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on Orders totaling $169.99 before taxes and shipping charges. 

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Make Tap Water Safer for People but not for Fish.


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Most of the tap water, coming from local water districts and running out of most people's faucets in the U.S., contains chloramines.

In fact most tap water has contained chloramines for several years, so chloramines are not really new.

Chloramines are a chemical combination of chlorine and ammonia.

Before chloramines were used, most tap water contained chlorine, which killed most of the pathogens in the water and made tap water 'safe to drink?.

Without question killing pathogens in tap water by adding chlorine or chloramine improves the safety of the tap water for most of the people most of the time.

But the chlorine apparently reacts with organic matter in the water to form chlorinated-hydrocarbons, which are thought to cause cancer, and epidemiological evidence confirmed higher cancer rates in people in areas with chlorine in their tap water.

Chloramines are safer, so chlorine was replaced by chloramines in tap water.

Chlorine is relatively easy to neutralize, but chloramines are not. So chloramines have posed a greater threat to fish.

The Bailey Brothers discovered that doing a partial water change by replacing 20% or less of the water in an aquarium, fish bowl, or pond with tap water containing chloramines is almost always safe.

In fact a small amount of chloramines seemed to improve the health of the fish.

Perhaps a small amount of chloramines reduces the number of pathogens in the water without harming the fish.

The small amount of un-neutralized chloramine will probably reduce the number of pathogens and may improve the water quality for fish.

But changing more than 20% of the water with water containing chloramines is risky to fish, even if a commercial Water Conditioner is added to the water.

Click here for more information about Water Conditioners.

Surprisingly, several scientific studies have shown that many brands of bottled water are not as good as most tap water for human consumption.

Though the best bottled water is probably better than most tap water for human consumption.

The Bailey Brothers are reluctant to say that aquarists should remove all the chloramines from their tap water before putting that water in their aquarium or in their mouths.

Click here for information about removing Chloramines from water.

Click here now to buy Aquarium Water Conditioner.

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