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Page 2 about
Compatible Fish Species


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This page contain Customer Comments and our Replies about Compatible Groups of Fish Species.

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Customer Comments

Hi, I recently found your site looking for infor on auqariums and Tropical Fish.  i am planning on buying a tank about 15-gallons or so and was wondering what would be a good setup of community style fish.
I like guppies and stuff, but I'm only 13 and don't want to have to take care of all those little babies, because iwouldn't know what to do with them.  For live-bearers, could you just keep males to keep from getting babies?  Basically though, what would be a good community tank setup for someone my age?
I want like the setup with top water fish, middle level fish, and bottom fish.  I also don't want like a whole bunch of one type of fish, and hardly any other types.  I was thinking about maybe a couple male guppies, a male betta, about 6 neon tetras, and some sort of catfish.   Those are the ones that I want the most.  What others could I include in a 15-gallon tank?
-Jonathan S.
Washington state
Reply. Hello Jonathan. I think Group 1 would be a good group of fish for you. But Neons often do not do well in a new aquarium.

Click here for information about the fish in Group 1.
I recommend that you start with a group of six White Clouds and some Ghost Shrimp. But be sure your aquarium is set up correctly and running for at least three days before you buy fish.
Click here for information about how to start a Warm Water Aquarium.
The Neons, Guppies, Corydoras Catfish, and the Glass Fish will need a Warm Water Aquarium with an Aquarium Heater.

But the White Clouds and Ghost Shrimp will do well in a Cool Water Aquarium without an Aquarium Heater.
A Cool Water Aquarium is easier to keep and requires less experience and less skill.

So it is a good way to start. Later you can add a heater and get some warm water fish.

Click here for more information about how to start a Cool Water Aquarium.


Customer Comments

hi i need ... advice about what kind of fish to put in my 55 gallon tank. iam new at this and need some simple fish right now i have 2 swordtails and 1 mollie and 1 suckerfish what else could i add???
Reply. Hello Ryan. Thank you for giving me a change to give you some advice about fish for your 50-gallon aquarium.

You now have Swordtails, Mollies, and a suckerfish that I think is probably a Plecostomus Catfish.
Click here and scroll down to the paragraph titled "Compatibility", where you'll learn that Swordtails live best in a group with a few male Swordtails and several female Swordtails.

You'll also learn that Swordtails are compatible with Mollies and Plecostomus. So the three types of fish that you have now are compatible with each other.
In your 55-gallon aquarium I recommend you get more Swordtails to eventually make a group of three male Swordtails and five female Swordtails.
Click here to read about Mollies. Mollies are related to Swordtails, and Mollies also live best in a group with a few males and several females.

So I would expand your group of Mollies to eventually include three male Mollies and five female Mollies.
Click here for more information about your Plecostomus Catfish, and you'll learn that just one Plecostomus in your aquarium is plenty.
If you follow my suggestions, you'll eventually have 8 Swordtails, 8 Mollies, and 1 Plecostomus. But I would not add all of the new Swords and Mollies at one time.

Get a couple more female Swords and a couple more female Mollies, then wait a week or two before adding more fish.
If you get all the fish that I recommend in your aquarium, and you still want to add more fish, then go back to the pages about Swords and Mollies and look for more compatible tank mates such as Platies, Angel Fish, Corydoras Catfish, and some Bigger Tetras such as Black Skirts, Red Serpaes, and Silver Tips.


Customer Comments

hi ... just wanted to thank you for all your help!! i took your advice and added some more swordtails and mollies they are doing great!! i now have 4 swordtails 4 mollies 1 plecostomus and 2 Angelfish!!!
thanks for everything!! i will recomend you to all my friends and dont worry ill be on your site again!!
Reply. Hello again Ryan. So you added two Swordtails, three Mollies, and two Angels.
Click here to read more about Angels and scroll down to the paragraph titled "Compatibility" where you can read,
"Either one Angel to an aquarium or more than 3. Angels are Cichlids and like most Cichlids, if you keep just 2 or 3 in the same aquarium, the strongest one will make the others miserable.

Angels do very well in a group with 6 or more Angels in a large aquarium with at least 50-gallons of water."
So you should wait a couple of weeks, then get at least two more Angels about the same size as your Angels.

A group with six angels will do very well in your 50-gallon aquarium.
Later you should also ad a few more Swords and a few more Mollies. Please send us some more reports on your aquarium later.


Customer Comments

Hi, there, Wow!  I love your site!  I am a novice and have found it to be very helpful, even (especially) after viewing a million other sites. I have a six gallon Eclipse system that I bought in August as a present for my cat's birthday!  Poor kitty, he has yet to see a fish in it.
I started out planning for goldfish. Everything was set up, and then I found out that even with keeping little bottles of floating ice in the water, I couldn't get the temperature to remain below 80 on those hot days (I'm on the second floor, no a/c.) So my new thought is to go tropical.  I have a heater to keep the system warm in winter and it will stay naturally very warm during summer.
Oh, those male bettas are beautiful!  I love the idea of a male betta, ghost shrimp, and a snail.  Now, since the idea was originally to give my cat something fun to look at, do you think I could add some neon tetras?  I'm also thinking about the African frogs, but I have to see if there's a reasonably convenient source for their worms.
Here are the possibilities I see: 1)  Betta, ghost shrimp, snail, two froggies. 2)  Betta, ghost shrimp, snail, two froggies, neon tetras. 3)  Betta, ghost shrimp, snail, neon tetras. My preference is for 3, providing I find a reasonable source for their food.
What do you think, would I be over-crowding my tank? Do you have other suggestions? ...
Sincerely, Leslie
Reply. Hello Leslie. First, click here and read the information about Warm Water Aquariums.
We have plenty of experience with your choice #1, it should do well. The addition of Neon Tetras in your choices #2 and #3 seems OK.

But Male Bettas are raised in isolation, and so it is difficult to predict just how they will behave around small mild fish like Neon Tetras.
You're correct, when you say to add fish slowly. This will give your filter time to build up a good colony of beneficial bacteria.

If you can locate someone who has an established aquarium, ask them for a handful of their gravel and add it to your aquarium. This will start the beneficial bacteria up very quickly.
Another way to do this is to take the filter floss or sponge from an established aquarium, and gently rinse it in your aquarium.

The beneficial bacteria in the gravel, floss, or sponge will jump start your filter. Then your fish can be added immediately.
Your system does not need an air stone. Your Eclipse System has a BIO-Wheel, and it gives your aquarium plenty of oxygen and good circulation.

Air stones are just ornamental in an aquarium with a BIO-Wheel. Click here to read more about air stones.
Gravel depths of more than 1/4" are places for fish waste to accumulate and just increase aquarium maintenance.

Gravel thicker than 1/4" is of no benefit in an aquarium with an Eclipse System.
Java Ferns make a good addition, and they will absorb some of the dissolved fish waste.

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