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Page 4 about

How to Breed Mollies


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This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about how to Breed Mollies and Raise the Baby Fish. Click here now to go back to the previous page in this discussion.


Customer Comments

Dear Sirs:
I have enjoyed your site. It is great and I have learned a lot. I had never heard how to change only 20% of the water twice a week. I have been doing this and my aquarium is doing much better. No odor. It is great.
I do have a question. I have had three mother fish, 2 Mollies and 1 guppy, that have had babies in my aquarium. After the mothers had their babies they died.
The babies are doing fine. Can you tell me what the problem may be. I would really appreciate it. Once again, thanks for a wonderful site and I will be waiting for your reply.
Yours sincerely,
Reply. Hello Debbie. We're glad to know that you are changing 20% of the water twice a week, and your aquarium is better with no more odor. That is very important for the health of your fish.
I presume that you bought your female guppy and two female mollies, and here is what probably happened to them, before you bought them.
They were born and raised in a big pond on a fish farm somewhere. Then caught in a net or in a so-called fish trap that is a screened container with a one way entrance.

Something like a lobster trap that you may have seen, but usually with a finer screen, because your fish are smaller than a lobster.
Next your fish were probably conditioned in a big vat on the fish farm, then caught with hand-nets and put into boxes to be shipped hundreds of miles away to a Tropical Fish wholesaler somewhere near you.
Then the wholesaler sold them to a retail fish store, who put them in their aquariums, where you bought them, and took them home to your aquarium. All of this was probably pretty stressful for your fish.
Of course the fish farmers, and the fish wholesalers, and the fish store all try hard to reduce the stress, because it is their business to sell healthy fish.

But it is still a stressful being caught in nets and shipped in bags. Especially when you are a pregnant fish.
Often when you raise up the babies in your aquarium, those that are females will have less problems, and not die when they have babies, because they have not gone through the stress of being caught and shipped.

They've lived their whole lives in your aquarium.
Good luck with your fish.


Customer Comments

I've recently started to breed golddust mollies. I have a 30-gallon tank set up with 7 female and 3 male mollies. There are also about half a dozen zebra danios and a single platy.
My question is would you suggest a breeding net even though there aren't any "big" fish in the tank? Or similarly, will my mollies try to eat the baby fry? I've got a good amount of fake and live plants as well as a couple small pots for hiding places for the fry.
Thankyou very much for running such an informative site!!!
Travis B.
Reply. Hello Travis. Thank you for your email. Your Danios and Platy will usually try to catch and eat baby Mollies. But a few of the babies will probably survive, since you have lots of places to hide.
If you want more of the baby Mollies to survive, put the pregnant female Molly in a contraption before she releases her babies.

Click here to see the contraption.
Thank you for your compliments. We're glad to know that you are making good use of the information on this website.


Customer Comments

You guys are great! I just bought a 20-gallon and my molly is pregnant, I had no idea what to do, my local fish shop didnt even know then when it gave birth there was about 20 little guys I now have sold them to my local fish shop and once again thankyou for all your wonderfull help. I NEVER COULD HAVE DONE IT WITH OUT YOU GUYS!!
Luke R.
Reply. Hello Luke. Thank you for your complimentary comments. We are glad to know that the information on is helping you and your fish. Thanks again.

Customer Comments

Baby Mollies in Courtney's aquarium.   Hi,
Attached is a picture of my new baby mollies! Thanks to your site I have about 30 new baby mollies! I have another pregnant guppy now! Your site is very helpful!
Courtney, 14
Reply. Hello Courtney, thank you for your email. Congratulations on your baby Mollies!
Baby fish greatly increase the fun of having an aquarium. We are glad to know that has helped you. Best wishes and best fishes!
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