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is usually $36.99

Or only $17.99 to Southern California.

on Orders totaling $169.99 before taxes and shipping charges. 

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Page 18
Comments & Replies


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Customer Comments

I want to order your 8596 fish bowls and more bettas .. is the shipping the still the same for all of the order .. no matter what I order or The quanity? Please reply asap.
Billy W.
Reply. Hello Billy, yes there is one and only one charge of $36.99 for each order to any address in the areas that we ship to in the U.S.

So you pay for the fish at the prices shown on our Price Lists, plus sales tax to addresses in California, plus one charge of $36.99, and there are no other charges no matter how big your order is.


Customer Comments


 ... Lately I have been having outbreaks of diseases in my aquariums. I know why, but it's complicated to explain. What I don't know though, is what the disease is that my pangasius catfish has. He has gone through a difficult time. When I first got him, a fish in the aquarium he had been in bit off a piece of his tail and he dropped it. The tail has been growing back though at a very fast rate and is doing just fine.
A few days ago, he just got over bacterial gill disease, which I managed to successfully cure him of with Furan-2. During the gill disease he was in a two gallon hospital tank.) When I put him back in his normal tank, he developed these bubbles that appeared on either side of his dorsal fin.
I am treating him with furan-2 as well, since the outbreaks in the tank all seem to be bacterial related, but is this new disease bacterial, and what could this disease be, I have tons of charts on the different Tropical Fish diseases, and none show this kind. If you know what this is, and if I should treat him differently, please reply back as soon as possible.

Reply. Hello again, first I want to commend you for your great concern for your fish.

I can tell you are a close observer of your fish, and that you are committed to giving them very good care.

I think either you were lucky that the Furan-2 worked, or it was just a coincidence that the Pangasius recovered at the same time you treated it with the Furan-2.

I am convinced that there is no way to look at the symptoms and figure out which antibiotic to use.

The effective choice can be made by the proper test, but the proper test usually costs much more than the fish cost.

Click here to read a lot more about this interesting topic.

If your fish show Signs of Stress or Disease, I recommend you give them the Recommended Treatment. 

Click here for more about the Signs of Stress and Disease, and click here for more details about the Recommended Treatment.


Customer Comments

Thanks for your reply. And it's true ... .I care a great deal about my
fish and don't want to lose any of them. I try hard to notice if any of my
fish have become ill or their behavior has changed. Thankfully over the the past week most of the fish who became ill such as the silver tip shark and the pangasius cat. have healed almost fully. In a few days they will go back in their original tanks and i'll monitor them closely to be sure they stay healthy. I appreciate your help with the questions I have asked.
thanks again .....
Reply. Hello again, we're glad your fish are better. The key is that you watched your fish closely for changes in behavior or appearance, and then took immediate action, when needed.

Customer Comments

    I live in Ottawa Canada. I was wondering your policy on fish
orders to Canada?  Have you delivered to Canada, or is it even a option?
    Thanks for taking the time to read this note.
By the way Really great site.
Todd P.
Reply. Hello Todd, for various reasons that are beyond our control, we cannot ship to Canada or anywhere else outside of the United States.

We do not foresee shipping outside the U.S. in the future. We apologize for any disappointment that this causes you.

We appreciate your complimentary comment. Thank you.


Customer Comments

Dear AquariumFish,
            I have two questions. One, can I use sand with a UGF? Two, can I keep sand in a cichlid tanks instead of gravel?
Reply. Hello, sand is not recommended over an Undergravel Filter (UGF), because the sand is small enough to go through the slits in the UGF and fill the space under the UGF.

This space must remain filled with water not sand for the UGF to work properly.

Also the sand is so fine that it will quickly clog up with waste and other materials that will impede the flow of water through the UGF.

Remember fish living in aquariums do not need gravel or sand.

We do not recommend using sand in aquariums or fish bowls, because the water does not circulate well through the sand, and it soon becomes polluted.

You can substitute a thin layer of aquarium gravel that is at most 1/4" thick.

Click here for more about aquarium gravel.


