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Page 4 about
Warm Water Fish and Aquariums

This page contains more Customer Comments and our Replies about Warm Water Aquariums. Click here to go back to the first page in this discussion about Warm Water Aquariums.


Customer Comments -
Thank you guys, for putting time and effort to publish a quality site, that people (such as myself) can use to startup and maintain a great freshwater aquarium. I have not had any fish since when I was a kid, and decided a few months ago to get myself a small aquarium for my apartment (10 gal).
Before going out and buying anything, I knew I would have to decide what type of aquarium I wanted, so that's when I hit the Net and discovered your site. I read probably every page here, before purchasing anything.
I set myself up with a glass rectangular 10-gallon aquarium, a Penguin Bio-Wheel filter, picked up a bottle of AquaSafe, some sea salt, and QuikCure. Also made myself a custom fitted Lucite aquarium cover, to accommodate the over the side Penguin filter. I setup the tank with water, AquaSafe, filter and picked up a handful of gravel from a good local aquarium retailer. Let that run for a week. Added some glass beads on the bottom, a couple aquarium safe decorations and fake plants, let that run for another couple weeks.
I had also started my water changing schedule during this time, 1 gallon every other day. The handful of cultured gravel had been sitting in a fish net this whole time, as I did not want the gravel in the aquarium, other than to set it up with healthy bacteria. I removed he gravel before adding any fish, and I picked up 6 zebra danios for my first fish. Changed out 1 gallon of water extra that morning, then brought the fish home and acclimated them to the aquarium water.
Opened the bag up, and rolled down the top, and set it on top of the water, let it sit there for about an hour before I started mixing any of water. Slowly added my aquarium water to the bag water, a few tablespoonfuls at a time, over the next hour, and finally, dumped the bag into the aquarium. Followed the same procedure a week later when I added a few ghost shrimp, and also 3 weeks after that, when I picked up 3 female bettas.
Feed my fish in the morning before work, and in the evening after work, either some variety flake food or some freeze dried blood worms as a treat occasionally. Still change 1 gallon of water every other day using a gravel siphon, my new water is 1 day old tap water which has been treated with 4 drops of AquaSafe.
The fish are awesome to watch, the danios are very active, they seem to keep the Bettas amused. Of the three female bettas I have, one is white, one is black and one is blue. The black betta is the least aggressive, she will let the white betta chase her around. The white betta is the most aggressive, as she seems to enjoy chasing the black betta. If the white betta ever tries to chase the blue betta, the blue betta ignores her, and the white betta gives up. The blue betta doesn't seem to ay attention to any of the other fish, not bothering them or letting any of them bother it.
All are healthy and lively, no signs of any problems, and I have yet to experience any water problems, or algae. Besides my normal water changing schedule, once a week a scrub down the sides of the tank and the decorations.
Every 3 weeks I change the filter in the Penguin. The white betta is very lively, she is a jumper, she always knows when its time to eat, and when I remove part of my aquarium cover, she always jumps towards my hand. She can make it a good 4 inches out of the water. I have always tried to be very careful about her jumping out to keep her safe.
When I feed my fish, I only have to remove 1/3 of the cover. She has jumped out far enough to land on the remaining 2/3 of the cover in the past, and I would gently get her back into the tank, and she would be okay.
This morning, she jumped completely out of the tank, and fell to the floor, about 5 feet down, and she landed on ceramic tile. I quickly got her back into the tank, where she immediately crashed to the bottom, fins clamped and all. I got out the perforated-top cup she came in, and placed her inside of that, in the tank, to protect her from the other fish and shrimp. She would swim around a little, and go up for air, but mostly would just rest on the bottom of the cup. I only had about 10 minutes to watch her before I had to come to work, so I will see how she is when I get home this evening.
I hope she is okay, but I think that the hard hit on the floor may be too much for her, and she may not make it. I will have to wait until tonight to see.
So, I'm very happy with my aquarium so far, and I'm sure I would have bought needless items, or not been able to maintain the quality of my aquarium, or bought incompatible fish if I had not discovered your site. I still come back and read up on some of the articles occasionally, like the stress and disease treatment (although I have not needed to use it), and also the cloudy or foamy water article (although my water quality has been great, smell like good top soil, not slimy at all).
Haven't lost any fish or shrimp yet, and hopefully I won't lose this betta either. Here's another happy aquarium owner expressing his appreciation of your guys wonderful site, it makes it so much easier for us to startup and maintain healthy aquariums, I could not recommend your site enough to others who want to get into the joy of aquariums themselves.
Reply. Hello Kevin. Thank you for your wonderful account of setting up your new aquarium. Congratulations on your success.

Customer Comments

Great website. Tons of info. I have a question about cycling a new tank. Should I do regular water changes during cycling of a new tank? I didn't know if this would affect the establishment of the neccessary bacteria for biological filtration.
Thanks for any help you can give.
David W.
Starkville, MS
Reply. Hello David. If you do partial water changes of no more than 20% of the water, as recommended elsewhere on this website, it should not affect the beneficial bacteria in your filter. But changing more than 20% of the water on one day can harm the beneficial bacteria, even if you add water conditioner.

It's a good idea to get into the habit of doing a 20% partial water twice each week.

Test your aquarium water every day with your eyes, nose, and finger tips. If the water tests good, then you don't need to change water more often than twice a week. Click here for information about testing your water.

If your water is cloudy, or foamy, or smelly, then you should take action. Click here for more information about that including doing partial water changes.

Thank you for your complimentary comment. We are glad you are using our web site.


Customer Comments

       I was wondering if you have to do something special to clean my rocks, my fish had a disease, so I was wondering if you could just clean them like normal, or do I have to do something special ??
Reply. Hello. Get a clean bucket with no contamination. Put your ornaments in the bucket with some water from your
aquarium and scrub the ornaments with a scrubber that is labeled for use in aquariums. Discard the water.

Thoroughly scrub the inside glass in your aquarium. Scrub everything in your aquarium, but do not break the aquarium completely down. Then change 20% of the water every day for about three days, and your aquarium should be ready to start over.

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