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is usually $34.99

Or only $16.99 to Southern California.

on Orders totaling $169.99 before taxes and shipping charges.

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How to Order

This page contains emails with Customer Comments and our Replies about How to Order from us.

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Customer Comments

Hi, If I order fish ... do they come to my door or do I have to pick them up at the airport? Thanks
Reply. Hello, we ship fish via overnight express, and the fish are delivered to your door.  

Customer Comments

What a pleasant sight. To sit here and watch my aquarium full of healthy, happy fish. No signs of any kind of stress.
Your helpful hints to get the aquarium new fish friendly are invaluable. Not even one pecking order fight between the new and the old.
And the fish I received from you were everything you claim and more. Will recommend you to everyone. Keep up the good work.
All my future fish will be from your company.
Dorothy C.
Reply. Hello Dorothy. Thank you very much for your complimentary comments. The guys on our shipping crew fuss over every small detail in each order, and we will be sure they read your email. Thanks again.  

Customer Comments

To Whom It Concerns:
Just wanted to write and thank you for a wonderful job filling my order.
On Monday I placed a $100 order for 40 fish. I was notified on Wednesday that the order was shipping for Thursday delivery. Thursday morning my box arrived in NJ via Airborne, 13 hours after it was packed in San Diego.
Every single fish in each of the 7 bags were fine on delivery and after placing them in my aquarium were more hardy and active then fish I bring home from my local store. After about 20 minutes of letting the fish familiarize themselves with my huge 125-gallon tank I shut the lights off for 10 hours.
The tank is now lit and the new additions look amazing. What a pleasant and easy way to buy fish.
I look forward to many more purchases in the future.
Brian K.
Audubon, NJ
Reply. Hello Brian. Thank you for reporting on your order from us and the delivery of the fish to you. We appreciate your report. Thanks again for your order.  

Customer Comments

The fish I ordered arrived this morning, they are fine and look great.
Thank you!!!!
John H.
Ocala FL 34481
Reply. Hello John. Thank you for sending us an email. We are glad to know your fish arrived in good condition. I checked your invoice and see that you ordered three male and six female Fancy Guppies. They will make a nice group of Guppies in your aquarium. Thanks again for your order.  

Customer Comments

I just wanted to let you know that the (7) fish I ordered have arrived, and they are in great shape! Thank you for filling my order so safely and quickly.
Clarence R.
Pinellas Park, FL 33782
Reply. Hello Clarence. Thank you for your report on the fish you received from us. We are always glad to know they arrived safely. Thank you for ordering from us.  

Customer Comments

Hi Folks: The shipment arrived on schedule, and the fish are doing great! Thanks for your great services and the extra fish!
Tom R.
Hampton, NJ
Reply. Hello Tom. Thank you for email and for telling us that all the fish you ordered from us arrived on schedule and are doing fine in your aquarium.

I looked at the invoice for your order and see that you got 3 Male Purple Dragon Guppy, 6 Female Purple Dragon Guppy, 10 Neon Tetras, 10 Glowlight Tetra, 5 Aeneus Corydoras Catfish, 5 Siamese Algae Eaters, and 10 Amano Algae Eating Shrimp.

Which is a lot of fish that includes a nice group of Guppies, that always do best with at least three males and about twice as many females, just like you got.

Also a group of ten Tetras is very good, because Tetras enjoy schooling together and will not do well in a group with less than six of their species.

The groups of five Cory Cats and five SAE, make nice size groups, which will do well, and the ten Amano Shrimp will find and remove most of the algae that tries to grow in your aquarium!

Best of all, all these fish and shrimps are compatible with each other. So you did a very good job of planning your order.

Thanks again for your order and for your report.

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