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Page 3 about
Aquarium Filters with BIO-Wheels
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Aquarium Filters with BIO-Wheels. Click here to go back to the previous page in this discussion.
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Pet Fish Talk a Podcast about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.  
Click here to hear a Special Interview on Pet Fish Talk about the EcoBio-Block Family of Products, which are very effective at keeping aquarium water clear.

Customer Comments

Hey, I just found your site this morning, and I've been checking it out all day (it's 3am now!), and I had a question - I read an article somewhere on your site that said you can adapt BIO-Wheel filters to fit on AquaTech HOB filters.
I was wondering what I would need to customize a AquaTech 5-15 Filter to use a BIO-Wheel. If possible, would you know the stock numbers or a website that I could find directions to install the system?
Thanks a lot, and I love the site. Highly informative and great for the beginner and expert alike.
Again, thanks for your time
~Ross P.
Reply. Hello Ross. Thank you for your complimentary comments about We're glad you're making good use of the information.

I have wondered about the AquaTech 5-15, but I don't really know which, if any, BIO-Wheel will fit. The part numbers for the BIO-Wheels for the 20-40 and 30-60 are listed in the email from FishyFred. Click here to read that email.

Here is a possibility. I have been in several PetSmart stores and have seen that they stock a wide variety of parts for the Marineland Filters.

Get an AquaTech 5-15 and take it to a PetSmart and test the parts to see if any of the BIO-Wheels will actually fit the 5-15.

If you follow through on this suggestion and you find a BIO-Wheel that will fit the 5-15, please send me the answer so I can put it here on I wish I knew the answer now, so I could help you more.
It is probably much easier to just buy the appropriate size Penguin Filter for your aquarium.
Click here now to buy a Penguin Filter.


Customer Comments

i was reading some of the articles you have on the aquatech and other powerfilters with bio wheels and i was curious if these will also work well in a saltwater aquarium i am about to buy a 55gal tank from walmart and it comes withthe aquatech30-60 i believe and i was looking for a way to add more biological filtration for my saltwater tank
Bradley B.
Reply. Hello Bradley. Filters with BIO-Wheels are generally not used in saltwater aquariums, because the saltwater used in saltwater aquariums is expensive.

It's preferable to remove the waste from saltwater with a so-called Protein Skimmer, rather than having the beneficial bacteria on the the BIO-Wheel digest the waste.

As the bacteria on the BIO-Wheel digest the waste, they produce nitrates in the water, which must be removed with a partial water change. This is OK in a freshwater aquarium, where the water is very inexpensive, but not economical in a saltwater aquarium with expensive saltwater.

Your saltwater aquarium may need a Protein Skimmer. Click here for more information about Protein Skimmers.


Customer Comments

I have an Eheim 2213 canister filter on my fishtank. Can I hook up a BIO-Wheel pro 30 or 60 to this? And If I do, which would would you recommend for my 29 gal fresh water aquarium?

Jeff G.
Reply. Hello Jeff. The Marineland BIO-Wheel PRO30 is designed for aquariums with up to 30-gallons of water. So it is barely big enough for your 29-gallon aquarium.

The PRO30 does not have a water pump, and it requires a water pump that will deliver 120-gallons of water per hour. I don't have the specifications for the Eheim 2213, but it probably pumps 120-gallons per hour or more. If so, it would pump enough water to power the PRO30.

So the Eheim 2213 and the Marineland BIO-Wheel PRO30 sounds like the right combination for your 29 gallon aquarium. The BIO-Wheel filter will do an excellent job filtering the water. Click here for details about BIO-Wheel filters and about why BIO-Wheel filters are recommended over all other types of filters for freshwater and brackish water aquariums.

The only thing the Eheim needs to do is to pump at least 120-gallons of water to the PRO30. But there are other much less expensive water pumps that will pump 120-gallons of water per hour. Simple water pumps are also much easier to clean than an Eheim, and probably draw much less electrical power.

Instead of buying a PRO30 and hooking it up to your Eheim, I recommend you get a Marineland Penguin BIO-Wheel 170. This filter has both a BIO-Wheel and a built-in pump, and a Penguin 170 will do a very good job of filtering aquariums with up to 30-gallons of water.

If you think that you will probably replace your 29-gallon aquarium in the future with a bigger aquarium, then I'd recommend that you spend a few more dollars now and get a Penguin 330 instead of the Penguin 170.

The Penguin 330 is rated for aquariums with up to 70 gallons of water. If you get a bigger aquarium, you could just move the Penguin 330 to the bigger aquarium instead of replacing the Penguin 170.


Customer Comments

My daughter has an Eclipse 3 System. We love it! However, she overfed the fish which stopped up the filter and made it clog and stop. I had to do some extreme cleaning.
I had to wash to bio wheel. I'm told I need to replace it. Is this true? I can't find one and I'be been told to replace it ASAP or I'll lose the fish.
Please advise if we're okay with the filter I have. I've washed it before and never had a problem. If I need to replace it, can you tell where I can get one? I went into Marinland's website and couldn't find one and they are the manufacturer of this product.
Please help save my daughter's fish!
Mary L.
Reply. Hello Mary. It would have been better, if you'd have taken a little bit of water from your aquarium, just lightly rinsed your BIO-Wheel with that aquarium water, and then discarded that aquarium water.

Why use aquarium water? Because it's important not to damage the living bacteria on the BIO-Wheel. Scrubbing the BIO-Wheel with tap water could damage the beneficial bacteria growing on the BIO-Wheel. Click here for more information about BIO-Wheel filters.

Usually a BIO-Wheel is self cleaning, but if there is a disaster, and it has to be cleaned, then be gentle with your BIO-Wheel and imagine that it is living.

You probably did not damage the BIO-Wheel itself, but it may take a while for the bacteria to grow back completely on the BIO-Wheel. So you do not need to replace the BIO-Wheel.

Click here for information about helping kids with aquariums. Good luck with your fish.

Pet Fish Talk a Podcast about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.  
Click here to hear a Special Interview with Dr. Tim Hovanec about One And Only - Nitrifying Bacteria, which can help keep aquarium water clear and odor free.
Click here to go to another page in this website with more Customer Comments and our Replies about BIO-Wheel filters.
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