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is usually $36.99

Or only $17.99 to Southern California.

on Orders totaling $169.99 before taxes and shipping charges. 

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Customer Comments
at the bottom of this page is a bad link
Compatibility. As mentioned above Crayfish generally make life miserable for small animals living on the bottom of their aquarium including other Crayfish. It seems to be best to keep just one unless you have a large aquarium.  Crayfish usually cannot bother fish that stay off the bottom.
Click here to read about several groups of compatible fish.
       (bad link)
Chuckles U.
Reply. Thank you, Chuckles, this was definitely a bad link, and it was difficult for me to find, because it pointed to a page in my hard drive.

So it didn't look like a bad link to me. But, of course, that page on my hard drive was not accessible to anyone but me.

Thank you for your help in making this website better.


Customer Comments

On your page:
../... /misc_critters/crabs.htm
under the paragraph "Compatible Tank Mates for Crabs.", the link in the "Click here to read more about several other groups of compatible fish."
Just thought I would let you know. You have some many pages I am sure it is hard to keep up. I know it is for me.
Mile H.
Reply. Hello Mike. Thanks for the correction and for your friendly email. I just fixed the bad link.

Customer Comments

On the page:
../... /tetras/neon_tetra_large.htm
You write: "Here some more fish that are good tank mates for Neon Tetras: White Clouds, Glass Fish, Corydoras Catfish, Fancy Guppies, and a few Ghost Shrimp." The link for Glass Fish, in the above paragraph, is:"
../... /wild/wild_imported_fish.htm
However, that page contains nothing about Glass Fish (though it probably did at one point). The only page I see offhand about Glass Fish is:
../... /wild/glass_fish.htm
where you do mention that you no longer sell them.
Thanks for a great site! ...
Reply. Hello and thank you for helping us to improve this website. I fixed the problems that you pointed out. Thanks again.

Customer Comments

There's an html error on this page:
The link for part 2 on Pet Fish Talk is
It should be
(there's an extra https:// at the beginning of the link that shouldn't be there)
-Tim R.
Gulfport, MS
Reply. Hello Tim. Thank you for your email and for the correction. I'll bet it the error annoyed several visitors to this website. I just fixed it.

By the way I searched the entire website for "https://http//:" and found six more occurrences of this typographical error, which I also quickly fixed.

Thanks again.


Customer Comments

I was searching the topic "Nitrates".
has an error I believe.
A copied portion is here. "Be sure you are testing for nitrates, because if you meant nitrites, they can be a serious problem. But the beneficial bacteria in a biological filter quickly oxidize nitrates to nitrates, which are much less toxic than nitrites and usually not a problem."
Don't you mean nitrites to nitrates? I know this is nit picking but to some people it might cause head scratching.
Reply. Hello Dick. You're right. The page was incorrect, and I just changed it. Thank you for your help in making this correction.

We know that the names of the fish vary across the United States and across the world. If you think we should change a name or include an alternative name, please send us your comments.

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We hope you find the information on this site is easy to read, practical, and useful. This information is not presented to help us immediately sell more fish.

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We've decided not to try to figure what will help us sell more fish. Rather we just want to help people take better care of their fish and let the chips fall where they may.

The bottom line: Please help us make the information on this site the best it can be.

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