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Page 17
Comments & Replies


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Customer Comments

hiya im rick i have a 2 ft by 1 ft tropical tank i was wondering if this would be to small to turn into a salt water tank (fish) only hope to hear from you soon
Reply. Hello Rick, I think your aquarium might be big enough for a couple of salt water fish, but I've never kept any salt water fish.

I'm strictly a fresh water fish aquarist. You need to search the internet for a website that can give you advice and help on how to keep salt water fish.

Good luck.


Customer Comments

Suggestion: "To add more info on how to take care of fish because each fish is different even if there the same speices and they might have diffrent attitudes to food and things like that."
Sirena P.
Reply. Hello Sirena, yes each species is different in some way from all other species, or it would not be a separate species.

We discuss many species on this website, and we try to mention the peculiar needs of each species.

For example, click here to go to another page in this website and read about African Dwarf Frogs.

Scroll down that web page to the paragraph titled "Recommended Diet", where you can read that these frogs need to eat live Black Worms.

There are many other species discussed on this website, and we try to give some specific details about each species.

On the other hand we also try to emphasize that there are some general fish-keeping principles, that apply to all fish.

Click here to read about the Seven Essentials, which are some general principles that apply to keeping all fish.


Customer Comments

Our son just received a small 2 gallon aquarium along with a beta fish for his birthday.  The aquarium has an undergravel filter system.  From what I have read off of your web page, these are not recommended.  Most of the aquariums mentioned by you are much larger in size than ours.
Does size make a difference in the type of filtering system used?  I know that fish can be harmed by not using the right type of filtering system, but is there any harm to people be caused by this?  This aquarium is in my child's bedroom, so I don't want anything harmful to be released.
Your web page is wonderful.  I didn't know anything about fish when we received this gift.  It has really helped us!
Thank you,
Angela in N.C.
Reply. Hello Angela. I recommend you remove the undergravel filter and convert your small aquarium to a kind of fish bowl.

Reduce the gravel until it is at most 1/4" thick and replace about 3 pints of the water in your fish bowl aquarium twice a week with bottled water.

Click here for more information about fish bowls.

Is this aquarium safe in your young son's room? I have never heard of child getting sick from a fish bowl or an aquarium.

But aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds all contain bacteria, so your son should wash his hands after he touches the aquarium, just as he should wash his hands, after he touches a pet dog or cat.

Click here for more information.


Customer Comments

i have a betta fish that i got for a gift a month or so ago. waldo is quite a pickey eater, and i am having some problems finding him food he will eat. i have the "HBH BEATTA BITES"    which he sorta likes but not really too well.
i bought both freeze dried blood worms and brine shrimp, which was a waste, he wouldnt eat either one. recently i got some TETRA WHOLE BRINE SHRIMP   which is in a gel. he will eat this, but i have to be careful, cause the food doesnt float, but he does eat it.
my question is, if that is all he will eat, will he be ok with just that as his food? please advise, i dont want him not to be healthy, want to make sure he gets what he needs. thanks.
sarah h.
Reply. Hello Sarah, I recommend that you feed your Betta a pellet food that is labeled for Betta Fish.

I also give my Betta a treat of freeze dried blood worms, and then a few Live Black Worms. Click here for more about Black Worms.

Be sure you are not feeding your Betta too much food at one time. Remove all the uneaten food after 10-minutes with a small net.

Click here for more about feeding fish.


Customer Comments

I finally found a site that helped me with my fish problems! I have a new 55 gallon aquarium with about 20 small Tropical Fish (mollies, tetras, a betta, and and algae eater). This is my first aquarium and I am having nothing but problems.
I have read book and I feel that I am doing everything right but my fish keep dying. I test my water and everything is within normal, I clean the water weekly, I don't over-feed, What am I doing wrong? The fish that die seem perfectly normal one day then the next they appear stressed and die soon after.
I also have a question about supplying oxygen to the tank. I am using a Fluval 304 filter. I have read alot about BIO-Wheels - should I have one of these? Currently I am using a separate air pump to pump air into the tank. Is that wrong?
Thank you very much for helping me out. I love keeping fish but so far I have not been very successful. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Billings MT 59101
Reply. Hello Susan, we appreciate your compliment. Thank you. The Fluval is a canister filter.

Long ago we had several canister filters, and it was a time consuming operation to clean them.

I'd open one up and it would often have an unpleasant smell! This is never a problem with the BIO-Wheels, because they are practically self-cleaning.

I recommend you get a Penguin 330 Filter for your 55-gallon aquarium. This filter has two BIO-Wheels.

If you get this filter, you won't need the separate air pump. But you should keep both the Fluval and the air pump, running just as they are now in your aquarium for three weeks, after you get the Penguin Filter.

Click here for more information about BIO-Wheels.

