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Page 3 about
Cool Water Fish and Aquariums


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This page continues the discussion of cool water aquariums with information and advice about what kinds of fish can live in an aquarium without an aquarium heater.

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1. Aquariums Don't Need Gravel.
Often gravel gets full of uneaten food and causes pollution problems. Don't get gravel if you are a beginner.

If you like gravel, and you've mastered feeding your fish so there are no uneaten leftovers, then add a thin layer of gravel no more than 1/4-inch thick.

If you have gravel, use your net to stir it gently every day to help the particles in the gravel get into the filter.

By stirring the gravel each day you'll avoid having to gravel wash it. You'll need to change the filter pad in your filter when it gets dirty.

Fish Bowls do need gravel. Be sure your fish bowl has 1/4-inch of gravel to help filter the water.

Click here for more about gravel in fish bowls.

  How to Clean Gravel
These photos show Nicholas, age 8, holding a Gravel Washer and using it to clean the gravel in a small pond.

Cleaning the gravel in a small above-ground pond is like cleaning the gravel in an aquarium. In the bucket you can see the dark green water that Nicholas siphoned off the bottom of the pond.

Clean the Gravel
in your aquarium twice a week, as you change 20% of the water. Use a Gravel Washer. There are two sizes. Get the larger size: it works better than the smaller one.

Follow the directions on the package. Be careful not to stir the gravel. Move the Gravel Washer's large tube up and down vertically. Don't move it sideways which will stir the gravel and cloud your water.


Stop gravel washing when you've removed 20% of the water from your aquarium or pond. If your gravel needs more cleaning, wait until the next day to continue.

Replacing more than 20% of your aquarium's water in one day is risky. Discard the old water from your aquarium and replace it with fresh tap water from the faucet.


2. How to Feed Cool Water Fish.
Feed your Cool Water Fish twice a day with floating fish food. Feed TetraFin and Freeze Dried Blood Worms. Start by feeding your fish a very small pinch of food.

Carefully watch them eat. If they eat it all quickly, give them another small pinch. Keep giving them small pinches as long as they eat all of it quickly.

Feed them as much as they'll eat without leaving any uneaten food.

Food that sinks to the bottom and is not eaten can cause water pollution, so be sure all the food is eaten.

Use your net to remove the food that is not eaten after ten minutes. It's fun to feed your fish a few freeze dried blood worms for dessert.

Click here for more about feeding fish.

3. Avoid Contaminating your Aquarium.
Always be sure that everything that goes into your aquarium is not contaminated with soap, bleach, pesticides, or other chemicals.

If you add ornaments such as rocks, gravel, or plastic plants to your aquarium, be sure they are safe for use in aquariums.

Some rocks and gravel contain toxic minerals. Some plastic plants are not intended for aquariums and may poison your aquarium.

You can easily avoid contaminating your aquarium, if you always buy items that are specifically labeled for use in aquariums.

Everything that goes in your aquarium should be labeled for use in aquariums.

Click here to go to another page in this website that contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Cool Water Aquariums.
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