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Pet Fish Information
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Pet Fish. Click here to go back to the previous page in this discussion about Pet Fish.

Customer Comments

My favorite site on the web! This site is great ... my questions were answered and and i found out some stuff i didn't know ... ;o)
Amy Jane
Tracey Ca 95377

Customer Comments


I'm sure you probably hear this all the time, but you have a really great site.  Loads of quality content, easy to navigate, and a nice narrative tone.
I'd have to say its probably the best aquarium site I've seen, out of the two dozen or so I've looked at in the past couple days.
Not ready to buy any fish from you, as I live in a small studio apartment, so my fish needs are best served with small purchases at the pet store, but I will keep you in mind in the future as I grow even more addicted to aquariums.
Dan P.


Customer Comments

Wow, i love this web site.  It is extremely informative.  I found it through  I recently bought some butterfly koi fish and was not sure what was the proper way to care for them.  I really want to see them grow big.
This web site has more information that what i was expecting to find.  Its also easily understandable, there are not all these weird terms that a novice like me would find hard to understand. Thanks.
I'm definitely putting it in my favorites folder.
Chino, California
Reply. Thank you Amy, Dan and Y. We've tried to make informative and understandable while leaving out jargon and technical terms, so everyone can understand more about their pet fish. Thanks again for your emails. We appreciate your complimentary comments.

Customer Comments


Hello! I am a beginner to the fish world and I pore over your site almost every day as my questions about fish keeping continue to evolve.
I've found it to be more helpful than I could have hoped for in answering questions and providing excellent tips. ...
You are saving the lives of my second "batch" of fish! I have grown to trust your advise and expertise and am excited about ordering some fish from you once I purchase another aquarium.
Jessica M.

Reply. Thank you Jessica. The very best part of is getting an email like yours. Thank you for your comments. Keep browsing around and watching your pet fish. The combination of reading and watching is the best way to learn. Good luck and thanks again.

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