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Page 2 about
Aquarium Filters with BIO-Wheels


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This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Aquarium Filters with BIO-Wheels. Click here to go back to the first page in this discussion.
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Customer Comments

Hello.  I was reading on your site, and you sound like you know a lot about all kinds of fish and equipment.  I was wondering what BIO-Wheel to get.  I have seen 100-330 gph models.  I have a 10-gallon tank.  Please e-mail me back with the answer to my question. Great site!
Reply. Hello. We recommend that you get a Penguin Mini B with a BIO-Wheel. This filter is made by Marineland and has their Item Number PF 0099B. This filter pumps 100-gallons per hour (g.p.h.).

Another excellent choice is the Penguin 110B with a BIO-Wheel, which is also made by Marineland and has their Item Number PF 0110B. This filter pumps 110-gallons per hour (g.p.h.) and will probably also fit your 10-gallon aquarium.

The Penguin 110B pumps more water and has a bigger BIO-Wheel than the Penguin Mini B. I think either filter will be a  great choice on your 10-gallon aquarium.

There is no doubt that these BIO-Wheel filters are much better for a freshwater aquarium than any other type of filter that is now available. Click here now to buy a BIO-Wheel Filter.


Customer Comments

Thanks for the great website,I check it everyday.But my question is; What filter is needed for a 125 gl. with a silver arowana 6" baby oscar 4" large knife , elephant nose, and others.
Michael S.
Bangor Maine
Reply. Hello Michael, I recommend that you get two Penguin 330 filters. The Penguin 330 filter has two BIO-Wheels and will filter up to about 60-gallons of water.

So two Penguin 330 filters will filter about 120-gallons, which is very nearly the size of your aquarium.

The Penguin filters are inexpensive to buy, easy to maintain, and very well built. You can buy Penguin filters at most pet stores and online retailers. We don't sell filters.

Click here for more information about BIO-Wheel filters.


Customer Comments

I was hoping you could answer a question for me.  I have a 29 gallon warm freshwater aquarium.  I have placed only enough gravel in the bottom to barely cover the glass (thanks for the tip).  I am using a Regent AquaTech 20-40 power filter. 
Is this sufficient filtration?  Also do you know if BIO-Wheels can be added to this type of power filter and if so what kind and where can I find one?
Your site is very informative and is very well designed, I found it very easy to use.  Keep up the good work and thanks in any advance for your help.
John Myers
Reply. Hello, John. From what I've read on the package, the Regent AquaTech 20-40 Power Filter is intended to filter aquariums that contain from 20 to 40-gallons of water. Using this information as a guide, the AquaTech 20-40 should pump enough water to properly filter your 29 gallon aquarium.

You also ask about BIO-Wheels. An AquaTech Filter does not come packed with a BIO-Wheel. The BIO-Wheel that fits the Penguin 170 will also fit the AquaTech 20-40.

I understand you can buy the BIO-Wheel as a replacement part for the Penguin 170 at Petco and at PetSmart Stores. If they don't have the BIO-Wheel in stock, perhaps they can special order it for you.

You need a BIO-Wheel, a bracket, and two blue bearings that fit on each end of the BIO-Wheel's axel. A BIO-Wheel must have bearings and a bracket to work right.

If I were starting from scratch, I'd buy a Penguin 330 with BIO-Wheels. But your AquaTech 20-40 Filter will work great in your 29 gallon aquarium, after you add a BIO-Wheel.

Thank you for your compliments about We enjoy reading that you're making good use of it.


Customer Comments

The BIO-Wheels from the Penguin 330 will fit the AquaTech 30-60 Filter ... But it's a little bit confusing because you need to get 2 BIO-Wheel Assemblies, 2 BIO-Wheel Brackets, and 2 sets of BIO-Wheel Bearings. I have used the same names for the parts as appear in the list below from Marineland's website.
After you get all these parts, you put one of the blue colored Bearings on each end of the shaft that runs through the BIO-Wheel Assembly, then you snap the BIO-Wheel Assembly with the Bearings into the BIO-Wheel Bracket, and set this whole Enchilada on the AquaTech Filter. Then you repeat this process to make a second Enchilada and put it on the other side of the AquaTech 30-60.
You'll need the following list of parts from their list.
Order Item Key Description
2 PR 1910B 14 BIO-Wheel Bearings Pkg-2
2 PR 1930B 17 BIO-Wheel Bracket
2 PR 1945B 20 BIO-Wheel Assembly
This list shows that you need two of each item listed, this will give you 4 Bearings, 2 Brackets, and 2 BIO-Wheel Assemblies. You might want to add
Order Item Key Description
1 PR 1972B 23 Filter Box Cover for 330B
I don't use a cover on my filter, and I don't seem to need a cover. By the way, this filter will not work with just one Enchilada. One Enchilada won't turn, but of course two will.
Recently a local PetsMart had all these parts in stock. I got all the parts, assembled two Enchiladas, put them on my AquaTech 30-60, and it works fine.
Apparently the AquaTech and Penguin filters are made in the same building by the same people. The AquaTech 30-60 pumps about 10% less water than the Penguin 330. But this amount will probably not make a significant difference in most aquariums.
Reply. Hello FishyFred. Thank you for your research, for writing it up very clearly, and for sharing it with us.
You can can call Marineland toll free at 1-800-322-1266 to order replacement parts for any of their products.
Incidentally, you do not normally need to replace the BIO-Wheels or any other parts in a Penguin Filter, unless a part is lost or damaged. I have BIO-Wheels that are several years old and running just fine.

Customer Comments

We took your advice on getting the recommend bio filter system and were happy with the performance.  I do have one question on the tube that sucks the water in to the filter.  Our tank is a 50-gallon hexagon tank which is about 23 inches deep.
The intake tube which sucks the water to the filter is about 19 inches long .  Since the tube does not go to the bottom of the tank am I getting the maximum amount of filtration.  It appears that when I vacuum the tank out there is a lot of particles left in the bottom of the tank.
As noted by  by others your site is the most informative site I have
found for fish enthusiast.  Great site keep up the good work
Tom M.
Janesville Ca.
Reply. Hello Tom. I know that the Penguin filters come with one extra extension tube with a coupling. So you probably took the strainer off the end of the intake tube, replaced it with the coupling, then attached the extra piece of tubing to the coupling, and finally put the strainer back on the end of the extension tube.

By doing this you increased the length of the intake tube from about 10" to about 19", but this is still 4" short of reaching all the way to the bottom of your 23" tall aquarium.

The solution is to get another extension tube with another coupling. Of course the second extension tube will be too long, but it's soft plastic, and you'll be able to cut it easily to fit your aquarium.

If you have any trouble finding or ordering this part, call Marineland toll free at 1-800-322-1266, and they will help you.

I have seen most of Marineland's replacement parts in the PetsMart store that's near my home. It would probably be faster to look for the part you want at your local PetsMart. As always I'd like to hear how your project goes.
Thank you for your complimentary comment.

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