Check the depth of your gavel and make sure that it's not more than 1/4" deep. This will be just enough to barely cover the bottom of your aquarium.

If your gravel is more than 1/4" deep, remove some. Click here for more information about gravel.

Check your fish for Signs of Stress and Disease twice a day.

Click here for more about these Signs. If you see any of these Signs, give your fish the Recommended Treatment.

Click here for the details about the Recommended Treatment.


Customer Comments

I am currently in the process of breeding my beta fish. He is pursuing her but cannot catch her. What does it look like when they are mating?
Wendy K.
Reply. Hello Wendy, click here to see a picture of a male and a female Betta spawning under a bubble nest that was built by the male.

Customer Comments

To whom it may concern:
My name is Carlos C., I live in Rhode Island.  I saw your website and it is very informative. I was wondering if you had other branches or if you could refer me to a breeder near Rhode Island.
At this time I am preparing to breed Bettas, but I am always looking for a beautiful goldfish to add to my tank.  Thank you for your time.
Carlos C.
Reply. Hello Carlos. We have only one facility, and it is located in San Diego, California.

We have shipped Bettas and Fancy Goldfish to many customers in Rhode Island.

Click here for more about how we safely ship fish to most places in the U.S.

The ad below links to this advertiser.

Customer Comments

Hello I have a school of 5 bala sharks from 1.5 to 3 inches. I have only had them for a month and i was wondering how fast they grow. I know they can get up to 14 inches in the wild but i dont expect them to grow that big in captivity. My smallest bala is half the size of the biggest and i would like to know how fast they grow.
i read the article about the balas in your customers tank and cont wait to have a large school of balas over 6 inches. Do you know how much they will grow in a year. I absolutely love my balas and love how they school, i only have 5 so i cant wait to get more together.
your site has been a great help to me in setting up my tank and choosing the products and other fish, 6 zebra danios and 2 plecos, to go into my tank.
thank you for your help and if you know the answer to my question i would be very happy. Well keep up the good work with the site and thanks for your help.
Ed I.
Reply. Hello Ed, how fast your Bala Sharks will grow will depend on several factors including the water quality in your aquarium, the water temperature, the quality and the quantity of the food you feed your Balas, and other factors.

If you give your Balas really good care, they should grow about 1" per year. In three or four years they should all measure between 5" and 7".

A long time ago I was an impatient kid, and my mother told me that my fish would teach me patience.

I asked her what she meant, and she said something like, "If you take good care of your fish every day, they will grow a tiny bit, and after many months, they will mature, and you will be very proud of them, and then you will know that raising beautiful is the result of doing lots of things the right way everyday for a long time."


Customer Comments

Does this mean my "wild pink convict" will not turn black and white ... BLAST! So can black convicts have babies with pink?  And I am the one who E-mailed you about the 29 gallon tank with the pacu, 2 convicts, 1 firemouth, 3 gouramis, 7 catfish, exc,
And this is the tank my convicts with the eggs are in!!! Can I just put the babies n a breeding net or the eggs in the net? Sorry About Pestering You With My Fish. If you are annoied, just tell me and I'll stop ...
I am 15, and have raised and sold animals to the pet store since I was 8 from Hamsters to Birds, and at the time raiseing a baby deer that's mom was Killed ...
Thanks for your help with my problems from elephant noses to my chiclids ......
Someone In the world 
Reply. Hello again. I have never seen a wild pink convict. There are Pink Convicts, and as far as I know, they are all tank raised.

There are also Wild Convicts with a vertically barred pattern.

Pink Convicts and Wild Convicts are different color varieties of the same species. They can interbreed and produce Convict Babies.

I have spawned Convicts many times in aquariums with other fish, and usually the Convicts are able to defend there territory, keep other fish out, and so protect their eggs and their babies.

Click here for more about breeding Convicts.

Congratulations on your achievements raising birds and hamsters, and for caring for the baby deer.

I enjoy reading your emails.


Customer Comments

Suggestion: better pictures and more of them. I was looking to find a feeder goldfish club for my oscars. you should also list feeder goldfish not just pet goldfish.
Comments: greatsite but needs a few improvments. Still best site we have found so far.
Cheyenne WY 82007
Reply. Hello Carla, we all appreciate your complimentary comments. Thank you. We are working to add more good pictures.

A member of our crew, The Big Katuna, has taken some very nice pictures lately.

Click here now to see some of the new pictures. We also have some small fish videos.

Click here to see a list of these fish videos.

We have decided not to sell feeder fish on We recommend you feed your Oscar pellet food.

Hikari makes Cichlid Pellet food, that is sold in most stores that sell pet fish, and this pellet foods is a much better diet than feeder fish for your Oscar.

Click here for more about feeding Oscars.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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