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To Treat the Diseases of Pet Fish
This page contains a selection of fine pet fish medications that are guaranteed for purity, quality, and freshness.

Many of these medications are not available in pet stores. Click on a picture or an underlined link to buy these medications.


Quick Cure
Quick Cure works as its name implies, Quickly! Fast relief from ick and other external parasites that may appear as gray-white film or mucus on fish.

Parasites are also indicated if your fish are scratching against rocks or flicking their fins. Quick Cure provides the relief your fish are looking for in only 2 days.

Click here to buy now.


Aquarium Salt
All natural salt, made from evaporated sea water, promotes healthy gill function, reduces stress and loss of electrolytes.

Used to improve the efficiency of medications and reduce the harmful effects of nitrite.

Aquarium Salt can be used for numerous purposes: General tonic and stress reducer: add one rounded tablespoonful for every 5-gallons of aquarium water.

Tropical Fish treatment or with a remedy: add one rounded tablespoonful for every 5-gallons of aquarium water.

Click here to buy now.


Heals open wounds and abrasions, treats fin and tail rot, cloudy eyes, mouth fungus, and promotes the re-growth of damaged fins, rays, tissue.

Will not adversely affect the biological filter, alter the pH, or discolor water.

Safe for reef aquariums and live plants. For use in both fresh and saltwater aquariums.

Click here to buy now.

Treats fungal infections and both internal and external bacterial infections. Will not adversely affect the biological filter, alter the pH, or discolor water.

Safe for reef aquariums and live plants. For use in fresh or salt water. PimaFix has been formulated to work in combination with MelaFix to enhance effectiveness against fish diseases.

This liquid is an all natural medication for fish infected with fungus and bacterial infections.

It will not discolor aquarium water or aquarium sealant.

It has been specially formulated to work synergistically with MelaFix for a more effective treatment against fish disease and to promote rapid healing.

Click here to buy now.

Rid-Ich is a combination of two powerful medications proven effective in the control of many diseases caused by external parasites and fungal infection on both freshwater and saltwater fish.

RidIch+ will not interfere with biological filtration, and can be used on scaleless fish.

Signs that your fish may be infected with these diseases include: increased respiration, excessive skin mucus, loss of normal body color, scratching on the tank bottom or on objects, lethargic behavior, presence of small white spots.

Click here to buy now.

A broad-spectrum antibiotic shown effective against pathogenic bacteria associated with ornamental fish disease.

Symptoms of clamped fins, swollen eyes, heavy or rapid breathing, patchy coloration, change in swimming behavior or corner hiding can be signs of a bacterial infection.

Use Maracyn to treat body fungus, (white grayish material covering most of the body), fin and tail rot (split, ragged and deteriorating fin and/or tail), popeye (protruding eyes, may be cloudy or hazy), gill disease (swollen, discolored gills, gasping for air and a decrease in activity), and secondary infections.

Click here now to buy Maracyn.

Maracyn-Two is a safe and effective treatment for dropsy, septicemia, popeye, and fin/tail rot. This broad spectrum antibiotic (minocycline) is absorbed through the fish's skin and is able to fight systemic infections susceptible to its action.

Non-toxic to invertebrates. Freshwater use only. Use of a hospital tank is recommended.

Click here now to buy Maracyn-Two.

Furnase is a tried, tested, and highly effective medication for treating mouth fungus, fin/tail rot, and black molly disease. Trusted by hobbyists and professionals, for freshwater and marine. Does not affect plants.

Click here now to buy Furanase.

Hole-N-Head Guard
Formulated to treat hole-in-the-head disease, which occurs in Gouramis, Discus, Oscars, and other Cichlids.

Signs include pin-hole size wounds in the head region. Wounds may also form at the base of the fins and near the fish's lateral line. In addition, loss of appetite is not uncommon.

This product is safe for freshwater fish and plants. Click here to buy Hole-N-Head Guard.

Click here for information about Hole in the Head disease.

Simply Betta
Bacteria & Fungus Cure
This liquid is a quick, effective remedy for Betta Fish that are experiencing mouth and body fungus, cotton-like looking growths, fin/tail rot. and other infections.

Click here now to buy this product.

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