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Page 2 about
Aquarium Filters
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Aquarium Filters. Click here to go back to the first page in this discussion of filters.

Customer Comments

I came to your site trying to figure out why my water was ALWAYS cloudy. I found the answer right away and everything was right and my cloudy water problem is solved.
Your article on UGF's was interesting - I removed mine and got a power filter with a BIO-Wheel after reading your articles. The filter works great and I am very happy - Thanks again!
Franklin, PA 16323
Reply. Hello Erica. I was glad to learn that our advice about undergravel filters helped you. Thank you for sending us your comments.

Customer Comments

Your site has to be the most logical and simplest of all I've visited. Others sites have left me to wander and invoked fear with complicated things.
I could have saved a bunch of money and time had I found your site before now. I have been able to simplify my tactics on cleaning my tanks to what you advised and will not buy multiple undergravel filters along with external filters.
Thanks a bunch,
Bruce B.
Reply. Hello Bruce. Thank you for sending us your comments, and thank you for trying our advice. We're glad it has helped you and your fish.

Customer Comments

I was recently browsing your site (again) and noticed that you don't at all recomend canister filters, but instead only recomend biowheels. While the penguin biowheel filters are effective and work wonderfully for smaller aquariums, at larger volumes such as 100-gallons or more, you have to have quite a few biowheel filters running.
And if you keep fish that need super-clean water such as freshwater stingrays, a biowheel-only setup won't cut it. For people keeping larger aquaria shouldn't you be suggesting canister/fluidized bed combinations, or canster/biowheel combinations?
A fluidized bed is much more efficient for larger aquaria while using a relatively small volume of filtration media. Also biowheels can be added to any canister filtration with Marineland's BIO-Wheel Pro 30 or BIO-Wheel Pro 60 setups ...

Just my opinion,
Nick T.
Reply. Hello Nick. Thank you for your details comments and opinions.

I disagree with your comments. We have BIO-Wheel filters running on many 90 to 120-gallon aquariums in our facility. The water is crystal clear. Some of these aquariums have small fish such as Neon Tetras, others have very large fish. All types and sizes of fish do well in aquariums with BIO-Wheel filters.

Canister filters are expensive antiques that are no longer needed by aquarists. The filters with BIO-Wheels have a replaceable filter cartridge that contains activated carbon. These filter cartridges provide mechanical filtration and chemical filtration which combines with the biological filtration of the BIO-Wheel to produce the best aquarium filter available now.

The Penguin 330 filter has two BIO-Wheels and will will easily filter a 60-gallons aquarium. Two Penguin 330 filters will do a very good job of filtering an aquarium up to 120-gallons. Three Penguins 330 filters will filter up to 180-gallons. Each 60-gallons of aquarium water needs one Penguin 330.

Penguin 330 are inexpensive to buy, inexpensive to run, and very easy to maintain.

Fluidized bed filters and canister filters are expensive to buy, expensive to run, starved for oxygen, and require much more maintenance than Penguin filters. Click here for more information about aquarium filters.


Customer Comments

I have read with interest all your newsletters. I have kept 3 male Betta's at this time in a large bowl (different bowls) with plants. Recently my first two died after having them for 3 1/2 years.
I also have a 15-gallon aquarium. I had a female betta that was in the 15-gallon, that disappeared after two weeks. After approx. 3 months after she had disappeared, I changed to a larger 29 gallon aquarium.
To my shock, I discovered my female trapped under my undergravel filter! She was alive!! I was so happy to have found her, had her for only 2 weeks after her rescue when she regretfully died. I thought this would interest and hopefully help others who have this type of filter. I would never again use this.
Thank you for you newsletters..
I find something helpful in all.
Reply. Hello Rae. We're glad you enjoy reading our Newsletter and find them useful. Thank you for your email and your interesting comments.

We agree with your conclusion about undergravel filters, and we do not recommend them. But we've never had a fish spend months under an undergravel filter!

Click here to subscribe to our Newsletter.


Customer Comments

First let me complement you on a truly terrific web site. It is packed with extremely useful information in plain talk and a very easy to navigate format. Thank you!
My question: I have a new Eclipse Lighting and Filtration System 2 Hood and I noticed the transformer that plugs into the 110 volt outlet gets very hot to the touch. Would you consider this condition normal? An instant read food thermometer held against the outside of the transformer reads 115 degrees F.
Thank you in advance for you response and again thank you for sharing so much aquarium information.
Nemo H.
Honolulu, Hawaii
Reply. Hello Nemo. Thank you for your complimentary comment about

I also have an Eclipse 2 on my aquarium, so I just went in and felt the transformer, and it is cool, not even warm! I think you might have a problem.

I recommend that you immediately call the manufacturer, Marineland Inc., at their toll free telephone number, 1-800-322-1266.

They are very friendly and helpful, and they are also very concerned about safety issues, so they will want to talk with you about your transformer.

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