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is usually $36.99

Or only $17.99 to Southern California.

on Orders totaling $169.99 before taxes and shipping charges. 

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Shipping Live Fish to Hawaii
This page contains some information about obtaining the special documents required by the state of Hawaii.

You can contact them at ...

Click here to read more about how we pack shipments of fish.


An Email Comment


This is a friendly reminder that per Hawaii Administrative Rules, (HAR) 4-71-6, an import permit is required for the importation of any live non-domestic animal, including fish, into Hawaii.  Your website mentions that you do ship to Hawaii but you were probably unaware of the requirements.  The permit is required of the importer and not you the shipper, however I would highly recommend that you ask potential customers here in Hawaii if they do have a permit.  Most of the fish species you offer for sale are allowed in with permit, but the invertebrates such as shrimp, crayfish are not and no permits will be issued for these.  Failure to have a permit may result in the shipment being returned to sender or confiscated.  More information can be found at the following:
Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.
Vernon K. Nakamoto
Invertebrate and Aquatic Biota Specialist
Hawaii Department of Agriculture
Plant Quarantine Branch
1849 Auiki Street
Honolulu, Hawaii  96819

Phone:  (808) 832-0566
Fax:  (808) 832-0584

Another Comment

... as an update, the permit processing fees are now $20.00 for a single entry permit and $100.00 for a multiple entry permit. Both are valid for one (1) year from the date of issuance. Our phone number is 808-832-0566.

Thanks again,

Vernon Nakamoto


If you want us to ship live fish to Hawaii, you must obtain a permit from the Hawaii State Dept. of Agriculture.

Here is what one of our resourceful customers in Hawaii found out about obtaining a permit to import live fish into Hawaii.


Customer Comments

Spoke to the Hawaii State Dept of Agriculture. All I have to do is obtain a permit (they will send me the application via snail mail - not available via the net) which includes a one time fee of $5.00. This permit is only good for one shipment.
So if I want another order from your company, I will have to obtain another permit. An unlimited permit is available for $50.00 good for unlimited shipments for one year which I will pass on since I don't foresee ordering 10 or more orders in a years time -- if I did, my home will be full of beta jars all over the place and I don't think my husband would be happy about this although my cats would be :). I would then fax you a copy of the permit for you to include in the shipment.
The State Dept of Agriculture inspector said to ensure the box is marked "Live Fish" which I'm sure you already know to do. He also said to mark the box "For Dept of Agriculture to Inspect". The inspector said they monitor the post office twice a day to inspect parcels. They will open the box to see if what is in the box is what the permit is for to bring into Hawaii. He said I shouldn't have problems.
If you should have any future Hawaii customers, you can just tell them to contact the Hawaii State Dept. of Agriculture at 808-586-0844 to obtain an application for a permit. One must pay by money order for the permit. I was told it takes about 1-2 weeks to receive the permit from the time they receive it.
C. T.

A couple of weeks later we got all the paper work organized and shipped some nice Bettas to Hawaii and got the following email back.


Customer Comments

Glad to inform you my fishes were delivered to my home and arrived safe and sound today (Saturday). I assume the post office delivered them to me because there is no window service on the weekends at the airport post office where I was supposed to pick them up from.
I assume the post office didn't want them sitting for two more days so they delivered them to me. Fortunately my neighbor was home to accept the shipment. They were stoaked that the fish could survive that long in transit. One fish looks a bit weak, but I think she will be alright. It could just be jetlag  :).
I am very happy with them and most of them are already flaring their gills at each other. I tried putting two females together but they were both so aggressive to each other I had to separate them. They are all very nice and I especially like the females.
I have not found any females here in Hawaii's pet shops that come even close to your females. I would like to thank you ... for your great customer service and most of all for the wonderful fish!
C. T.
Reply. Hello and thank you for gathering this information about shipping live fish to Hawaii. We're also glad to know that you like the fish you got from us.

Customer Comments

Hi! I'm so glad to hear that shipping to Hawaii is possible with the proper permit! The information on the website was very helpful though the phone number to request a permit application has changed.
Next time you update the website, just let people know they should look up the number for the Hawaii State Dept. of Agriculture, Plant Quarantine Station.
I found this out after dialing several numbers myself. I've applied for a permit  ...  I love your website and am very excited about ordering from you in the near future!
Reply. Hello Summer. Thank you for the information about the changed phone number. We look forward to your order and sending you some nice fish. Thank you for your complimentary comments about our website.
Click here to go to the page in this website with the basic information about how we ship fish.
Click here to go to another page in this website with more details about how we ship live fish.
Click here to go to another page in this website with Customer Comments and our Replies about shipping live fish.
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