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Comments and Replies about
How to Breed Molly Fish


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This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about how to Breed Mollies and Raise the Baby Fish.

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Customer Comments

Hi there.
Is this the rigt address for customer commens? I just wanted to sa that I have recently become obsessed with fish. I have mollies and when they suddenly had babies (only two were found by us, but we were gone all day that day) I typed Tropical Fish mollies into the google search box.
Out of the two really helpful sites I found, you were the most informative and the easiest t navigate through. I am  currently coming back every day to read your customer comments and I have to say, they are helpful and fun to read. You gus are doing a great job.
Keep up the good work!
Avalon M.
Reply. Hello Avalon. Thank you for your comments and compliments. We're glad to know that you are enjoying

Customer Comments

Pregnant Female Molly.  
Pregnant Female Dalmation Molly.
I puchased 2M and 2F mollies over the weekend and was pleasently surprised, when I found baby Molly in my tank a few days later. From what I have since read, it seams likely that both of the females were pregnant.
I would like to know which one is still pregnant so that I can put her the hatchery and save her babies (I have Angelfish which I suspect ate the other babies). Can you tell me from the attached photoes which is still pregnant ?
Reply. Hello Cathy. Thank you for sending us pictures of your Mollies.
Both of the fish in the pictures are female Mollies that are full of babies, and they should release their babies soon.
Molly females like yours release babies about once a month, provided the water quality is good, the temperature is about 78 to 82 degrees F., and they have plenty of good food to eat. Click here for more information about Mollies.
Angelfish are predators, that will eat small fish like baby Mollies.

Customer Comments

hi ... i have just set up a community tank witch is doing really well with your help from your web pages. i have just had my first lot of baby guppies and swordtails ...
d. turne
Reply. Hello and thank you for sending us your comments. We're glad to know that our information has helped you.

Customer Comments

I just wanted to tell you about my black mollies (male and female). the day after i bought my female she gave birth to about 60 babies! i have about 40 of them in a breeding trap and the other 20 are in a large fish bowl with a snail. i know the female will have more babies in the future.
C.J. Hunt
Reply. Congratulations! I always enjoy hearing about baby fish.

Customer Comments

i have baby mollies in my aquarium net breeder, and im gonna clean the tank, but i don't know how to move the net and the baies, should i get em out or leave em there?
please help
ps. this is the best fish site
Reply. Hello Gilbert. Leave the Baby Mollies in the Aquarium Net Breeder. Scrub the inside of your aquarium with a non-toxic scrubber that's labeled for use in aquarium.

Click here for information about the proper scrubber.
After you scrub your aquarium, remove about 2" of water from your aquarium. If you have gravel, use a Gravel Washer to clean the gravel, as you remove the water.

Click here for more about how to use a Gravel Washer.
The Aquarium Net Breeder is about 4" deep, so removing 2" of water from your aquarium will leave your Baby Mollies with enough water.

Be sure you do not remove so much water that the Baby Mollies are dry-docked.
Refill your aquarium with fresh tap water. Thank you for your complimentary comment about We're glad that you like it best.


Customer Comments

hi there,
just want to share with you the news that my molly (one of the 5pregnant mollies i have) gave birth today. it so happened that i was home and it was around afternoon when it happened. i'm so happy and glad that i have the priviliged to witness the birth. i think it is worth the sunburn i received from keeping tabs on them for the past few days. :-)
16 live babies, 7 eggs (!!) and 5 stillborn. the babies are doing well and the mother is also doing well. i'm surprised that not all her babies are fully formed and yet she gave birth to them. hmmm. do you think this is normal or this anomally is due to the water condition, etc??
if everything goes well, then the other three very very pegnant mollies might also give birth these few days. :-)
i don't know whether this is the second batch for this particular molly but i do know that from her first batch two days ago, only 1 baby survived. at that time, i was still a greenhorn when it comes to caring for pregnant molly but now i think i've enough "experience" gleaned from firsthand observations.
thanks for putting up with my questions on mollies. you're a saint. now i do know how to tell a molly that is almost due for delivery. it is also a good thing that i happened to have lots of elodea plants on hand. i cultivate these myself from a few stem cuttings. now i have a whole bucketful of them. i had just in a whole handful of them in the tank when this molly starting "spouting" out babies!
thanks for all your good advice and all your patience.
ashley w.
Reply. Hello again Ashley. I remember that just a few days ago you were a little bit discouraged that your female Mollies would not release any babies.

Now you have a bunch of new babies, and you were lucky enough to see the birth. Congratulations!
It's not normal for a female Molly to deliver eggs that have not yet developed into babies.

I know that you just recently got your Mollies, so maybe the stress of being moved to a new home caused the female to release some eggs. before they had developed into babies.
I appreciate your enthusiasm, and I recommend that anyone else interested in breeding fish get a few Molly females like you did.


Customer Comments

hi ... thanks for all the info!!! this site is great!! oh and do different kinds of mollies mate?? my aunt orderd some goldfish from you and they laid eggs!! she says to say thanks!!
Reply. Hello Ryan. Thank you for your complimentary comments.

All of the differently colored Mollies and all the differently shaped Mollies are the same species, and all of them can interbreed and produce Baby Mollies.
We are glad to read about your aunt's success with her goldfish. We enjoy reading that the fish we have shipped found good homes. Thanks again.


Customer Comments

Attached is a picture of my new baby mollies! Thanks to your site I have about 30 new baby mollies!  I have another pregnant guppy now! Your site is very helpful!
Courtney, 14
Reply. Hello Courtney and thank you for your email. Congratulations on your baby Mollies !! Baby fish greatly increase the fun of having an aquarium. We are glad to know that has help you. Best wishes and best fishes!
Click here to go to another page in this website with more information about Breeding Mollies and Raising the Babies.
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