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Page 3 about
Fish Food
and How to Feed Fish

This page contains more Customer Comments and our Replies about How to Feed Fish. Click here to go back to the previous page in this discussion.


Customer Comments

Could you tell me is there any type of automated fish feeding gadget that can be used to feed the fish if you go on holidays? Can you recommend any type of long acting food?
With Thanks
Anne T.
Reply. Hello Anne. Click here for lots of information about How to Feed Your Fish While on Vacation.

Customer Comments

I ran out of fish food this weekend, and fed a very small amount of raw hamburger to my archers, puffers. IS that a good substitution for blood worms if this ever happens again?
Darrell Q.
Reply. Hello Darrell. I'm not sure if hamburger is a good substitute or not. Very lean meat is probably not bad for Archers and Puffers, but hamburger with a lot fat might not be good for them. It would surely have been better to feed them bits of fish or shrimp rather than hamburger.

You should certainly organize and plan ahead in the future, so you have the proper food to feed all of your fish. I hope your fish are OK.


Customer Comments

Hi Tom and Nevin!
I needed some info on companion guppies - answering a question of a newbie - and took a look on your site, which I had stumbled upon some weeks back. I found what I needed and thanks!
You archive show was plugging freeze dried blood worms as a food. I have used live and frozen ones and think that they are great fish foods.
I would like to leave you with a caution about the freeze dried ones (and maybe even the others) however. The dust from them has something in it which can cause serious allergic reactions. I have never had problems with them, but I use freeze dried stuff very little and scrub down with baking soda if handling frozen ones. Take a search under "bloodworms and allergic reactions".
I guess no one should be snorting their freeze dried fish food, ;)
You jokingly refer to them as mosquitos, not good p.r. in this age of the West Nile virus scare. Also, it is inaccurate enough to scare away customers even without the health scares. You correctly mention they are gnats (which mosquitos are too.) Saying they are the same as mosquitos though would be like noticing that neon tetras and piranhas are both characins and pretty much alike. :)
Bloodworm larvae are vegetarians. I've seen them in my daphnia cultures and even inadvertantly had them hatch out indoors in the winter. (You can bet my bride was thrilled with that!)
The hatched midges don't even have mouth parts, much less present a threat of biting. If you really want to get into that, they belong to different genus (genuses?) and I'm sure ( even far from being an entomologist) there are taxonomic and physical differences.
I first saw your names in a Fish and Egg listing in an AKA publication in the middle '70s. I was financially challenged, newly - wed, working and going to school, so not in a position to purchase a lot of killies through the mail (or any other way). But your listings did send me to the books and gave me some dreams to pursue.
Thanks and all the best,
Scott D.
Park Forest, IL
Reply. Hello Scott. Thank you for your email and for the interesting information in it, which I read carefully.

We are now sure that the freeze dried blood worms, that we recommend, are freeze dried mosquito larvae, because the label on the container says, "Ingredients: Freeze Dried Mosquito Larvae Only."

You are certainly right that handling them could cause an allergic reaction and breathing the dust might be harmful too. Everyone should be very careful when handling anything that is alive or was alive.

We did have many listings in the AKA (American Killifish Association) Fish & Egg Listing a long time ago, and it's very nice of you to remember and remind us. Click here to go to the web site of the AKA now.

Thanks again for your email.

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