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Page 2 about
Feeding Live Black Worms


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This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about feeding Live Black Worms to Fish.

Click here to go back to the first page in this discussion about feeding live black worms to Tropical Fish.


Customer Comments

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I am a Professor of Zoology and Genetics at Iowa State University. For many years I have done research and published articles about the biology of blackworms.
I read with interest the information included in the article "Feeding Live Black Worms to Fish."
The article contains sound and sensible advice about maintaining blackworms for purposes of feeding to fish. Of particular importance are your suggestions about the importance of keeping the worms cool, changing their water, avoiding chlorinated water, and examining them before feeding to fish.
My only comment and clarification about the information in that article is that the scientific name for blackworms is, in fact, Lumbriculus variegatus, not "Tubifex". Taxonomically speaking, tubifex worms are quite different from blackworms. You may find more information about the biology of blackworms at the following:
Charles Drewes
University Professor Zoology and Genetics
Charlie Drewes
Zoology & Genetics
Dept 339 Science II Building
Iowa State University Ames, IA 50011
Reply. Hello Professor Drewes. Thank you for the additional information about Blackworms. I clicked on both of the links you sent.

The first link goes to an interesting article written by you with more good information about Blackworms.

The second link is to your wonderful website that's full of lots of interesting information about invertebrates and how to study them. I enjoyed your website and highly recommended it!

Thanks again.


Customer Comments

I just wanted you to know that my Betta and shrimp arrived and are in their home well happy and eatting. I was so supprised to be able to have fish shipped one night and have them here the next day.
I'll be sure to come back to get more fish. but could you please tell me where I can get the black worms? I can't find a site that sells them. I live in a out laying area that has no stores near by.
Thank you so much.
Montello, Nevada
Reply. Hello Laura. Thank you for notifying us that your fish arrived safely in Nevada. It sounds like they've found a very good home.

We don't know of anywhere on the internet to buy Live Black Worms. But they are not essential. Just a treat. Since the worms are not readily available anywhere near you, don't worry about them. But do feed your Betta and your Ghost Shrimp some BettaMin and some Freeze Dried Blood Worms.


Customer Comments

i bought black worms from the pet store for the second time recently.  The  first batch that i bought i had to throw away because they smelled really badly.  When i first buy them, they don't stink like that but the longer i have them the more they smell.  i change the water but it doesn't seem to help.  Is it normal for them to smell?  or are they sick?
Thank you for your help.
Fredericksburg VA
Reply. Hello Casey. Black Worms should never stink. You made a good decision to throw them away and not feed them to your fish.

Are you sure they were Black Worms? There are also Brown Worms, and they are more difficult to keep alive. If you are sure the worms are Black Worms, the method of keeping them alive on this website should work for you, because Black Worms are easy to keep. Click here for information about keeping Live Black Worms.

I suggest that you go back to the store, where you bought the worms, and discuss the problems you had. Someone working in the store may offer to replace the worms or make some other adjustment.

Whenever you have a problem with something you buy, go back to the store and explain what happened. Sometimes a store will have a problem with something that they sell, but they  not be aware of the problem.

Give them the benefit of the doubt, and gently inform them about the problem. Give them a chance to make an adjustment. If they don't volunteer to make an adjustment for you, then ask them for an adjustment.


Customer Comments

I read your article on keeping blackworms.  What should they be fed?  Can a person establish/keep a culture of them?  Do you know what their breeding cycle is?  Do you know of any other informative sites on them? (Yours was about all I could find.)
Thanks in advance for your time and help.
Reply. Hello Shelly. We have never raised any worms, and we are reluctant to discuss things that we have not done. We buy Black Worms and keep them using the methods described on this website. Click here now for more information about how to keep Live Black Worms.

We do not know of any sources of more information about Black Worms. We do not sell or ship Black Worms, but sometimes you can find them for sale in your local fish store. In my experience a fish store that sells Live Black Worms is often a good place to buy fish.

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