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Page 2
Feedback Comments & Replies


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  If you enjoy reading the Comments and Replies on this page, you may also enjoy listening to The Bailey Brothers, DrTom and Nevin, discuss similar questions on Pet Fish Talk.

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Customer Comments

I am a 12 year old Fish hobbyist. I have a 50-gallon aquarium with 4 cichlids (all African) and your website is the best one i have ever seen and i have looked at many you carry a large variety of fish and give thousands of tips on the subject of keeping fish. If you have a mailing list or something similar to that please put me on it.
Jordan L.
Reply. Thanks for your compliments, Jordan. We enjoy knowing that you are enjoying

As mentioned on this website in a couple of places, four African Cichlids usually will not get along well. The strongest will eventually make the others miserable.

So watch your fish carefully. Stand across the room from you aquarium to see if one of the fish is constantly chasing the others.

You should probably start adding more of the same sorts of African Cichlids.

Click here for more about aggression in Mbuna Cichlids. This advice applies to most Cichlids.

We don't now have a newsletter. I wonder if other visitors to this website would also enjoy receiving a monthly email newsletter about fish?

I also wonder, if I'd enjoy writing it each month.


Customer Comments

Reply. Here are steps you should take.

(1) Be sure you get the right equipment. It would be great to get an aquarium with an Eclipse Hood.

Click here to see my aquarium with an Eclipse Hood. If you don't get the Eclipse Hood, you should be sure you get an exterior power filter with a BIO-Wheel.

Click here to read more about filters with BIO-Wheels. Be sure the aquarium has no gravel or a thin layer of gravel at most 1/4" thick. For goldfish you won't need an aquarium heater.

Click here to read about cool water aquariums without heaters.

(2) Be sure to get the right fish.

Click here to read more about Fantails, Orandas, and Telescopes, which are types of goldfish that do very well in a large cool water aquarium. Do not mix Pond Comets (or Pond Koi) with your fish.

(3) Click here to read about feeding fish. Feed the fish early in the morning and in the late afternoon.

If your Goldfish are 3" or less, feed them TetraFin flake food. When they grow bigger than 3" begin to feed them pellet food for goldfish.

Both flakes and pellets are available in most stores that sell fish and from online stores like the ones that advertise in this website.

(4) Click here to read about the essentials of keeping fish.

Click here to read about an aquarium maintenance schedule.

The advice on this website is simple to read and practical to use. If you consistently follow this advice, the fish will do very well.

You might also enjoy seeing the pond by my front door, which has has been a great joy to me. Click here to see it.


Customer Comments

I have a one-year-old pond koi whose gender I have yet to figure out. I was just wondering if you could tell me a means of figuring that out and is it too much trouble, if I were to order a matching fish, to assure the gender of that fish to be the opposite of the one I have? My one koi is looking sort of lonely, kind of like s/he might want to start a family or a committed long-term relationship.
Thank you very much,
Max S.
Reply. Here is the short answer, I can't tell the gender of Koi by looking at them.

So I can't tell you how to determine the gender of your Koi, and I can't pick one of the opposite gender from those in our aquariums to send you.

I would do it for you, if I could, but I don't know how to distinguish males from females.

At least not for Koi that are one year old and a few inches long. Professional Koi breeders can tell a lot more than I can, after they've been breeding Koi for many years.

When we visit their Koi farms to buy Koi from them, they'll often say, "There is one of my best breeding females". As they point to a huge Koi, that is perhaps 16" long.

Professional fish breeders can often predict which fish are males and which are females long before the fish spawn and confirm which gender they are.

When I've asked professional koi breeders how they make these accurate predictions, I've always gotten an answer that doesn't help me.

Often they'll say that they cannot predict with more than about 80% accuracy anyway.

Some people have said that professional breeders really do know how to do it, and just don't want to share their knowledge, because the knowledge that they share might help other people to spawn more fish and compete with them.

But most of the people that I've known that produce lots of fish are very willing to share all their secrets. But they often can't put into words how they do it.

Here is some math. If you have room in your pond for three more koi, the probability that all three of the new koi will be the same gender as the koi you now have is 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 = 1/8 = 12.5%.

