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Problems Ordering with
PayPal's Shopping Bag
This page discusses some problems that our customers have encountered, when they tried to order using PayPal's Shopping Bag.
Help us keep this site working well!
If you have a problem, using the our Shopping Bag, send us an email with the details. We'll try to help you, and we will try to improve this site, so it will work for everyone all the time. Now there's a lofty goal. ;^ }

Customer Comments

I had an interesting experience on your web site. I saw you have the PayPal Shopping Cart, and I already had a PayPal Account. So I decided to order several fish using the PayPal Cart.
The PayPal Cart is kind of slow, but I know that is the way PayPal is, and has nothing to do with your site. Finally I got all the fish I wanted to buy entered in the PayPal Cart and clicked on the button to Checkout.
Dang! Soon PayPal said it couldn't finalize my order because I don't have a VERIFIED PayPal address and requires a VERIFIED address. Well that was annoying. After tediously entering all of the information into their cart, my order was blocked.
Then I read the part where PayPal has advised merchants like you to ship only to verified addresses to avoid being ripped off. So I can't blame you for requiring a verified address.
I went to PayPal's site and submitted my address for verification. A few days later I was notified that my address was verified. Then I went back to your site and started to reenter my order. When I clicked on a PayPal button to add the first item, the small window with the PayPal cart opened and I saw that the order that I had entered a few days before was still in PayPal's Cart. I didn't have to reenter it. Kewl!
So I didn't waste any keystrokes really. I thought that you and maybe some other customers might want to hear about my interesting experience.
P.S.  Soon after I ordered I got a nice email notifying me about the shipping, and in a couple of days I got my package of fish. The packing was meticulous, and the fish were superb, much much better than I ever got at the fish stores here in town. I have really enjoyed the whole experience of ordering fish from you.
Reply. Hello Zim. Thank you for taking the time to give the details about your experience. We do require a verified shipping address as recommended by PayPal. We're glad you persisted with your order, and we're glad you didn't have to reenter your order.

Thank you for your complimentary comments about the way we packed your fish, and we're glad to know that you like the fish we sent. We appreciate the friendly helpful tone of your email.


Customer Comments

Hi, I just sent an order for some Bettas, and tried PayPal, which I do a lot, but I got an error message saying that I was "unsecured".  I refuse to give PayPal my bank #'s, I'm suspicious why they need that info.  I've never encountered this problem before.  I want to know how to proceed to pay with a credit card, as I already sent in the order, and don't want to create any duplication problems.
Rosalyn U.
Reply. Hello Rosalyn. A few other people have reported getting the message about being "unsecured". I think this has to do with the address you want us to ship to not being the same as the address on a credit card that you have had confirmed by PayPal.

PayPal recommends that sellers like us ship only to buyers with a confirmed address. Click here to read more about PayPal's recommendations.

We think PayPal is great, and we recommend that you use PayPal, if you can. Otherwise, use one of the other five ways to order from us. Click here to see all five ways you can order from us, including PayPal. We do not accept Credit Cards, but PayPal does, even if you don't have a PayPal account, you can use PayPal to pay us with your credit card.


Customer Comments

When I click on the our Shopping Bag on either the computer at home or at work, a warning box opens that says,
Information you exchange with this site cannot be viewed or changed by others. However, there is a problem with site's security certificate.
The security cert. was issued by a company you have not chosen to trust. View the certificate to determine whether you want to trust the certifying authority. etc.
So I click to view the cert and then add the cert. For the rest of the session, there are no more warning messages. But when I restart my computer, and click on one of PayPal's buttons, I get the warning message again.
Reply. Hello. I had the same problem. When I tried to test PayPal's Shopping Bag on my computer, I got the same warning message on my screen.

I called PayPal, and by luck a young fellow, who is member of PayPal's development team, was helping answer the phones.

I explained the problem in detail to him, and he asked me a few questions, then he explained that PayPal was secure, and just as the message on my computer's screen said the information exchanged with PayPal, including credit card numbers, cannot be viewed by anyone else.

I said I'd still like to get rid of the warning message, and he made three recommendations.

(1)  Be sure the security level of my browser was set to the "Default Level". To do this look at the top of the Internet Explorer browser and click on Tools (a button), Internet Options, Security (a tab), Default Level (a button).

My browser was already set at the Default Level, but I clicked on the button labeled "Default Level", and restarted my computer. The problem was not fixed on my computer, but setting the security to Default Level may help you.

(2)  I'd said that I was using Internet Explorer 5.5. He said version 5.5 had recently been improved to work better with security certificates, and he recommended that I download the most recent version of Internet Explorer 5.5, which is free.

So I went to the Internet Explorer Home Page. Click on the next line if you want to go there now,

I downloaded the latest version of Internet Explorer version 5.5 with Service Pack 2 to my computer. Then I restarted my computer, but again the problem with PayPal's Shopping Bag was not fixed.

(3)  The third and final recommendation was to remove all of my Temporary Internet Files, and he briefly explained how to remove those files.

Start at the top of the browser and in succession click on Tools, then click on Internet Options, then click on Settings, and finally click on View Files. Sometimes to make it easier to remember what to do, computer geeks write this list as ...

Tools   |   Internet Options   |   Settings   |   View Files

Next type  Ctrl-a  and  Ctrl-x  to remove all of the old Temporary Internet Files. When I restarted my computer, it worked fine with no more Security Warnings about PayPal.

I'm not a computer wizard, so I'm not sure if one of these three steps will work for you, or if you even want to try them, but it worked for me.

We think PayPal is great, and we recommend that you use PayPal, if you can. Otherwise, use one of the other five ways to order from us. Click here to see all five ways to order from us, including PayPal.


Customer Comments

I just placed an new order through you guys and I was disappointed to see that you are not linked up with PayPal correctly!  I have a verified PayPal account in which all I should have to do is hit the pay button and it takes me to PayPal where I put in my user name and password so I don't have to input my credit card info!  I order from many online stores that use PayPal and your is the first that is set up wrong. 
Chris J.
Reply.  Hello Chris, thank you for your email. I just tried making an order on two different computers with two different PayPal accounts, and it worked all four times for me.
Maybe you do not have a verified address, which PayPal recommends we require. Or there may another problem, which is discussed in one of the emails above on this page.
You might contact tech support at PayPal. We apologize for the inconvenience to you.
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