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is usually $34.99

Or only $16.99 to Southern California.

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Food for Koi

There are just a few brands of premium food for Koi. Hikari and Omega both make several types of premium food that are available at most places that sell pet fish.
Click here to buy premium koi food.

Flakes or Pellets, which is Better?
If your fish will eat pellets, they will be better, because pellets have less surface area and so slightly less of the nutrients will dissolve into the water. Also if fed properly, more of the pellets are eaten and won't end up in the filter. Pellets are less expensive per oz.
What Size Container of Fish Food?
It's easy to make the mistake of buying a single large container of food that may go stale long before the fish finish eating all of it. It's better to buy a smaller container and to immediately put the lid back on tightly after each feeding. Fresh food is better than saving a few dollars and feeding stale food.
Is premium food good for all types of Fish?
Almost all types!! And that answer surprises us. For many years we'd been told and then repeated that different species often required different foods. For example, that Goldfish and Koi need a more acidic food. That piscivors need more protein. That Mbuna Cichlids need more plant matter. So we are amazed that almost all fish do very well on this same premium food formula.
Exceptions? Eels will not eat it for us, so far. For a while we thought the Needlenose Gars wouldn't eat it, but now we've seen them eat the flakes!!
We're surprised. Almost all of our fish eat premium food, and when they eat it they get more colorful and more energetic, and they grow faster with less waste in the aquarium, so the water stays cleaner longer.
Click here to buy premium food for Koi.
Click here to buy Koi Fish.
Click here for more information about Koi Fish.
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Premium Aquarium Fish


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