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Buying Guide 
Saltwater Fish for Sale

This page contains a list of the most popular groups of saltwater fish for sale as inhabitants in saltwater, marine, and reef aquariums.
Saltwater Fish for sale   Angelfish
are some of the most beautiful marine Tropical Fish available to the hobbyist. In fact, it is hard to imagine any large saltwater aquarium without at least one of these magnificent animals.

Click here to buy a Large Angelfish.

Dwarf Angelfish (Angelfish)   Dwarf Angels
Dwarf Angels, like their larger relatives, are also magnificent fish. They can provide much of the same attraction as the large angels, only in a smaller size (and, hence, a smaller system).

Click here to buy a Dwarf Angelfish.

Anthias   Anthias
Anthias are among the most beautiful reef fish in the ocean. Luckily for the aquarist, some are both peaceful and relatively hardy.

Click here to buy an Anthias.

Basslets   Basslets
are among the most colorful and peaceful fishes in the hobby with a longstanding history of captive success. They are fascinating to watch given their peculiar penchant for listing as they swimming, and they are hardy.

Click here to buy a Basslet.

Batfish   Batfish
are worthy to be considered as the centerpiece of a marine aquarium set-up. Capable of being very personable, engaging and clever, some batfish species are quite hardy.

Click here to buy a Batfish.

Blennies   Blennies
are hard to generalize about. But one thing can be said with certainty: the right blenny will bring personality and diversity to just about any tank.

Click here to buy a Blennie.

Boxfish   Boxfish
and Cowfish are thought by some hobbyists to be too difficult to keep. While these fishes do require careful attention in their dietary and habitat needs, they make personable and fascinating aquarium specimens.

Click here to buy a Boxfish.

Butterflyfish   Butterfly Fish
are some of the most beloved fishes in the hobby and, for the most part, rightfully so. While the majority of butterfly fishes should be left in the ocean, a few make excellent aquarium inhabitants.

Click here to buy a Butterfly Fish.

Cardinals   Cardinals
are gaining popularity in the aquarium hobby. Many cardinals are hardy fish that will delight the aquarists. While they are somewhat particular, it's not difficult to meet their needs in a properly set-up aquarium.

Click here to buy a Cardinal Fish.

Clownfish   Clownfish
are hands-down the most popular fishes in the saltwater aquarium hobby as a result of their striking coloration, interesting behaviors, and general hardiness.

Click here to buy many species of Clownfish.

Damsels   Damsels
are generally considered the hardiest saltwater fish for aquariums. Diverse, playful and beautiful, damsels are indeed darlings.

Click here to buy a Damsel Fish.

Dartfish   Dartfish
make excellent aquarium species. They are distinctive looking gobies and make an excellent addition to a marine set-up.

Click here to buy a Dartfish.

Dragonets   Dragonets
are amazing fish that are frequently sought after in the hobby. But they are very demanding in their requirements and, as such, are only recommended for the advanced aquarist, who is prepared to provide for their needs.

Click here to buy a Dragonet.

Eels   Eels
The vast majority of eels should absolutely never be considered for the home aquarium, but the several eels that are appropriate, make excellent specimens given their adaptability, interesting behavior and hardiness.

Click here to buy an Eel.

Filefish   Filefish
are a great choice for a home aquarium, because they are a relatively easy-going species, and so they are appropriate fish for even the beginner in the hobby.

Click here to buy a Filefish.

Frogfish (Frog Fish)   Frogfish
and Anglers are certainly among the most curious saltwater fish. While some people consider them ugly to a fault, others are fascinated with their unusual appearance.

Click here to buy a Frogfish.

Goatfish   Goatfish
are attractive, hardy and interesting fish that too many hobbyists have either never heard of or never kept. They provide useful tank maintenance skills and are quite active and interesting to watch.

Click here to buy a Goatfish.

Gobies   Gobies
can easily become the darling of even the most experienced marine hobbyist. Gobies are personable and interesting, especially those species living in symbiotic relationships with invertebrates.

Click here to buy a Goby Fish.

Groupers   Groupers
and Hamlets are basses (like Anthias), and the smaller ones generally make good aquarium specimens. Theses fishes are generally interesting, hardy and long-lived.

Click here to buy a Grouper Fish.

Grunts   Grunts
like their name suggests do grunt. Although known for their difficulty in adapting to captivity, given the right care, these fishes can be attractive and interesting additions to the home aquarium.

