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Page 15
Feedback Comments & Replies


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Customer Comments

This is truly a great site. I would be thankful if you would take the time to answer a simple question of mine. What is the relationship with algae eaters, plecostomuses, and catfish? Thanks for your time.
A. Chow
Bay Area
Reply. Hello again A. Chow, thank you for your complimentary comment. All of the fish you mentioned are generally called Scavengers.

Click here to see many of them for sale on the page in this website that is titled "Scavenger Fish for Sale".

At the top of that page, you'll see several types of Plecostomus Catfish, and you'll probably notice that they resemble each other.

Plecostomus usually eat lots of algae and even wood. Click here for more about Plecostomus Catfish.

Continuing to scroll down that same page of "Scavengers", you'll see several types of Catfish including some labeled Synodontis Catfish, which are very good aquarium fish.

Click here for more about the Upside Down Catfish, which is a species in the Synodontis genus.

As you continue to scroll down our page of "Scavengers", you'll see some dwarf catfish called Armored Catfish.

Most of these Catfish are in the genus Corydoras, so they are often called Cory Cats, and they too are generally very good aquarium fish.

Click here for more about Cory Catfish.

Finally toward the bottom of the "Scavenger" page you will see the Siamese Algae Eater, which is a wonderful species that eats lots of unwanted algae.

Click here for more information about Siamese Algae Eaters.

Although the Siamese Algae Eaters and the Plecostomus Catfish eat lots of algae growing on the ornaments in an aquarium, there is a better way to control algae.

Click here for more information about getting rid of the algae growing in an aquarium.

Many beginning aquarists mistakenly think that scavenger fish will keep their aquarium clean, but this is certainly not true.

Scavenger fish are no substitute for a well organized regular maintenance schedule.

Click here for more about an Aquarium Maintenance Schedule.


Customer Comments

Hello! I love your site---particularly how communicative you are with your customers. I own an Eclipse 6 gallon "mini-tank" and it is VERY difficult to determine which fish could do well in such a small tank. So I thought that your fish bowl approach might work with the larger tank.
If I wanted to keep a male Betta, some ghost shrimp, maybe one or two additional different fish (Zebra fish, Coolie loach, etc), and some live plants ... could I "upscale" your fish bowl approach? Does your approach (with cultured gravel) do well with a biofilter and airstone? Comments and suggestions would be MUCH appreciated!
-Mark M.
Los Angeles
Reply. Hello Mark, thank you for your complimentary comment. Yes, you can put the same fish in a small aquarium that I recommend putting in a fish bowl.

Click here for more about fish that will do well in a fish bowl or a small unheated aquarium.

If you have a filter with a BIO-Wheel in your aquarium, then you do not need gravel. Fish do not need gravel, and most fish will never miss the gravel.

If you like the appearance of gravel, and many aquarists do, then put a thin layer of gravel that is no more than 1/4" thick.

When gravel is 2" or 3" thick, it's almost always filled with grungy waste and uneaten food. Fish almost always do poorly in aquariums with thick layers of gravel.

But fish bowls and plastic ponds need a thin layer of gravel, because the gravel increases the surface area available for the beneficial bacteria to grow on.

Gravel with beneficial bacteria is called cultured gravel, and cultured gravel is important in fish bowls and ponds without a filter.

Click here for more information about cultured gravel.


Customer Comments

Hello, What a great website!! I've learned so much. We have a 2 gallon hexagon-shaped aquarium that my 6 yr. old son got for a birthday present. We got him 3  male fancy guppies that lived fine for about 3 weeks then suddenly one by one within one week all three died.
Our local pet store recommended we start over with a Betta, a male, after having treated the water for high ph. It seems happy, but my question is, does the tank need a filter?? We have a small filter on it from using it with the guppies. we also have a bubble stone, the smallest there is. Is this too much?? Thank you very much, keep up the great work!!
Lauren K.
West Covina, CA
Reply. Hello Lauren, all of us here at appreciate your complimentary comment. Thank you. Guppies do best at a temperature of about 78 to 82 degrees F.

I wonder if your aquarium has a heater and if the water was heated for the Guppies?

Click here for more information about keeping Fancy Guppies.

Your Betta will tolerate cooler water better than the guppies did, and a Betta will do fine in your aquarium without a filter or an bubble stone. In fact Bettas prefer still water, so it might be best to remove the filter and the bubble stone.

Click here for more about keeping Betta Fish.

You can use the advice given on this website for keeping a Betta in a fish bowl.

Click here for more information about keeping fish in fish bowls.


Customer Comments

Can you please send me something about breeding bala sharks. Also, do you have any black widow or white widow or albino tetras for sale?
Please write back
-Interested Customer Nick D.
Reply. Hello Nick. I have never spoken to anyone who has spawned Bala Sharks.

We buy Bala Sharks that are shipped to us from Thailand, and we are pretty sure these Bala Sharks have been raised by fish farmers, but we don't know how they do it.

Click here and read more about Bala Sharks including a story about big Bala Sharks.


Customer Comments

how much is shipping for a female beta
Reply. $36.99 is the amount we charge for shipping any size order, this includes an order with one fish, or an order with many fish.

