply. Hello Hugo, very rarely we import wild Electric Eels. But we cannot ship to Britain or anywhere else outside the U.S. at this time. I apologize that we can't help you obtain these fish.

We do have a page on this website with some information about Electric Eels and a video showing two Electric Eels.

The video is only a few seconds long, small, and dimly lit. It was filmed in a large aquarium, but it looks like the Electric Eels are in a pond of dark water somewhere in the jungle.

I enjoy watching this video, and maybe someday we'll have a much better video of Electric Eels.

Click here to go to the page with information about Electric Eels and the small dim video that I like to watch.


Customer Comments

 Thank-you for replying my question, too bad i couldn't import it for now at least. Anyway how much does each cost? Do they have to live in pairs?
Thanks again,
Reply. Hello again Hugo, the size and price varies widely, so we are reluctant to quote a price, until we have them in our facility.

We don't have any in stock now, so we cannot quote a price. They are expensive.

I have seen them living together. Two in the same large aquarium and they seem to get along well.

I have no idea if they are a pair with one male and one female. I have also seen them living alone one in an aquarium.


Customer Comments

the ghost shrimp were the only things that i was slightly disappointed in. the rest of your fish, i was highly impressed. when it comes time to purchase more fish, i will definitly research it on your site first.
thank you.
James T.
Reply. Hello again James. Thank you for your email. I'm glad you have some confidence in us. We'll work hard to deserve it.

Customer Comments

Hi i sent you some pictures of my fish that recently died and i was wondering if you could tell me what kind it was because i really miss it and want to get one just like it.
I got your reply saying the pictures didnt show so i am going to try to attach them again to this e-mail. I told my parents that i sent this e-mail and they said it is ok. So if the pictures show please telll me what kind of fish it is.
thank you,
niki p.
Reply. Hello Niki, this time I got the pictures of your fish attached to the email you sent me, and I am sorry to see in the pictures that your beautiful fish died.

It looked very healthy with bright clear eyes, a nice sheen to its body, and beautiful long fins.

I'm sure that you miss it a lot, and I can see that you took very good care of it.

I think your fish was a Butterfly Koi, which are now available in several colors. Yours looks like it was silver and lavender with a very unique pattern of darker specks.

This sort of pattern will never be repeated on any fish. But you may be able to find another Butterfly Koi with a slightly different coloration and pattern.

I have kept lots of different fish for many years, and many of my favorite fish lived long lives of up to 20 years, before they died.

When they died, my first reaction was to get another fish just like the one that died. But that turned out to be a mistake for me.

Later I decided to replace each departed fish with a similar fish, but one that was different, unique, and would fit a new spot in my memory.

For example you might get a more golden Butterfly Koi, or perhaps a regular Koi with shorter fins.

Click here for more about the different types of Koi. The Butterfly Koi are near the bottom of the page.


Customer Comments

How many ghost shrimp, and live plants would fit in a 1 gal. bowl with a fish?
Hunter  S.
Reply. Hello again Hunter, I recommend you keep 3 or 4-Ghost Shrimp in your 1-gallon fish bowl.

I've got 5-Ghost Shrimp in my 1.5-gallon fish bowl.

Click here for more information about Ghost Shrimp.


Customer Comments

Hello, I was unable to find information on minimum orders (in dollars) and shipping charges at your site.  Can you help?
Thank you,
Candi L.
Reply. Hello Candi, we have no minimum order, so you could order one Ghost Shrimp, which currently has a price of 40-cents each.

The shipping charges are $36.99 for each order, so you'd pay 40-cents plus $36.99 for one Ghost Shrimp.

Of course that would be a silly order, and no one has ever ordered one Ghost Shrimp. I mentioned it only to illustrate the charges.

If you order one Ghost Shrimp or 100-fish or even more, the shipping charge is the same: $36.99 for each order.

Click here to see a sample order with all the charges itemized.


Customer Comments

family="FIXED"I have (as I said before) used your site as my aquarium "bible". Now I have a question about a fish that you have for sale that I am thinking of purchasing. The Freshwater Flounder. Can you send me information on it. How large it gets, type water, etc.? I would greatly appreciate it.
Reply. Hello Gaye. I have seen these flounders as big as 5", and they may get bigger. They can live in either fresh water or brackish water.

They seem to do well in water with 1-Tablespoon of Aquarium Salt per each 5 gallon of water.

