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Page 2 about

Breeding Convicts
and How to Raise the Baby Convicts


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This page contains more Customer Comments and our Replies about how to breed Convict Cichlids and raise the baby fish.

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Customer Comments

Hello, Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for your website, I have a pair of gold Severums and a pair of pink cichlids, they both decided to breed at the same time, I had what seemed like 1000 babies in my tank and no clue as to how to care for them, after 2 hours of searching the web I found your site and had my answers in about 15 min.
Thank you again
Dawn M.
Lima, Ohio
Reply. Hello Dawn. Congratulations on spawning both your Severums and your Pink Convicts. We're glad to know that has helped you take care of your baby fish.

Customer Comments

we have 2 convicts 1 firemouth in the same tank just bought them at xmas  came home last night and there are tons of babys we dont know what to do or very much about this kind of fish. the convicts are bulling the fire mouth in the top corner of the tank.
we dont know how to care for the babies? or should all the big fish be removed? what they eat eat any help you can give would be appreceated
thank you
Reply. Congratulations! Your Convicts have babies, and by breeding these fish you have proved that you gave them excellent care, because they will only breed when all the conditions are just right. Congratulations again.
The pair of Convicts will do their best to protect their babies. If there are too many fish in aquarium, or if those fish are too large, the pair of Convicts may not be able to protect their babies.
So this is a case where you will need to watch the pair without disturbing them to see if they are able to protect their babies. If you see they are having trouble, then you should gently remove the fish that are bothering them.
picture of an Aquarium with breeding pair of Black Convict Cichlids.   This picture was taken by Mark S. of his aquarium with Black Convict Cichlids. This picture is used here with Mark's permission.
The picture, shown above, has a nice big pile of rocks and lots of brown gravel. There are two Black Convict Cichlids that have dug the gravel out from under the rocks to make a cave, where they can lay eggs and protect their babies.
At the top of aquarium in the above picture are two Aquarium Net Breeders, which have been assembled and put inside the aquarium.

These Aquarium Net Breeders are good places to keep baby fish, until the babies are big enough to survive in an aquarium with larger fish.

Click here for more information about Aquarium Net Breeders.

picture of a spawning pair of Black Convict Cichlids.   This picture was also taken by Mark S. of his aquarium with Black Convict Cichlids.

Here you can see Mark's pair of Convicts in front of the cave that they dug under the rocks.

picture of a breeding pair of Pink Convict Cichlids.   This picture was also taken by Mark S. of his Pink Convict Cichlids.

Here you can see Mark's pair of Pink Convicts in front of the cave that they dug under the rocks.

Incidentally, Pink Convicts are a color variety of the naturally occurring Convict Cichlids, that are sometimes called Wild or Black Convict Cichlids.

The Wild Black Convicts have a pattern of dark vertically bars on their bodies. Breeding them is virtually identical with breeding Pink Convicts.

The Pink Convicts and the Wild Black Convicts are the same species of fish, and they will breed with each other.


Customer Comments

picture of a Convict Cichlid.  

Good Page. I was looking under the
Black convict part and it had a box that
said you didn't have a picture yet.
If you want you can use the picture
i attached to this message.


Reply. Thank you, Josh, for the picture of the Black Convict Cichlid. I see some orange on it's belly, which might indicate that it's a female.

But I also see its fins are pointed, which might indicate it's a male. Do you know the gender of this fish?


Customer Comments

How can u tell if a black convict is male or female? I have a dark black convict and a light kinda gray black convict which is the male? which is the female?
Thanx a bunch,
Michael A.
Reply. Hello Michael. I know of three methods. Generally male Cichlids have longer more pointed fins than females.

Also male Cichlids tend to have bump on their head above their eyes that females do not have.
Specifically in the case of Convict Cichlids females often have some orange marking on the belly that males do not have. But I don't think being dark or light is helpful in determining the gender.


Customer Comments

Baby Convict Cichlids one week old.

Found your site a little over a week ago, My convicts have had several egg lays but within days of the hatch the fry dissapeared, because of your site I enclose these pictures of my now 1 week old fry, who are doing exceptionally well on their own. Never thought about setting up a seperate tank for the fry, 1st time this has ever happened before, hey usually got along fine in the main tank untill now. They seem to be growing well, fed on soft boiled egg yolk disolved in water. You have permission to use photos if you like.
Thanks Again

Reply. Hello Harold. Congratulations on the baby Convicts. Thank you for the picture.
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Click here to continue on to another page in this website and read about breeding Mouth Brooding Cichlids.
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