Customer Comments

Hi, I'm new at this game of pond fish & gold fish & wonder if you could answer a question for me. We set up a small pond on our deck with 3 gold fish in it.  At first, we had them in a container with only a pump til our equipment got here. We then got it all set up with a filter, etc.  We came home today to find one of the fish dead.  We noticed red spotches on it before we tossed it.  Could you tell me if this would indicate what had been wrong & why?   We now have 5 gold fish out there & I'd rather not lose any more.   I am trying to feed them fish pellets but they don't eat as fast as I thought they would. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Reply. Hello Linda, Be very careful not to feed your fish more than they can eat. Remove uneaten food after ten minutes with a net.

Of course removing food that sinks is very difficult, so we recommend feeding food that floats.

Click here for more about feeding fish.

Red Sores is Sign #4 on our list of Signs of Stress and Disease.

Click here to read the list of Signs of Stress and Disease. If your fish show any of the Signs of Stress and Disease, we recommend that you give your fish the Recommended Treatment.

Click here for more about the Recommended Treatment.

Your pond sounds like my pond. Click here to read about my small pond in a barrel.

The ad below links to this advertiser.

Customer Comments

Two days ago I gave away two fantail goldfish I had in my aquarium. In my aquarium with these goldfish were a silver tip shark and a spotted Pictus catfish (Pimelodella angelicus) including some others fish as well. After the goldfish were gone, the Pictus catfish and the shark would not eat (morning or night.)

I have been feeding them normally, flakes and pellets in the morning and bloodworms at night. Not only will they not eat but the shark has been resting quite a bit (which for him isn't normal, he's usually  very active.) They have been very skittish lately as well, running away everytime someone or thing moves. Usually they don't behave this way, and even the other night my Pictus jumped out of the tank onto the light hood (luckily she is ok.)

There is much more space in the tank now, could they just be confused over that or do they possibly "miss" the goldfish being there?? I need some help. I don't want them to starve themselves. I have another fantail goldfish who just recovered from a disease, should I put him in the tank to cheer up the Pictus and the shark???
Thank you!!
Reply. Hello, a couple of things come to my mind. Your remaining fish's changed behavior may just be a coincidence.

But it's more likely that something happened about the time you removed the other fish.

Maybe the net you used to remove the two goldfish was contaminated, or you used something to scoop out some water, and it was contaminated.

In this way you may have done something that affected your fish.

On the other hand, I have noticed many times that fish become skittish, when too many tank mates disappear at one time.

Maybe this is a natural fear. You know something like, "What's happened to everybody?" Most fish seem more comfortable in a big group of tank mates.

I would recommend you put the extra fantail back in the aquarium and see if the other fish's behavior changes.


Customer Comments

Hi! Enjoyed your website very much! I am looking for unusual colored beta fish. Namely, black and yellow ( not in the same fish). Do you ever get black or yellow beta fish in your store? Also, would you please send me directions to your store? ( I live in San Diego, Mission Valley area)
Thank -You !
Jan S.
Reply. Hello Jan, thank you for your compliment. We have Yellow Betta males and females.

Click here to see a Male Yellow Betta. We have a few Black Male Crown Tail Bettas. Click here to see a picture of one.

The link to the address of our facility is given at the bottom of each page in this website, but we do not accept visitors or customers in our facility.

We are not insured or zoned for retail sales, and our crew is not properly trained to wait on customers. Our crew is very well trained in caring for fish and in shipping fish.

I apologize if this reply disappoints you.


Customer Comments

Suggestion: Do not tell children to put a mystery snail in with their Betta Comments: My son is ten years old and he won a Betta at his school carnival. We found this website together and we trusted your information. We printed it out and carried it to the pet store.
Your site said to get a black mystery snail and a jave fern, so we did. We would have gotten ghost shrimp also, but they were not available in Phoenix. We had "George" for two months. He was a beautiful, blue Betta and he lived with "Makenzy", the snail, in a nice bowl per your instructons.
Tonight, the snail ate "George"!!! We were horrified! The snail had been given zucchini, but the snail ate "George", he had bites taken out of him. "George" was fine one minute, then less than an hour later, he was dead and partially eaten.
We are very upset! Please stop telling children to put a snail in with their Bettas. I paid good money for that crummy snail and I had to go to three stores before I found him. This is my son's first loss and it's been difficult.
Thank you for the opportunity ! to respond.
Bronwyn S.
Phoenix AZ
Reply. Hello Bronwyn, thank you for sharing your experience and your observations with us.

I've kept many types of snails in many fish bowls and aquariums, and I've never had a Snail harm a fish.

Click here for more about Aquatic Snails.

A year or two ago I gave a close friend a large fish bowl with some White Clouds, Ghost Shrimp, Java Ferns, and a few small Snails.

She had some problems with her fish bowl, and she reported to me that she was certain it was caused by the Snails.

I told her, "Oh no, that just doesn't happen. really it never happens. Something else has happened, and it probably won't happen again.

But keep a close eye on your fish bowl, and maybe you will find out what is really happening."

Well she did keep an eye on her fish bowl, and she became all the more certain that the Snails were causing problems.

I tried to persuade her that it must be something else, but she was convinced it was the Snails.

Now comes your report, Bronwyn, and my confidence is slipping a little bit. Maybe some Snails do cause some problems.

But it must be very rare. I tend to think your Betta died for some other reason, then the Snail was caught looking guilty at the scene of the murder.

I wouldn't recommend anything to children that I thought had even a small chance of ending in disappointment.

But there is hardly anything that I can recommend that will always work and never cause a problem. Right? I apologize to you and your son.

Click here to continue on to another page with more comments sent to us by visitors to this website.
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