But my budding theory is that many of these brackish water fish do best, when the salinity varies from fresh water to water with at least 1-Tablespoon of Aquarium Salt per 5-gallons: back and forth about every two weeks or so from fresh water to salted water.


Customer Comments

 Hello, I've enjoyed reading the helpful comments on your site and decided to try one myself. I recently acquired two baby Figure 8 puffers from a local fish store. I've grown quite attached to them, even though they are nippy and like to eat my neon tetras. I have been feeding them live brine shrimp for over a month as they have no interest in anything else. It appears they would rather starve than eat anything else. :-) I later made the mistake of adding a Pleco from a different fish store. Since then I learned that nearly all of their tanks are infested with Ick. Shortly after adding the Pleco, I started to notice small white spots on fins and body of the puffers. I had previously read to use a different type of Ick medicine for these scaleless fish. I have tried Formalin II and Jungle's Ick Guard II. Formalin was recommended by the store that sold me the invested Pleco as they also sell puffers. I used the Formalin for over a week with no results. I then decided to increase the salinity by adding Jungle's Fungus Eliminator salts. The Ick appears to be "cured" from the other scaled fish but the puffers only seemed to get worse. They then developed a gray fuzz on their bodies. I decided to try another Ick remedy which was the Jungle Ick Guard II. This has been over the past 2-3 weeks. Today I lost one of the puffers that refused to eat this morning. The other continues to eat readily but now "breathes" heavy and rests at the bottom. Both puffers were moved to their own smaller tank with fresh, medicated water. Can you tell me more of what's going on? I've had the water tested and all was safe. I really want to have Figure 8 puffers, but I need to know why they aren't getting better.
Many thanks,
Jeff W.
Reply. Hello Jeff, the ick spots on your fish are listed as Sign 1 on our list of Signs of Stress and Disease.

We recommend that you give your fish the Recommended Treatment, as soon as you see any of the Signs of Stress and Disease.

Click here to read the list of the Signs of Stress and Disease, and click here for the details about the Recommended Treatment, which includes Aquarium Salt, Quick Cure, increasing the temperature, etc.

Let me say that in many years of caring for many-many fish, the Recommended Treatment is much more likely to cure fish with Signs of Stress and Disease than any other treatment.

The ad below links to this advertiser.

Customer Comments

well .... I know what happened .... it seems like everytime I post a question it answers itself. Anyways .. the silver tip shark got fin rot!!!  Now he's in a "hospital" tank and healing nicely .... but he's got what looks like he's shedding on top of his head and only there ... could he just be shedding??
thanks for all your help ... your site is great, and your answers are
Reply. Hello again, White Tip Sharks (WTS) do not normally shed any skin.

I recommend you increase the amount of Aquarium Salt in the water to two Tablespoons per each 5-gallons.

This is double the normal treatment with Aquarium Salt. You can do this, because all WTS are very tolerant of salt. In fact they live part of their lives in the Ocean.

Click here for more about Aquarium Salt and a discussion of why it is a very good treatment for fish.

Be cautious if you have any other fish in your hospital tank, because they may not be able to tolerate a double dose of Aquarium Salt.

I would recommend that you also give your WTS the rest of the Recommended Treatment. Click here for the details.

I'm sure you've already read the page about White Tip Sharks, but other readers may not have read it yet.

Click here to go to that page now, where there is a good picture of a White Tip Shark swimming in a big aquarium in our facilities.

Thanks again for your compliment. We appreciate your interest in


Customer Comments

hi i have a bettas, i would like to know how to take good care of him
it have be hard to do. i would like to know how you would do to keep him a life so fair he is a life. and do they live of plants or not please let me some people say they do and some people say not wish is right.
let me know soon.
kathy s.
Reply. Hello Kathy, click here for information about how to keep Bettas.

At this link you will find lots of information about the appropriate home, recommended diet, changing water, maximum size, and the lifespan of a Betta.

There are also comments from other folks, about how they care for their bettas, and some links to more information on this website.

At the bottom of that page there are some links to other websites with more information about keeping Bettas.


Customer Comments

What is the average gestation period of a swordtail? I bought a female about 2 weeks ago and she is kind of plump, and has a black spot by her anal fin.  She also eats the most of any of my other fish.  I would just like to know if there is any way to be sure she is pregnant, so that I can take  make preparations.
Reply. Hello again, female Sword Tails release babies about once a month.

The amount of time is less in warmer water and longer in cooler water. Click here for more about Swordtails.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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