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About Us
Learn more about us -
Shown above are three members of our friendly crew, Jeremy, Steve, and Freddie, shown here taking a short break from their busy day, working in our facilities, to smile for you. They do a superb job of catching, bagging, and packing each fish in each order.
Shown above are three more members of our crew taking care of some of our Bettas. Each Male Betta and each Female Betta has its own cup with a lid to prevent it from jumping out of the cup.

We keep hundreds of Bettas in stock, and these members of our crew make sure each Betta Fish gets really good care. From time to time we hear a comment that it's cruel to keep Bettas in cups this size, but that is not true.

Bettas do fine in these cups. They eat well and actually do better in cups and fish bowls, when given proper care, than they do in most aquariums. Bettas are the best fish for small containers. went on the internet January 20, 2000 with the goal of stocking the very best Tropical Fish and goldfish, taking fish orders over the internet, keeping the fish prices and shipping costs reasonable, providing lots of useful information, and giving great customer service. 

So is a new company, well maybe not so new now, but most of the crew have been working together in the fish business for a along time. The company is owned by The Bailey Brothers, Tom and Nevin, who have been in the fish business for more than 48-years.

The Product Manager has been in the fish business for more than 30-years and the Operations Manager for over 12-years. We feel very confident that this is the fishiest crew anywhere.

Our Facility was originally built in 1976, making it one of the oldest continuously operated fish facilities in the country. We are also continuously upgrading our facilities with new equipment, and over the years we've carefully written detailed lists of daily tasks to ensure that every fish gets proper care.

We believe that great fish quality is the result of dedicated people, given excellent training and supervision, who strive everyday to get all the details right.


Customer Comments

hello, i really love your web site as it has been helpful in informing me. i also like how it is arranged and would like to know how you write it. do you use an editor such as macromedia dreamweaver, or some thing else, either way . you site is exelent!
please keep up the good work.
-- thomas
Reply. Hello Thomas. Thank you for your complimentary comments about this web site. We use Microsoft's FrontPage, which is very easy to use, and we keep the fancy stuff to a minimum. A very talented life-long friend of mine, Morten Awes, helped me design the logo at the top of each page.

Another very good friend, Priscilla M., helped me with the lay-out of the pages. I took most of the photos.

I'd say that all of us here enjoy working on this web site, and it's fun getting complimentary emails, like yours, from aquarium hobbyists all over the world. Thanks again.

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fax, and email addresses.
Above: In this picture is a young premium quality Royal Clown Botia, swimming in one of our tanks, when one of our crew members took this picture.

Comments: This is a Premium Pet Fish, and we never see Premium Fish like this in any of the live fish stores or online stores that we visit.

Our Premium Pet Fish are more energetic, hardier, and have brighter colors with a beautiful metallic sheen.

Click here to learn more about Our Premium Pet Fish.

Origin: These Botia are caught in fast flowing rivers and streams in China, and they now live in aquariums throughout most of the world.

Maximum Size: In aquariums Royal Clown Botia can grow to be about 12" long, including their tails. Rarely very old females are even bigger. In their natural habitat they can grow to be 20" long.

Behaviors: Royal Clown Botia are active swimmers and quarrel gently with each other but are rarely aggressive.

They need a cave to hide in and spend a lot time hidden away to then come out and flash their beautiful pattern.

Compatibility: Some recommended tank mates include Barbs, Rainbowfish, Gouramis, and many other aquarium fish that are not too aggressive and not too small, or they will be eaten.

Click here to read more about compatible groups of pet fish.

Temperature: They live well from about 68 to 75 degrees F., but they're probably most comfortable at about 72 degrees F.

Click here to learn about aquarium temperature, aquarium thermometers, and aquarium heaters.

Feeding: Premium Pellet Food.

Click here to learn more about and shop online for premium fish foods.

Water Conditions: Royal Clown Botia seem to be tolerant of a wide range of water conditions. Probably a pH of 7 to 8 with moderate hardness is best.

Most water in the US is about the same, and seems to be OK for Royal Clown Botia, so it's probably best NOT to adjust the pH or the hardness of the water.

Here in our facilities the water is hard and the pH is usually about 7.8. We ship them in this water.

Like all long slender fish from river habitats, it is very important to give them frequent partial water changes.

Click here for a lot more information about aquarium water conditions.

Aquarium Size: It is probably best to house these fish in at least a 60-gallon tank, when they're 4" to 6" long, but a bigger aquarium is better.

Allow at least 6-gallons of water for each Royal Clown Botia under 6" long. They grow fast and at about 6" should move into a bigger aquarium.

Eventually they'll need to live in a much bigger aquarium with 150 to 300-gallons of water.

Decor: Royal Clown Botia do not need gravel, and a layer of gravel more than 1/4" thick will usually fill with bits of uneaten food that will contaminate the water.

They do seem to enjoy some round aquarium-sfe rocks on the bottom, which emulates their natural habitat.

Click here for more about aquarium gravel.

Live Plants are beautiful and improve the water quality. But Royal Clown Botia do not seem to need plants. Probably because their natural habitat is rivers and streams without plants.

Aquarium Filter: Bio-Wheel Filters are highly recommended. A Penguin 350B Filter in an aquarium with 60-gallons of water is OK to start with a few Royal Clown Botia that are less than 6" long.

At 6" long Royal Clown Botia should move into a bigger aquarium with several Penguin 350B Filters, and eventually a much larger aquarium with 150 to 300-gallons of water and as many Penguin 350B Filters as will fit along the back edge or a more sophisticated filtering system.

Click here to learn more about aquarium filters.

The addition of Lava Rocks will keep nitrates in the ideal range. Click here to learn more about using Lava Rocks in aquariums.

Life Span: Royal Clown Botia can live in excess of 20-years, if they're fed premium food and kept in a very large aquarium with very fresh water.

Gender: As they mature females fill with eggs and become plumper than males, who are raised in the same group.

Breeding: There've been no reports of Royal Clown Botia spawning in aquariums.

Popularity: Royal Clown Botia are rare in aquariums.

Names: The scientific name of Royal Clown Botia is Leptobotia elongata.

Variations: There are no variations known to us.

We hope you've enjoyed reading these comments.

DrT - 10/20/2016

style="font-size: 18pt">This page was updated on July 06, 2018.



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