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Page 3 about
Warm Water Aquariums


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This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Warm Water Aquariums.

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Customer Comments

Hi, I am new to this, (fish) and I have a warm water aquarium. I went to petsmart to get supplies like a new pump since ours was leaking, and fish. I talked to an attendant person in the fish section, and they said to wait 24 hours to let the aquarium build bateria before we put fish in. So we waited 24 hours and then let the fish float 15 minutes in the tank before releasing them.
Right now we have the fish in a 29 gallon heated tank. The fish include zebra danios, and multiple guppies (20 fish all together which the person at petsmart said was ok). I looked at your site, and it said 3 days (to wait until putting in fish). So i was wondering if or what I did wrong, If i did anything wrong.
I have had the fish for almost half a day from the time i sent this. Right now they seem to be doing ok. Where we live, has water high in lime rock. Do you think this will damage the fish since I have run the water through a filter a while, and it has cleared up considerably. I was hoping you could give me some help since I worry I have wasted $35 on fish that will die in a week.
Matthew H.
Reply. Hello Matthew. You say you've had the fish in your aquarium for half a day and they seem to be OK. So you've been lucky so far. Here is some advice.

You've started with too many fish. The beneficial bacteria have not had enough time to grow in your filter, so there may not be enough bacteria to digest all the waste that your fish will produce.

Click here to read more about these beneficial bacteria, and how they help filter the water in an aquarium.

If the bacteria cannot digest all the fish waste that your fish will produce, your water will begin to get cloudy and smelly.

Click here for information about using your eyes and nose to test your aquarium's water.

Click here for information about what to do if your water gets cloudy or smelly.

One thing you can do to improve the water quality in your aquarium is to add a filter with a BIO-Wheel, which is the ideal place for beneficial bacteria to grow.

Click here for more about filters with BIO-Wheels.

If you had done more reading before you bought the fish, you would have learned that it is better to start with just few Zebra Danios, and keep them in your aquarium for about three weeks to give the the beneficial bacteria enough time to multiply in your aquarium filter.

I suggest that you start reading about aquariums and fish, so you can rely on your knowledge in the future and not rely on being lucky.

Click here to read the Seven Essentials of Keeping Fish, which is a good place to start reading. On that web page you will find links to lots more information that you should know about.

You should also click here to learn more about your Zebra Danios, and click here to learn more about your Guppies.


Customer Comments

Hi, I dont have an aquarium yet but I'd like to get one this summer ... I've been doing a lot of research on tropical freshwater aquariums and tropical freshwater fish. Anyways, I was planning on getting a 55 gallon aquarium (plus the proper filters and heater), and then getting these fish: I'd first put 6 Zebra Danios in and let them cycle the tank. After the tank is cycled, I would add 6 tiger barbs, 1 pleco, 1 Redtail Shark, and 6 neon blue rainbow fish. Please tell me if this is a good. plan ...
Thank You.
Reply. Hello Josh. I'd say your plan is just about ideal. I strongly recommend that you get a Penguin 350 filter, which comes with a BIO-Wheel filter and is the proper size filter for a 55-gallon aquarium.

Click here for more information about BIO-Wheel filters for aquariums.

The fish you listed do not need aquarium gravel. But if you want aquarium gravel, then I recommend that you have a layer of aquarium gravel that is at most 1/4" deep.

Click here for more information about aquarium gravel.

The fish you mentioned will all be compatible. You have the correct numbers of each species.

You need at least 6 of each of the schooling fish, one Redtail Shark, and one Plecostomus.

Also it is good to start with the Zebra Danios, because they seem to do well in new aquariums. So I think your plan is about ideal.


Customer Comments

I live in Florida and the room temperature in my house stays about 80-82 degrees (with a/c). My Question is, how can I keep the temperature in my aquarium below 78 degrees to accommodate my fish. It seems to sit at about 82 degrees, with lots of irrigation. My cold tap water is also about 82-84 degrees. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Reply. Hello Kevin. First let me say that many of the fish that we discuss on this website can live in water with a temperature of 80 to 82 degrees F., but above 84 degrees many fish will have problems.

Actually 78 to 80 degrees is about optimal for many types of tropical fish, and that is pretty close to the temperature of your water now.

So you could just leave your aquarium at 80 to 82 and not try to change it, and generally it's a good idea not to change and control things that don't need to be changed.

But if you decide you really want to lower the temperature of the water in your aquarium, there are two methods.

(1) Fill a soda pop bottle with tap water and freeze it in your freezer. After the water is frozen, put the bottle in your aquarium.

You must be careful about a couple of things. Be sure not to fill the soda pop bottle with tap water.

Water expands when it freezes, so the bottle might explode, if you fill it too full. I'd say leave at least 2" of empty space at the top of the bottle, when you fill it.

You must also be careful that the ice in the bottle does not cool your aquarium to much and too fast. This is unlikely, but I have heard of it happening.

(2) You can buy a professionally made chiller, which will have a thermostat to set the temperature that you want for your water.

Click here to go to another website, where you can get more information about aquarium chillers.

(3) I just thought of a third idea. Maybe you could move your aquarium closer to the air conditioner (a/c), where the the air may be cooler.

Click here to go to another page in this website with Customer Comments and our Replies about Warm Water Aquariums.
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