Customer Comments

I don't know if you can help or not. One of my pond goldfish has a wound on it's side that it got when swimming under or around a rock that my husband should not of put in the pond to hold something from tipping over. Can you tell me how to heal it.
Reply. Hello, your Goldfish has Sign #4 on our list of Signs of Stress and Disease. Sign #4 is a Red Sore.

Click here to read more about this Red Sore. When your fish has any of the Signs of Stress and Disease, you should immediately give it the Recommended Treatment.

Click here for more information about the Recommended Treatment.


Customer Comments

My betta bowl has been growing alot of algae.  I clean the bowl once aweek (about 1/2 water change) and clean the algae off the sides. Within a few days there is quite a bit algae in there.  The bowl does not receive direct sunlight, but is in a room that get s a decent amount of light.  I cannot move the bowl to another location.  Are there any products out there that I can add to the water?  The ones I've seen are not diluted enough to hadle my 1 quart bowl.
Reply. Hello Brian, click here now to go to another page in this website with information about how to move fish.

The page at that link was written with a move like yours in mind.


Customer Comments

How much is your shipping and handling?  Do I get a choice of what color of fish I want for the plastic fish bowl kit item number 9311 and do yall guarantee the fish to be alive when I receive them?  And if not do I get a money back guarantee?
Hunter S.
Reply. Hello Hunter, we charge $36.99 shipping and handling for any size order. So you pay for the fish, plus tax if the order is shipped to an address in California, plus one charge of $36.99 for any size order with any number of fish or other items.

You can make a Special Request with your order for any color variety Betta.

Click here for more information about making a Special Request.

If the Betta is more expensive that the regular Bettas, you pay the difference.

Click here now to see the various male Bettas we have in our facility. Click here to see the females.

Nearly all the fish we ship arrive alive and in excellent condition, but rarely one of the fish does not arrive alive. If this happens in your order, we will replace that fish free with you paying an an additional standard shipping charge of $36.99, or we will replace the fish free in your next order.

Click here for official details about our warranty.


Customer Comments

Are Tiger Barbs sensitive to flourescent light? Every time the aquarium light is turned on, all 8 tiger barbs immediately dart around very fast.  Usually, within ten seconds or so, they are all together in a corner and most of them will start to "shimmy". These are my first tiger barbs and I'm not sure how much of what they do is characteristic of the species. A couple of them occasionally tilt nose-down and then swim forward very fast to level-off.
Also, sometimes four or so will all seem to be staring out one side of the aquarium with very little motion.  I've started your treatment just in case, but I don't know if these are even problems. Thank you very much for your site.  It has provided a lot of information that has been very helpful.
Many thanks,
David B.
Reply. Hello David. I have seen lots of strange behaviors like these with Tiger Barbs and Albino Tiger Barbs.

I recommend that you turn the lights on more gradually. Be sure to turn on the overhead light in the room first.

You might put an additional light near your aquarium, and turn it on a few minutes, after you turn on the room light. Wait a while again before you turn on the aquarium light.

It makes no difference to your Tiger Barbs whether the light is fluorescent or incandescent.

After eating a big meal Tiger Barbs will often swim with their heads down. Whenever you have a doubt about the health of your fish, you should carefully check each fish for Signs of Stress and Disease.

Click here for a list of those Signs. For example, Sign #1 is Clamped Fins.

If you think there maybe something wrong with your Tiger Barbs, look closely at their fins.

If their fins are clamped against their bodies, this is a Sign of Stress and Disease, and you should immediately give your fish the Recommended Treatment.

Healthy fish hold their fins up high and away from their bodies.


Customer Comments

I'm in college and its just about time to move back home for the
summer. well my home is about 2 hours away and now I have fish to move and I don't want them to die.
do you have any suggestions on how to move them without causing them a lot of stress. I have 5 bala sharks ranging from 3 inches to 1.5 inches. 6 zebra danios and 2 plecostomus. If you have any ideas on how to move them I would really be grateful.  thank you for your help,
Reply. Hello again Ed, click here to go to another page in this website that explains how to move fish.

These instructions were written with a move like yours in mind.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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