So the odds of having at least one male and one female are 87.5%. Those are pretty good odds.

Incidentally, I have a beautiful Comet Goldfish in my barrel pond by my front door. All last summer I was convinced that this Comet was a slim male.

But this winter it looks like my slim male Comet has been getting plumper and filling with eggs to lay in the early spring.

Click here to see my pond comet.

Click here to read more about my Comet.


Customer Comments

What are good plants to put with cichlids?
Bill A.
Reply. Angels, Discus, Ramirezi, Apistogrammas, Kribensis, Brichardi, Julies, and many other mild tempered Cichlids are compatible with just about all aquatic plants.

But Oscars, Jack Dempseys, Red Devils, Mbunas, Haps, and many other big aggressive Cichlids are only compatible with plastic plants.

  Some plastic plants are garish looking, but other plastic plants are very natural looking and difficult to distinguish from living plants.

Plastic plants like the one shown to the left are available in many stores. To my eyes it looks very natural.

It's labeled for use in aquariums, so you can be confident it will not harm your fish. But there are other plastic plants that are not made or labeled for use in aquariums.

Anne Fleury sent us an interesting email about her Tiger Oscar, that tolerates a few live plants in the corner of his aquarium.

Click here to read Anne's email about her Oscar.


Customer Comments

Could you please help me? I have had this problem for a week or two and i have tried a general tonic (methylene blue) which on the packet says it cures all common probs with fish including mine there are a few other chemicals which say can be used for my fishes symptoms but the one i am using is the main ingredient of them all which seems to have no effect .
The fish themselves are quite happy just the occasional flick against a rock its the red tailed shark who looks ill with his fins tight against his body , saying that though his colour is good. There are no ulcers, white spot or any other visible marks on my fish .
Some advice would be much appreciated,
Steve H.
Reply. Your fish are showing Signs of Stress and Disease. Clamped Fins is one sign, and the other fish behavior that you describe in your email is called "glancing".

Click here to go to another page in this site that discusses Signs of Stress and Disease. Clamped Fins is listed as #1, and Glancing is #7.

Glancing and Clamped Fins are early warning signs of trouble to come. You should immediately give your fish the Recommended Treatment.

Click here to read about the six steps of the Recommended Treatment. Do all six steps in the order given from 1 to 6.

Use the chemicals listed, and do not substitute other chemicals. For example, Quick Cure is an ineffective treatment for this and most other fish diseases.


Customer Comments

I have two full grown female Oscars (I know this because I've seen both of them lay eggs). This is very disappointing because I wanted to have a breeding pair.
Someone suggested that I sell them and buy six babies and let them pair up naturally as they get older. However, I'm having a very hard time finding a pet store with a tank big enough for them. Could you prehaps give me some advice? ...
Would trading my Oscars for the six babies, or however many you think two grown females are worth, be an option? Let me know.
Thank you very much for your time,
Nicole M.
New York
Reply. Someone might think about trading one of your female Oscars for a male, but I think you realize that this is very unlikely to work. Oscars need to pair off by choosing their own mates.

I recommend that you put your female Oscars on an auction site like eBay or even better on Aqua Bid.

Click here to go to Aqua Bid now. You will need to register as a member. Then list your Oscars for sale under the category titled Freshwater Fish - Cichlids.

Click here to look at the listings under Cichlids now on Aqua Bid.

Large Oscars, like your females, are very difficult to ship, so we don't think it is feasible to ship them very far. But New York must have someone interested in a large female Oscar.

So put your females up for auction on Aqua Bid and include a comment in your offer, stating that you will deliver within 20 miles, or the buyer must arrange to pick up the fish, or some other such arrangement.

Click here to read about how to move fish.

Oscars become way too big for most hobbyists to breed. I think it would be better for you to try to breed Convict Cichlids.

Convicts are relatives of Oscars, but Convicts are smaller and more suitable for aquariums.

Click here to read about breeding Convict Cichlids.

Click here to go to the index page with a complete list of all the pages of Customer Comments and our Replies.
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