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Page 5 about
BIO-Wheel Filters for Aquariums
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about BIO-Wheel Aquarium Filters. Click here to go back to the previous page in this discussion.
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Pet Fish Talk a Podcast about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.  
Click here to hear a Special Interview on Pet Fish Talk about the EcoBio-Block Family of Products, which are very effective at keeping aquarium water clear.

Customer Comments


I know that you guys like the bio-filter units.  Can you tell me which brand, Penguin or Emperor, is better built?  I have a fairly new Tetratec Power FilterPF300 and I am not pleased with it.  I have decided to switch to the Bio-Filter but want to get one that will last ? any suggestions?
Thank you.

Reply. Hello Cory. Yes we do recommend aquarium filters with BIO-Wheels, but we also like the TetraTech filters made by Tetra.

If your TetraTech Filter is the appropriate size, and you do the maintenance on that filter as explained in the manual, then replacing it with a Penguin or Emperor filter will probably not be a big improvement.

So we recommend the Emperor, the Penguins, and the TetraTech filters.

If you decide to replace your filter, and you must choose between the Penguin and Emperor, then keep in mind the Emperor has an adjustable flow. Some people like to decrease the flow, when they have baby fish.

The Penguins are less expensive that the Emperors, and the Penguins do not have an adjustable flow. Infrequently a BIO-Wheel in a Penguin may stop turning, which does not seem to happen with the Emperor. But it takes only a few seconds to get the BIO-Wheel turning again, and the details about what to do are in the manual.

The Penguin comes in four sizes and the Emperor comes in two sizes. Be sure you get one that is big enough for your aquarium. Click here to buy either a Penguin or an Emperor Filter.


Customer Comments

I have a question for you. After reading on your site about the bio wheel I went out & purchased a 330 penguin for my 55 gallon tank.
I brought it home & was reading the directions on assembling it when I came across my question. It says to fill media baskets with filter media of your choice. What is filter media? Gravel?
I couldn't find anything on their website about this. Please help.
Thank you!
Reply. Hello Danielle. Usually the media is activated carbon, but some aquarists use zeolite to remove ammonia or peat moss pellets to change the water chemistry.
Pet Fish Talk a Podcast about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.  
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Customer Comments

I have a bio wheel question. Several months ago we bought 2 penquin bio filters( one each for two aquariums). From the start one wheel spun like crazy and continues to spin at a fast steady rate. The water quality in that aquarium is excellent! From the start the other wheel spun much slower and occasionally stops to start again. The water quality of that aquarium is fine also but if I'm one day late with a water change the water clarity changes visually. Petsmart will glady exchange the slower filter, but they think it's probably fine. Is there reason for worry or should I just leave well enough alone?
Thanks for great service! We love our order of fish delivered early March. Our favorite is the bushy nosed plecos. It's learned to come to the door of its cave at feeding time to get an algae wafer. It must come out at night because it's done a super job of eliminating our small algae problem. My son has named it Mrs. B (short for beast I think). How big can Mrs. B get? How many algae pellets should it be eating? I don't want to overfeed it. I currently give it one in the AM and one in the PM. what sit doesn't finish our catfish clean up. We're already planning on a 55 gallon tank to replace my sons' 29 gallon one. Can you recommend a website my 7 year old can go to and research about his plecos.
Thanks again.
Reply. Hello Dianne. Thank you for your comments. If the BIO-Wheels turn, even very slowly, they are working and will almost always keep the water quality very good for fish.
But as the BIO-Wheel turns slower, there is more of a chance it will stop. Then it will not work, and the water quality will quickly decline. So when a BIO-Wheel is turning slowly, you should do some maintenance on it, and this maintenance is explained in the manual that came in the box with your Penguin Filter

Penguin Filters have tiny blue bushings on each end of the stainless steel shaft that goes through the BIO-Wheel. Carefully lift the BIO-Wheel up and out of the Penguin Filter without crumpling the material on the Bio-Wheel. Remove the blue bushings, then press them on to the small black peg in the top of the filter's cover, give the blue bushing a twist, and put them back on the shaft.
Your BIO-Wheel should start spinning faster again. If not call Marineland on their toll free telephone number at 1-800-322-1266, and they will help you.
I enjoyed reading your comments about your Bushy Nose Pleco. They grow to about 5", and this is much better for most aquariums than the regular, so-called Trinidad, Plecos., which grow to over 30".
You asked about how much to feed your Pleco., and that is not an easy question to answer. The best advice is to look at its belly, which should not be sunken. If your Pleco. looks thin, feed a little bit more, but always look for uneaten food, which is an indicator that you should feed a little less.
Also testing your water will give you a clue, if there is too much uneaten food in the aquarium. Click here for information about how to test your water with your fingers and your nose.

Thank you again for your comments.
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