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Or only $17.99 to Southern California.

on Orders totaling $169.99 before taxes and shipping charges. 

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Page 16
Comments & Replies


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  If you enjoy reading the Comments and Replies on this page, you may also enjoy listening to The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, discuss similar questions on Pet Fish Talk.

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Customer Comments

 Yes, What a wonderful website. thanks so much. I have a question regarding mixing goldfish with other tropical fish. Is this a problem?
Thanks in Iowa
Scott H.
Reply. Hello. We appreciate your complimentary comment. Thank you. Tropical Fish and Goldfish are not good tank mates.

Click here to read the page about Fancy Goldfish and scroll down to the paragraph titled "Compatibility", where you can read about good tank mates for Gold Fish, and you will see that there are no Tropical Fish listed as good tank mates for Gold Fish.

Most Tropical Fish prefer to live in water with a temperature between 75 and 80 degrees F.

Click here for more information about Warm Water Aquariums.

Goldfish do best in water that is about 65 degrees F.

Click here for more information about Cool Water Aquariums.

Tropical Fish and Goldfish eat different foods, and Goldfish cannot properly digest Tropical Fish Food.

Click here for more about Feeding Fish.


Customer Comments

My friend has got so many guppies that he has breed that he doesn't know what to do with them all. So I was wondering if the local pet shop will buy them off of him. How much money do you get for a good sized male guppy.
Reply. Hello Brittain, your friend should ask to be paid about 1/3 of the selling price of the fish.

So if the Fancy Guppies are selling for $3.00 each, your friend would ask for $1.00. Maybe they are common Guppies that sell for 15-cents each, then ask for 5-cents each.

But not all stores use the same mark-up, so you should be flexible.

Some stores may offer to pay with store credit that you can use to buy items in that store.


Customer Comments

 I have a new 25-gallon Eclipes setup with two, one inch long, piranhas and a, three inch long, Spotted Sailfin Plecostomus. I have been feeding the plecostomus algae wafers and he has been excreting a lot ...
Do I even need to feed the plecostomus algae wafers or does he get enough food in the form of algae and food left over from the piranhas? Thanks for your time. I visit this sight every day.
A. Chow
Bay Area
Reply. Hello again. You must watch your Plecostomus eat and then decide how much to feed it.

If your Pleco is plump and not too eager to eat, then feed it less. If it seems thin and very eager to eat then feed it more.

Always watch your fish eat. If they do not eat all the food, remove the excess food and feed them less food next time. If they gobble all the food up quickly, feed them more.

I think you might enjoy the story about the wild Plecostomus Catfish eating my mother's burl.

Click here to read that story.


Customer Comments

My Dalmatian Mollies gave birth yesterday and I was able to catch some of them and put them into a breeder.  Most are still alive and swimming in the take and the other fish do not seem to be bothering them.
Give me advice please.  What do I feed them?  Are they OK to be left in the tank?  T he other mollies and pepper catfish and blue tetras are really not disturbing them and they do have places to hide.  How often and what do I feed them?
Help me!!
Reply. Hello. I recommend that you keep the baby Mollies in the breeder net for about two weeks.

Click here to read more about baby Mollies, breeder nets, and how to feed baby Mollies.


Customer Comments

is there any compatible fish to live with a betta and snail in a 1 gallon tank that has an under gravel filter. it has no heater. if there is no fish that can live with bettas, i will not get one.instead i will chose one of the following groups: 3 black phantom tetras and 1 snail, or i will do 2 female guppys and a snail, or 2 female bettas and a snail. which is the best choice?
C. J. Hunt
Reply. Hello. You sent me an email yesterday with part of this question.

Click here now to read that answer, which recommended White Clouds as good tank mates for Bettas.

(1) Black Phantoms definitely need an aquarium heater to keep the water warm. So Black Phantoms will not do well in a fish bowl.

Click here for more about Black Phantom Tetras.

(2) My experience is that Fancy Guppies do not do well in Fish Bowls either.

Click here for more about Fancy Guppies.