Click here to buy a Grunt Fish.

Hawkfish   Hawkfish
are an excellent addition to almost any marine tank. Behaviorally they are nearly without rival. Given their colorful appearance and cheery disposition.

Click here to buy a Hawkfish.

Hogfish   Hogfish
are outstanding aquarium fish. They are hardy, disease resistant, stunning in their appearance, and they will eat almost anything. In short, for the fish-only system, the mild-mannered hogfish is hard to beat.

Click here to buy a Hogfish.

Jawfish   Jawfish
are remarkable fish with unmistakable features and intriguing behavior. Named for their oversized mouths.

Click here to buy a Jawfish.

Lionfish   Lionfish
are commonly known as Firefish, Scorpionfish and Lionfish. The popular specimens from the subfamily Pteroinae are hearty and dramatic-looking.

Click here to buy a Lionfish.

Dottybacks   Dottybacks
are generally small fish, but what they may lack in size, they more than make-up for in gumption, and they can indeed be little terrors.

Click here to buy a Dottyback.

Pufferfish   Pufferfish
are the best ?pets? in the entire hobby. They are endearing, long-lived and remarkably expressive. While they do require specialized feeding, puffers are generally hardy.

Click here to buy a Pufferfish.

Pufferfish   Rabbitfish
are both hardy and interesting to observe in the home aquarium. Despite their poisonous spines, some Rabbitfish are without parallel for their disease resistance, algae-eating capability and beauty.

Click here to buy a Rabbitfish.

Rays   Rays
can be kept by advanced aquarists in large home aquariums. Some Rays can sting and can cause severe injury, so be sure to do your research before purchasing one.

Click here to buy a Ray.

Seahorses   Seahorses
and Pipefish are unusual looking animals with captivating expressive movements and curious behaviors that make them very interesting aquarium specimens.

Click here to buy a Seahorse.

Sharks   Sharks
As one might suspect, most sharks do not make good additions to the home aquarium, but for those aquarist who just must have a shark, there are several species worthy of consideration.

Click here to buy a Shark.

Snappers   Snappers
Although they need a lot of space, snappers are personable, disease resistant, long-lived and attractive fishes that make fantastic aquarium specimens.

Click here to buy a Snapper.

Squirrelfish   Squirrelfish
are said to resemble squirrels with their wide eyes and frantic movements. Doesn't sound like a desirable fish? Actually Squirrelfish make an ideal aquarium species - hardy, interesting and brightly colored.

Click here to buy a Squirrelfish.

Tangs   Tangs
and Surgeonfish are a grouping of fish contains everything from aquarium staples to rare collector fish. They derive their family name from the Greek word meaning "thorn tail."

Click here to buy a Tang.

Triggerfish   Triggerfish
are some of the most intelligent, hearty and attractive fish available to the marine aquarist. Named for their 'trigger? which they use to secure themselves inside crevices in the reef.

Click here to buy a Triggerfish.

Wrasses   Wrasses
are an incredibly large and diverse group of fishes with many species that make outstanding aquarium specimens. Hardy, interesting, colorful, and relatively easy to keep, most wrasses are half a foot or less in length.

Click here to buy a Wrasse.

Reef Safe Wrasses   Reef Safe Wrasses
Although not a scientific grouping, there are two kinds of wrasses for the aquarists to consider: reef-safe and not reef-safe.

Click here to buy a Reef Safe Wrasse.


Marine Plants & Algae
Generally used in a refugium or a separate planted tank, saltwater plants can, when appropriately used and cared for, provide useful functions for the overall marine system.

Click here to buy Marine Plants for your Saltwater Reef Aquarium.


Whether it’s dry, liquid, or freeze-dried, we carry all of the top food products for marine livestock. Be sure to check our species pages so that you know how to meet the dietary needs of each of your specimens.

Click here to buy Foods for your Saltwater Reef Aquarium.

Click here to read a large collection of very interesting and informative articles, written by experts, about keeping fish in saltwater and reef aquariums.
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Eighty percent of all fish species live in saltwater environments. The phenomenal diversity of life in the oceans is reproduced and enjoyed in saltwater aquariums.

Although more difficult and costlier to maintain than freshwater aquariums, the great multitude of life forms, and the unique behaviors of saltwater fish create unique marine and reef aquariums.

More Help and Advice
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