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Customer Comments

Here and there in this website you'll see a Customer Comment sometimes from someone who bought fish from us, and other times you'll see a comment that we thought was interesting.

All of the Customer Comments were unsolicited, which means we didn't ask anyone to write them for us. Usually someone got fish from us, then emailed us back with a comment about the fish they got from us, and we thought their comment would interest other folks, who are thinking about getting fish from us.

In most cases we copied the exact text from the email that they sent to us. In a few cases their comments were so long that we decided to remove part of their message and inserted the usual  ...  to indicate some of their words were removed by us.


We do not represent these Customer Comments to be anything but comments from some of our customers. They are not in any way a statistical survey. They are just some comments from some customers.


We have not included the complete names of the writers to protect their privacy. We have not generally attempted to get permission to use these comments on our website. We apologize, if this has annoyed any of the writers.

Here are some actual Customer Comments about buying fish from

Customer Comment

Hi There, My fish arrived today__ they are strong and healthy__ eating well
Clyde T.
Hilo, Hawaii
Reply. Hello Clyde. Thank you for your reply. We're glad to know that your new fish arrived safely and are doing well.

Customer Comment

Hello, I would just like to tell you that you have a great site. It has all the information that you could possibly need, and also you can buy fish from it as well. I have ordered some fish from you in the past and I can tell you that right now they are all doing very well ...
I am very happy with them now, thanks very much! I would also like to tell you that I have read about all of the information that you provide, it is very nice that you provide such a wealth of information for your customers and others out there that might need help.
I have been in the aquarium hobby for quite a few years, and after reading most of your information and can tell by experience that it is true. I have and 80-gallon and 6 gallon tank at my house, the fish that you have provided are in both tanks and they are doing very well.
The 80-gallon tank is the first tank that I had, and because of some of my fish dying from old age I decided to order from you guys, and I have not regretted that decision at all, the fish are all very beautiful and they are also very healthy.
The 6 gallon tank has fish only from you, and a crab as well, they are all doing just fine and I am very happy that I bought them from you, thank you very much for the fish you have provided me.
Thank you,
Denis R.
A Fish Enthusiast
Reply. Hello Denis. Thank you for your complimentary comments. We're glad to read that your new fish are doing well.

Customer Comment

Hello, I received my fish today. I was very impressed with the coloring and healthy look. They were packed individually and carefully. I will definately buy from you again.
Reply. Hello Luci. We are glad to know that your fish arrived safely, and that you are happy with them. Thank you for your email. Good luck with your new fish.

Customer Comment

I just wanted to let you know that my fish arrived today at 2:08pm. They are all alive and healthy and are checking out their new homes. The cichlids are even swimming together in 2 big groups. That will probably never happen again!
Thanks alot for the extra guppies! What a neat surprise. I still can't believe they all fit in such a small box. You guys are true experts. I'm definately going to recommend you to everyone I know.
Thanks again for everything,
Reply. Hello Jen. Thank you for your report. We're glad to know all the fish arrived alive and healthy.

Customer Comment

I received them today ......... all alive and seem well.
Thank you so much!
Duluth MN
Reply. Hello Kim. Thank you for your prompt report. We're glad to know the fish arrived and seem well.

Customer Comment

I just wanted to let you know I recieved my order in good condition and say thanks for a great transaction.
Dennis S.
Newark, NJ
Reply. Hello Dennis. Thank you for your email and for reporting that your fish arrived in good condition. Thank you for your order.

Customer Comment

My order arrived and the fish were all happy and healthy!  Now I can tell
people you REALLY can order fish online!
Thank you,
Satisfied Customer
Rhonda T.
Glasgow, Kentucky

Customer Comment

i purchased some fish a couple of months ago and am very pleased  .... thank you very much
Thomas D.

Customer Comment

Fish arrived safe and sound.  Thank you for an excellent transaction!
Murray C.

Customer Comment

I received my happy & seemingly healthy fishes today. They are fabulous and some are already schooling with their cousins here! Much better shape than those that I've ordered from your "neighbor" Drs. F... & S...
Thank you!
(I love my beautiful free gold celestial, too. I don't have that color!)
Thank you.
Have a great holiday weekend. -

connie d.

Customer Comment

GREAT NEWS!!!!!! My mollie as well as all my other fish are doing fantastic!!!! You'll be hearing from me again soon ... my tanks arent't full yet!!!
Thank you for caring about your customer more than any rules.

Customer Comment

They arrived this morning with beautiful colors and full of curiosity. Very lively and seem to be in great condition.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Bob B.

Customer Comment

I just wanted to let you know I received the fish today and all is well  they are all doing fine.
Bob D.

Customer Comment

I just wanted to say Thank You! Thank You! for my red male betta I just
received. He is absolutely gorgeous. I had a hard time finding what I
wanted where I live and my cousin suggested your website. I am very
pleased and look forward to doing more business with your company in the future.
Once again, Thank You so much!
Sheri C.

Customer Comment

Thank you for the Mono Sebaes.  All 3 arrived today and are in great shape.
The Jenkins

Customer Comment

From the desk of Mark B.
Thank you. My faith is renewed. The fish arrived well and are much more colorful. Sending 20 replacments was generus. I do apreciate your extra mile of effert. Here is a picture of one of my 1875 gal pond that is now 16 yeares old.
The 17 inch orange standard Koi will be 14 years old this Jun. The rest of these fish pictured are all over 8 years old including the 9 inch shebunk.
Mark B. 
A big special "Thank you" to all of our customers, who have bought fish from us and then emailed us back with their comments.
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