(3) You can keep two Female Bettas in an aquarium but not in a Fish Bowl.

Click here for more about keeping Female Bettas together in an aquarium.

So the best choice is White Clouds and Ghost Shrimp.


Customer Comments

... You cover a lot of ground, which I certainly do appreciate being new to the fish community, and I am, and will continue to learn from your website.
I hope to purchase from you in the near future, but I just wanted to send you this friendly e-mail to encourage you that my visits to your site have been extremely worthwhile!
Thanks for sharing your web home and giving the opportunity to 'buy on-line.'
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Reply. Hello Grace, thank you for your words of encouragement.

We're pleased to read that you are making good use of


Customer Comments

First I would like to comment on your great site, its filled with information!!
I have common guppies which I would like to successfully breed, I have a pregnant female (she is medium sized) who has already given birth to at least one baby, I did not remove her from the tank soon enough so I don't know if she had any more, but since there is only three other guppies in my tank and the baby was hiding in the plant I don't think there was any more.
I have now removed the female from the tank and she is in her own tank.  What I would like to know is:  Is it common for guppy births to take a long time?  My female still has a very large belly, and is still acting restless.
                Thank you for your time.
                            Jennalee H.
Reply. Hello Jennalee, female Guppies release babies about once a month, and they can release several groups of babies without a male guppy in the tank.

Your female will probably have more babies soon.


Customer Comments

I am looking for the a differnt kind of shape on the bata fish that has the peace lily in it and is there any other fish of frog or any other thing you can put in these bowls to make them more clorful. If this is the only thing you can put in them them I guess you don't need a bigger bowl.
Any suggestion on doing something differt wiht these bowls or is there a water graden for the inside of the home were you could keep gold fish? Any commets or suggestion will be apprecited.
Janice C.
Murrayville GA 30564
Reply. Hello Janice. You can keep White Clouds, Ghost Shrimp, Aquatic Snails, Dwarf African Frogs, and Aquatic Plants with your Betta.

Click here to read more about keeping Bettas with various tank mates.

You can keep an aquarium inside your home.

Click here to read about my fish pond in a barrel.


Customer Comments

 To whom it may concern:
I have a couple of questions regarding the breeding of fancy guppies:
1 - My female has been pregnant for over 4 weeks.  Is this normal, and when can I expect her to give birth?
2 - Do I really need to separate the babies from the mother once they are born?  I heard that only male guppies will eat the babies, and I don't have any adult male guppies in the tank.
All together I have 3 adult female guppies, 10 2-month old babies (from different females not in my tank), and a shrimp.  Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Lani S.
Reply. Hello Lani, by the time you read this your female guppy may have already given birth.

Click here to read about Mr. Frank Dayes, and how he raised thousands of Fancy Guppies.

I think you can learn a lot from this story.


Customer Comments

 To whom it may concern:
I actually did read all of that information before I wrote the first time.  To be more specific, I am wondering if the adult female could've already given birth without me knowing and eaten all of the babies.
She has been pregnant for quite somw time and I haven't noticed any new babies, and she is still the same size with the same dark spot on her abdomen.  I did not find an answer to my question regarding whether both males and females will eat the babies or if just the males do.
Thank You.
Lani S.
Reply. Hello again Lani, thank you for your reply. About the time a female Guppy releases babies, her body releases a special hormone into her blood stream, and this hormone greatly reduces her appetite.

Since she doesn't eat, she won't eat her babies. But the males have no such hormone in their blood, so they are hungry and may eat the babies.


Customer Comments

I need to know (and couldn't find on your website) what to do when the fish arrive from you, how long and how to acclimate them to their new invironment. I want to order right away and need to know how much time i need to do this when they arrive.
thank you
Clymer NY 14724
Reply. Hello Dawn, it takes only a few minutes, when the fish arrive. Click here for the details about how to acclimate new fish.

You should begin preparing your aquarium for new fish several days before the new fish arrive.

Clean your aquarium and change 20% of the water each day for at least three days before you fish arrive. New fish need fresh water.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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