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Page 1 Comments about
Names for Fish

This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Names for Fish.

Customer Comments

Another non-gender specific name: Inky. Because my blue/green/red betta looks like running ink!
Reply. Thank you for your suggestion. I added the name you suggested, Inky, to the list.

Customer Comments

Another good name for a fish is Cyber yeah!!
Reply. Thank you for your suggestion. I added the name you suggested, Cyber, to the list.

Customer Comments

You have a very good site. Very useful. It's cool that you have fish names. All my fish look the same so I only named my Betta. His name is fish! Great name right?
Well I thought that another gender free name could be Chippy. I wish I could change fish's name but I can't now! Oh well.
Reply. Hello Kitkitty. Thank you for your suggestion, which I just added to the list of Gender Free Fish Names. Click here to see that list now.

Customer Comments

My fiancé and I just inherited an aquarium that was in pretty bad shape. Never having kept one myself, I was in desparate need of education, so I turned to the internet where I promptly found your site. Thank you so much for the great information here!
As a result of your advise and recommendations, I'm getting rid of the undergravel filtration system in favor of a Bio-wheel, and greatly reducing the amount of gravel in the tank. I'm looking forward to converting this dirty and dreary aquarium to a bright cheerful home for the fish inside!
I also thought I'd throw two new fish names into the ring... Eno - from Nigeria meaning "Gift" & Kyah - which I think is Hawaiian for "Leaping Water" !
Thanks again!
Reply. Hello Brian. Thank you for your friendly email. We're glad that you made good use of the information in to resurrect an old aquarium. Good work!

Thank you also for the additional names, which I added to our growing list of names for fish. 

Click here to see that list now.


Customer Comments

... I noticed you Fish Namebook section, here are a few of mine that you do not have. I only saw the gender-free page, but in case you do have a gender-specific page, I have included others.
Dolphin (gender-free) Bikerboy (male) Gandalf (male) Gollum (is a male in the books, but for fish purposes is pretty Gender-free) Lefty (gender-free) Righty (gender-free)
Thanks again.
James D.
Montreal, Canada
Reply. Hello James. Thank you for your additions to our lists of Fish Names, which have become some of our most popular pages. We hope more people will send us interesting fish names.
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Customer Comments

Hey there!
I just thought I'd say I love this website, it's very informative and has provided me with a lot of useful information I didn't know. I figured I would let you guys in on another great fish name... Gilligan! I love it. I'm on my second betta now and both have been named Gilligan! :)
Elyse, Halifax, N.S., Canada
Reply. Hello Elyse. I added Gilligan to the list. Thank you for your suggestion. We're glad you love this website. Best wishes.

Customer Comments

Hi, Here are some names that we have named our fish: Cheeto, Google, Crayola, Kirrby, Copper, Scooter, and Struedal. This is an awesome sight for some cool names.
Tiffany D.
Manchester, IA
Reply. Hello Tiffany. Thank you for your list. We're glad you think these lists are awesome and cool. We enjoy reading your email.
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