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Page 3 about
Shipping Live Fish
This page contains more Customer Comments and our Replies about how we ship live Tropical Fish and Goldfish to our customers. Click here now to go back to the previous page in this discussion.

Customer Comments

I was wondering if you have experience shipping fish to high elevation locations? I live in Flagstaff, AZ altitude of 7,200 ft on my end of town. I am concerned that the bags would burst due to pressure. The pressure difference is very evident at the grocery store  ie: potato chip bags inflated like mylar balloons, Pringles & yogurt containers usually pop off their plastic lids.

There is a clear plastic inflatable "pillow" mail order companies use to cushion their packages. Those inflate so much that it pushes outward & makes the tape on the cardboard box come apart. I have had numerous packages arrive this way & some of the package contents missing after the box becomes unsealed.
... I am very interested in getting a shipment of fish & plants in the next month, but the shipping to high elevation concerns me. I don't want to open a box & discover all the bags have burst.
Thank you for your time & consideration!
Angela A.
Flagstaff, AZ
Reply. Hello Angela. Most of the bags of fish, that we ship, travel on an airplane. These airplanes are pressurized to about 5000 feet. That is why your ears "pop", when you fly.

We leave some slack in the bags of fish, so that as the pressure in the airplane drops, the bags of fish can expand and not burst.

But in your case we will need to leave even more slack in the bags, because you are at 7200 feet elevation in Flagstaff, AZ.

When you send us your order, include a note to remind us about your higher elevation, and that we need to leave more slack in the bags of fish.


Customer Comments

I'm interested in buying a few fish that I have been looking for from you. But I work very long hours at work sometimes and not sure when I'll be coming home on any particular day. How can I order and be sure that I'll be home to collect the fish?
Reply. Hello Desmond. Thank you for your concern about the safety of the fish.

The best solution is for you to telephone us, and discuss shipping with one of the members of our crew.

Josh can probably help make special arrangements to ship your fish safely to you. Click here for our phone numbers.


Customer Comments

I received my order. I was impressed that all the fish arrived in great condition and alive. I will recommend you to everyone I can.
Inside the box taped to the lid there was white cotton bag with very tiny little holes in it with something inside. What is this?

David M.
Plantation, FL 33324
Reply. Hello David. Thank you for your report on the fish you bought from us. We're always glad you know that they arrived in good condition and that you are satisfied with your purchase.

The white bag that was taped on the underside of the lid is a so-called heat pack, that gently give off a little bit of heat and helps keep the fish warm, when we are shipping to a destination that looks like the box could be exposed to cold temperatures.

We do not put a heat pack in every box of fish we ship. Instead a member of our chew checks the weather online and determines which orders will need a heat pack.

This is an example of the many details our shipping crew systematically does on every shipment that leaves our facility.

It is not easy to ship fish across the country from our facility here is San Diego, California, to places like Plantation, Florida, where your order was shipped.

Our shipping crew must do lots of details correctly on every box of fish that they ship.

I'm Tom Bailey. My brother, Nevin, and I own, and I read every email report from customers like you.

Nearly all those customers express their satisfaction and even their surprise that the fish arrived alive and in great condition.

The percentage of shipments with a problem is small. We track the percentages, and they are smaller than those of any fish store that I have ever known about.

By that I mean, people buying fish from their local pet store seem to have a higher percentage of problems.

So Nevin and I are very proud of the shipping crew. We have a lot of confidence in them and in the methods they use to ship fish to customers like you.

Thanks again, David, for your comments.

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